Buying A Washing Machine | LG Review | Sears | Family Vlog 6

Hey, guys! Our old Samsung washing machine came to the end of the line. It was a sad day. However, we love our brand new LG top loader model (WT1701C) and dryer (DLEY1701/2)! If you happen to be interested in purchasing a washing machine, I recommend this one.

Hope you enjoy!



Camera: Canon G7 X
Editing: iMovie


Golden Minette says:

crazy how fast technology is growing, and I just love your hair. That style fits you well.

Gloria Bosien says:

Thank u its an early birthday, 03/12. u have a beautiful family I am biracial myself I am from Germany like my mother but my dad was American. we came here n 1970 not a good time for interracial couples than.

Kim Best says:

Hi Hamwiltref, you’ve had this set for over a year now, would you still recommend?

Frank Borrego says:

Such a lovely home, I hope that pair treat your family well despite the miles you put on em. God bless! 🙂

The Artsy Frugal Mom says:

we seriously need a new one. laundry like number one used thing in most households

Kenneka Houston says:

Hi! I just ordered this model and I am looking up all the reviews I can (cause I haven’t gotten it yet ). My Whirlpool with an agitator stopped spinning properly and I was kinda glad cause now we have the chance to get a new one LOL, but I what I wanna know is, now that some time has passed, how is it working for you now? Do you still love it? Is it still working properly? My old washer wasn’t even 5 years old before it clunked out on me. 🙁

Gloria Bosien says:

I am sorry that u lost a job bhind it but sometimes God has to step in and remove us from ignorant people. I tell people I’m blessed Bcuz I know what it is from bo y h sides although until I was 12 I didn’t like blk people Bcuz of the racism and the Hitler jokes. u have a great day as well I will subscribe.

Matthew Lasecki says:

I think LG HE washer and dryer would be good because they have a big family and gets alot of use! I hope and it should hold up.

Yoshitastic says:

hay i comented

Gloria Bosien says:

its a great set rented one for awhile, it has an app that u can download so that it will talk to the repairman look on the machines there should be a phone icon also you can’t use dryer sheets in the dryer.

Sandy Rao says:

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Luke Underwood says:

you did a good job with this seriously, subbing

joe m says:

Does this model have the Wave Force?

SuperWasherKid2002 says:

Well the New front loaders are much better than the old ones

Tom Trowell says:

I really enjoyed your vlog, so I gave it a thumbs up:) I just uploaded my second vlog to my channel, I’m an 18 year old boy from England in my last year of school before university, making the most of my free time! I’d appreciate any feedback you can give me, maybe even a like or sub. 🙂 I can’t wait for you next video:D

Gloria Bosien says:

I am sorry that u lost a job bhind it but sometimes God has to step in and remove us from ignorant people. I tell people I’m blessed Bcuz I know what it is from bo y h sides although until I was 12 I didn’t like blk people Bcuz of the racism and the Hitler jokes. u have a great day as well I will subscribe.

Sky Baun says:

any steam technology in this set?

C Muir says:

There is nothing like a real review from real people. Thank you sooooo much for your insight on these machines. Samsung now has a direct drive model which I think they borrowed LG’s technology but they are lower cost and better rated than the LG’s. This has made my decision much more difficult so I’m please to see your LG is still going strong with such use.

Gloria Bosien says:

the model I rented part of the lid on washer could be folded down because they recommend leaving it open as well as the detergent are so it would not  build up a smell, I did not purchase but did enjoy the set. but I bought the Maytag Bravo XL. Love your video

Luz Pereyra says:

I loved your whole commentary about the washer and dryer but you guys are so cute you make me smile, thanks

Shosh M says:

hay I really like your washing machine ,,and I read in LG website the washing machine has a hetar in said no need to hot water supplies ,,but when i go to bay it i see in the back of washing machine tow water supplies cold and hot,are you washing machine like this and can you Heating the water with out hot water supplies.


Well they say front loaders are better and I believe that but there is some top loaders out there that are way better so yah :;)

Gloria Bosien says:

Yes I am on my knees next to my mom Ms. Helga, she passed 2 weeks after we took this photo n 08/01. I had to learn American ways quick Bcuz my mom did not understand they take advantage n America of immigrants and I wasn’t gonna let know one do that to her. I am glad they r coming around to interracial connections I personally think we r cuter

Kendalle Dunkle says:

I am buying this set tomorrow so you definitely recommend these

LifeHacks4All says:

i started to get that exact model but was turned off by all the extra electronics. so i went with the 5.7 cubic ft. i love my Lg but lately it has episodes with small loads it somehow becomes unbalanced and starts doing a dance in my laundry room. i have 2 videos that show how violent these machines can become. i just hope it doesnt damage my home.

Michelle's Daughter says:

Can you do a grocery haul please? I subscribed yesterday and I’m in love with your channel!

Childress Giles says:

Girl, thank for this video. The very expensive Samsung Washing and Dryer(Front Loaders) we purchased doesn’t seem to get the clothes clean.. No Agitation at all. Just sit and hum..”LOL”  Incompetent.  I am use to seeing suds and hearing my clothes being washed.. For people who is concern with saving water this one is perfect because it barely get the clothes wet “LOL”. The dryer for this set has it’s own issues. It seems to make my bed sheets coil together when drying. End results “wet clothing after 1 hour of drying”. Bought dryer balls which did nothing to keep them apart. Literally have to dry my flat sheet separate from the fitted. We are in the process of selling them. Like you, once I move on I will go back to top loaders.. Again thanks for sharing this information. You have made it easier for me to select my next brand.

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