AEG 8000 Series L8FEC966R 9Kg Washing Machine Review For

In this video I explain the main features of this AEG 9kg 1600 spin washing machine, show it washing, rinsing and spinning a load of laundry and give my views on the machine at the end of the video.

You can purchase this washing machine here.

Key Features

9kg drum capacity – great for medium-sized households
The most efficient A+++ energy rating
Annual energy cost – £14.17
Detergent is pre-mixed for a more thorough clean
Dimensions (cm) – H85 x W60 x D60.5
Product Overview

For efficient cleaning and excellent performance, this washing machine from AEG is ideal. With its 9kg drum, it’s perfect for busy, medium-sized households. This model has the highest A+++ energy efficiency rating, making it extremely kind to the environment and your utility bills. It costs just £14.17 per year to run too. With intelligent ÖKOMix Technology, you can make sure all your clothes are thoroughly cleaned and cared for. This clever feature premixes both your detergent and fabric softener with water before entering the drum, giving excellent cleaning results, even on short cycles.


Toot Moot says:

Does not seem to use much water for rinsing off the detergent! Which is not good! Can you make a video showing any cicle with a lot of water? Hate that one cannot switch off stupid (in my opinion) water saving feature

Ghotica3000 says:

Hi. Would you happen to have a video showing a wash from start to finish ? Very curious to see the water level for the main wash and for the rinse. This particular washer doesn’t have a “water plus” button or setting like others, and I’ve always thought that it doesn’t seem to use much water. Thank you

Thomas Woge says:

Thanks for the video, Roger. I have a question. 2 weeks ago I bough a machine from the same series. the pump that starts working when the detergent gets mix in the lower right part of the machine is very loud and the floor starts vibrating. i called the AEG service and they sent a technician. he said this is normal. i cant hear this pump in you video. what is your experience?

Graham Clifford says:

great video . what to old washing machine Bosch . new AEG washing machine look great

chris tax says:

now i see this is the 8000 series … how can this have a faster spincycle compared to the 9000 series machine ???

jusuf jerkovic says:

1600prm you the 9kg like aeg YOU

Dan Wilcox says:

How do you get it free! Omg lucky

Nick Player says:

Hi Roger, which washing machine would you recommend: Bosch WAN28201GB or AEG L6FBG941R.

1Fom says:

Great solid looking machine with many functions. Didn’t notice it even make the slightest wobble when in the spin mode. Nothing worse than a machine that starts to walk.

Alena Cesalek says:

Sometimes I hand wash a few pieces of cloth. Will AEG 8000 washing machine drain, rinse or spin only my hand washed cloth?

GrumpyMan's REVIEWS says:

Excellent I was looking for a new washing machine I’m going online now to ao lets go

Luke C says:

What a great review of the AEG washing machine! If you could, can u film all of the spin on the 1600rpm setting please??

KingOFPrivileg says:

It would be very interesting if you can make a video of the ÖKOPOWER program 🙂

stephen read says:

Ibaisiac, FlorenceBallardA3060 Love this video.


Very similar machine to some models LG and Beko. May be made by the same Chinese company that makes AEG machines.

Jammie Rig says:

Love watching all your reviews ibaisaic how do I become a product reviewer I need a new washer badly got a hotpoint with direct injection which is a total waste of time and is on its last legs

Jon Patrick McConnell says:

Wow! What a fabulous gift from!! Seems like a lovely deluxe model. In the USA washers and dryers have changed a lot over the years but it makes me mad that older style Top Loading (where clothing is fully submerged in water) style washing machines are difficult to buy. I love my Maytag Commercial sized set from about 3 years ago. That’s the other thing that angers me.. my beautiful Full Featured Deluxe Maytag Washer AND Dryer both, were about $1,500 (£1,214) LESS than a comparable Front Loading Washer and Dryer set… Why is that???. Oh well when these quit in about ten years.. who knows how we will be washing our clothes then? Lol Thanks for sharing Roger.. lovely AEG!

milletboy says:

what brand of detergent and fabric conditioner did you use Roger.

Andrew Bogg says:

Can I ask about the rinsing? Do you think it rinses well as I have sensitive skin and need a good rinse cycle. I have an AEG dryer which I love and wondered about the washing machine.

Joseph May says:

I love your videos roger love watching all of them


I know they are owned by Electrolux. My sister has an AEG washing washing machine which she has had a lot of problems with. I have had a Candy, a Siemens and two Bosch, all a load of rubbish and nothing but trouble. I have gone back to a twin tub and have just done six loads of washing in about an hour.

Paul Stewart says:

An Excellent Looking Washing Machine Roger!! & Indeed Many Thank’s To For Letting You Have It!! How Does It Compare Till My Brand New Miele W1 Power Wash 2.0 1600spin Washer Though?? Have actually changed laundry detergent Roger till both “Surf Liquid & Surf Washing Powder in Lavender & Spring Jasmine With Lenor Moonlight Harmony Fabric Softener!! Which Is Super!!

Subwoofer bass says:

Roger,your videos are very fun to watch,can you do 7 bathtowels please?

Edward Oconnor says:

can I have your Bosch washing machine please I am
not joking

michu bichu says:

Great presentation but do you have wifi communication at this washer ?? and what about spin balanced system works good at very large and heavy
washes ??

elie55121 says:

i am happy that the prewash returned on elux machines. very interesting machine and another excellent video. keep up the good work

Howard Daley says:

I like the way AEG, give the consumer choice and control over the programs.

chris tax says:

im confused … i saw this exact model today the 9000 series and it was not 1600 rpm but 1400….

Robbie Crosbie says:

I really like the fact you can do quicker hot washes. also instant door lock release is another great feature. I’m guessing it’s an invertor motor as it’s really quiet if so is it direct drive or connected with a belt? I’ve been looking at these for a while and really interested. I’ve stuck with the bekos for a while because you can do quick hot washes. Didn’t realise AEG do the same.

Zac Stergiou says:

what does ÖKO mean

Klaudia Krajciova says:

Hi, I ve just come across your channel, and I am very impressed with it. I am currently in need of a new washing machine and can’t decide between Aeg 8000( the one u reviewed) or Bosch waw32560gb. Can u help me with your opinion? Also, is there any washing machines around which have down/feathers program? Thanks

Andrew Miller says:

Ah I see I thought you meant attitude as in my attidude roger.

OTISCompassRULES says:

Can you record the 3KG-20min program as well?

WFK2831 says:

Great video, also got myself a 8000 Series washer and dryer and I absolutely love them! 🙂

David Malinovsky says:

Modern day appliance manufacturers want you to take 4 hours doing a load of laundry.

Chromring says:


JustForCommentsAndSubs 1999 says:

What about the Bosch washing machines

Andrew Miller says:

What do you mean attidude. X

Washing Machine Guy 20 says:

What Is the max temperature on the ÖKOPower Cycle?

Lica Iulian says:

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