2018 Speed Queen washer review, Speed queen Blacklisted me over this

One last video regarding the new 2018 Speed Queen washer. Because of these videos, Speed Queen removed me as a dealer, I am no longer an authorized Speed queen dealer/ servicer.


Daniel Todd says:

So how did they come out? you didn’t show……..

William Lee says:

Wow! Now I’m really disappointed. I really liked their previous models and I hoped that they wouldn’t change much when or if my 45 year-old Maytag washer dies.I commend you on sticking to your principles and telling it like it is.

BroccoliQueefed says:

How is that supposed to clean my jeans or denim cowboy shirts? I don’t understand this madness. This washer is proof that sometimes the uneducated moderate income poor person knows more than the rich engineer.

What’s really stupid about this machine is that it doesn’t even have the “washboard” nubs on the tub walls and floor

dskater411 says:

Wow I can’t believe they did that. I guess I’m not going to go the speed queen route after all thank you for all the honest info about them.

Adrian Hasenfratz says:

What brand would you recommend now?


I’ve been recommending these for years. I will no longer even mention them. Mainly not because of their redesign but because of their sorry attitude toward you sellers. Another great product bites the dust.

sassejan says:

I’m so glad I bought mine almost a year ago if I was looking for one now this isn’t what I want I got rid of 2 washer before this one thank god I could just return the second one after using it it was water saving and hated it, so I’m happy I got one before they ruined it.

Wes says:

Thanks for the video and the heads up. I was going to buy a new a new Speed queen. I can’t believe they made it cheap it and raised the price of it .There screwing people over and not even a hug after. I will buy a Miele now. I so miss Frigidare Jet cones 1-18 they were the best machines I have ever used.

michele pierce says:

We sell these, and he’s absolutely right. They do not clean. We’ve already had to start buying back, and trading them out with other brands.

erik huerta says:

sorry to hear what happened with your business and speed queen. is there a washing machine you would recommend?

Daniel Todd says:

Heads up for people looking for reviews about Speed Queen. You should really ask mechanics or technicians, not strict retail, Ask somebody who takes apart equipment and puts back together. And somebody who has used the machine for 4 months now, like me. Additionally, Lorain furniture should also tell all people watching this that these machines have been field tested for 2 years and independently tested for washability. Frankly I just don’t think Lorain furnature is qualified to do real reviews on quality or perfomance of laundry epuiptment.

LGwasherFan says:

Regarding your LG washer statement, we’ve had an LG top loader for almost 6 years and we’ve yet to have a problem.

GDAWG says:

They screwed up!!! Go cheap, and it backfired!!

Countryman says:

The EPA did this crap.Its all about the phony water conservation movement.There is no water shortage.Water never leaves the earth.Your using less water the water dept. charges higher rates to off-set the lower usage.Welcome to the disposable washer era!

Anthony Boarman says:

That is one weird washing machine.

Jay Renner says:

What a poor design. I will keep my 12 year old Maytag, thank you very much.

James G Wilson says:

Not really doing anything. It’s not acting like a top loader

1NC4stroker says:

We suffered through 2 GE agitatorless top loaders in the last 8 years. Our new Speed Queen TR7 has been great so far. We’ve washed all types of loads. Typically we are washing large loads, selecting large loads for water capacity, and using heavy soil setting. Our results are so much better than our previous 2 top loaders. FYI, I race off-road motorcycles, and would never put heavily muddy clothes in any washer, as that would be washer abuse IMHO.

Nick says:

You shouldn’t be selling that junk anyway.

Marcus says:

I would like to drop this here. CNET which is a serious website that evaluates some washers, and other technology related stuff, evaluated the new 2018 speedQueen and found the machine to be one of the worst performing washers it’s ever tested. And they do it pretty scientifically. They even mentioned Lorain’s channel on their article. Which only reinforces what we already knew.


Aria512 says:

Thats really good you look for your customer needs first. Because of not living in your area (I’m from Canada) otherwise I would go to your store and buy what ever you suggest. I called a store near to my house asking for the 2017 Speed Queen set and the salesman told me there is no more and also the warranty service is not what it used to be. He recommended strongly the Maytag Commercial Top Load set. The one you also recommend.

I then went to the store today and he explained about the two Speed Queen 2018 sets he sold. The first set, service of repair within one month. The second set, buyers also had to call the service repair. He told me he always suggest to people buying the set of Speed Queen and he will see them 20 years later for another set. He cannot do this anymore. The store offers the Maytag Commercial Top Load set for over a year and a half. I didnt buy these today because I also want a freezer and they dont carry any in the showroom. I have to do my home work and look at the size I need and call him back for the order. This store does exist for the last 52 years so I do believe they can give a very good service. Also they are going to do the installation of the washer and dryer without any extra charge. Theres nothing hard about but when it is included, I’ll take it.

Again Eugene, your help and generosity are greatly appreciated. Thousand of thanks and god bless you and your family.

Janet Schexnayder says:

The real test is to take out these sheets, dry them, dirty them again, and repeat the wash, etc.. How clean are the clothes after 10 repeats of this process? #LoveMy2017SQ

Maxwelhse says:

So what do you recommend instead? I’ve been in the market for a set of Speed Queens for about a year and now that I really need them, they’re apparently not worth it. What do you suggest for a washer/dryer set? Top load, agitator is fine as that’s all I’ve ever had.

Countryman says:

The word is already out among appliance repairmen.Speed-Queen is making junk like all the rest now.Get your shit together “Junk-Queen!

wowcolors says:

What is the model number of the top of the line 2017 speed queen top loader model

JM M says:

If speed queen wants to do that then I’ll guess I’ll tell my huge property managers not to buy them, and I won’t buy one either.

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