2018 Speed Queen top load washer review

My opinion on the new 2018 speed queen top load washer


Bruce Solomon says:

Wouldn’t be so bad if it was asfast as it is in this video

Gianna Kamens says:


pat cola says:

In defense of the washer I’ve got to say that even my 432 can’t handle a queen comforter. When I tried to put it in it was a very tight squeeze so I pulled it out….just too bulky. It would not have agitated it.I guess this washer isn’t made for the working man. Pitiful. They can modify it,… but when ? How long will this thing be out there before people start complaining about an over priced clothes soaker ?Fine for permanent press but not stiff fabrics. Not acceptable and that is what is such a shame. I am a fan of the company but seeing this ? Smh.

BroccoliQueefed says:

What makes him think a 3.3 ft washer can fit a comforter? LOL..

The Maytag MVWP575GW. There is still hope people…Check out that washer if you are unsatisfied with the way they’ve ruined the new Speed Queen washers.

This stupid Speed Queen works like a top load wash plate type washer, yet they bothered to put what looks like a regular center post agitator in it. It isn’t a regular center post agitator. It is fixed to the tub.It has tiny fins on it, and it moves with the tub.

That comforter of his should have never been out in there in the first place. .

Leeann N says:

As of 2/9/18, if anyone is looking for the AWN432 model, there are some available for Maryland and Southern PA. I just went and  ordered mine today for delivery Monday. The owner was smart enough to order a bunch when he heard about the new models coming out for 2018. I was relieved to find one after calling around all over the place!

lfvfd says:

Do you have a review on the front load speed queen? You mentioned you would recommend the LG top loader. Which one specifically? I know top load and front load each have their pros and cons. Which design do you recommend?

Kenny Brooks says:

Guy tried to sell me this washer because he stated the aw*432 was discontinued. I live in OKC and tried calling everywhere to get the old model. Finally found six in Stillwater and drove an hour to pick one up.

pat cola says:

Well LF, the reason for a full tub fill is obvious. To get the most out of a full load you need maximum water .Dont know why you see that as a bad thing.

David Zavelion says:

This model doesn’t have what the old whirlpools used to have. They had agitator dogs with a two piece agitator to move and pull the clothes down. this has what old maytag top loaders had a single piece agitator

Heather Reisig says:

A dealer giving his honest opinion. Speed Queen blackballed him after he refused to take this video down.

I would totally buy from this guy. He’s not going to BS you.

joe m says:

Does anybody know if Bosch front loader’s require special electrical hook ups?

gigibelli says:

Hello, I was referred by a trusted and knowledgeable friend to purchase a Speed Queen since we are looking for a new washer. I was disappointed to see this and other reviews like it showing that the 2018 model is not up to par. I’m not feeling confident with purchasing this machine. I would be interested in a front loading machine… do you have any recommendations? The Speed Queen front loader is a bit out of my price range. Do you have any information on the Electrolux brand washers?

Slay says:

Reading the article on wirecutter.com (New York Times’ consumer review site), I read that, according to the article, the owner of Lorain Furniture (the person doing the review) was asked by Speed Queen to take down this, in my opinion, fair and honest review. According to the article, the owner of Lorain Furniture genuinely felt it would be a disservice to hardworking people who pay a lot of money and expect a certain level of quality out this brand, so he refused to take it down. In turn according to the article Speed Queen decertified him so he can’t order their machines or even parts to service them. Apparently they didn’t even tell him first, they just yanked it away from him presumably (presumably being an understatement) as a result of his choice to speak his mind.

This is a company that used to make a quality product that was supported by loyal vendors and consumers – it isn’t nearly as widely known as the massive conglomerate companies that dominate this market. I bet the average consumer wouldn’t be able to recognize this as a brand of washers even. Now it seems they have made what is seen by many as an inferior product, a product that doesn’t do the things that people who loved the brand loved it for in the first place anymore. And instead of Speed Queen trying to remedy the faults with their product they seem, at least in this case, to try to be silencing critics instead of fixing issues.

If you try to be a niche player in an industry dominated by massive companies and you change your product away from what people liked about it in the first place, where does that leave you? I think it’s not the brightest decision a company can make. I’m sad for the consumer, I’m sad for the distributors and I’m sad for the legacy of this company. They were among the few making things the old way, for a problem, particularly heavily soiled work clothes, that there just wasn’t much of a solution to in the consumer market. Now it seems they are moving away from that, and more so, they have chosen to be a company that goes against it’s loyal consumer base instead of listening to them. Because of those reasons it’s no longer a company I can support.

mike miller says:

The calypso was the best top loader ever made in my opinion, it saved water and moved around any load even jeans and bulky items very well, and later models were pretty reliable. Of course because it worked they discontinue it.

7732528 says:

Thank you for the great videos, i just made my first 2018 order Tuesday. I wish we were both wrong about the 2018’s but i think you are spot on with your assessment ! Something tells me i will not sell 240 machines this year. My goal has been to sell more every year than the year before and i have since 2006 when went exclusively speed queen. I don’t even know how to approach selling these ! All i can come up with is to push the 7 year warranty.
On the other hand what good is that if it doesn’t preform ? I have hauled away hundreds of machines over the last 12 years that were working ( AS DESIGNED) and replaced them with the old design speed queen.
I think my only hope is to stock the on premise lwn432sp as long as they make it, which is at least one more year.
It will cost more , and have no labor warranty but i think my customers will be willing to pay more for a old school washer with no lid lock despite the less warranty.
The only way mom & pop stores can make it is to have a superior product , once we loose that , we are done !!!

Jason McLaughlin says:

Hey Ive been watching all of your videos and having dilemmas making a decision. Thanks for time you’ve taken to do these reviews, definitely helpful. I would like to ask you a question. Through research I have found a commercial version that seems to be similar to previous year household models. Model number LWN432 speed queen. What do you know about this model machine and are they a thumbs up or thumbs down? Thanks for your time.

Blackdragon79 says:

Speed queen. If it’s not broke don’t fix it. So glad I have the 2014 model.

Dean Mackey says:

This is a great review thanks for the good information yes these machines use to be good but now not the same !!!!! thanks speed queen for trying to make profits to keep ur CEO happy because real people like us that use them we think u stink we would pay more for good quality.

OOM- 8018 says:

I liked how the previous agitator looked more.

Dixie says:

Wow… they ruined their product! I was considering buying one when mine dies… but geez, you can sure see the difference from last years model… that is why I wanted to get one. Now it is junk like all the rest out there. Sure maybe it will last a little longer, but you pay a lot more too, so might as well stick with the cheap junk already out there that doesn’t clean worth a cr@p either. It is so disappointing that Speed Queen of all makes would change to this direction! Terrible! Guess the only thing I could do is look for an older model that actually agitates and cleans!

Max Passa says:

My next washing machine will be a used Speed Queen top loader pre 2017 model or a used Whirlpool Direct Drive model. I can also look for a pre 2006 Maytag top loader which were the real Maytags.

Greg Klein says:

I knew the moment I first watched a demonstration of this machine that it was complete garbage as a washer and I could no longer recommend speed queen to anyone looking for a new machine.   I have a 2016 AWN432, an awesome washing machine.   How fast things can change in the appliance industry.  Speed Queen will become just a fond memory of the golden age of washing machine makers, sadly, unless they repent of their stupidity and greed.   Thanks for an honest review.

Winston Elston says:

If my experience with LG top-load machines is any indication, don’t steer anybody toward them! Mine is not five years old and clunking like it’s on its last legs. It does not clean clothes adequately, and it often uses huge amounts of water when it can’t find its balance, which is usually. It takes forever to wash a load, and I often find it still running in the morning flashing an unbalanced load code when I had started the load the previous night.

Bruce Lucenta says:

You are very honest with this review. As Darnell said in “Christine”, you can’t polish a turd.

Sharkie626 says:

Excellent review. And thanks for taking the time to do all of these videos man. I could tell that this machine was gonna be a mostly huge failure. We all know what happened when Whirlpool went from the direct drive to the belt drive. Absolutely horrible washing action. Just goes to show how good the transmission was.

Nice job and effort once again.

VoyageOne1 says:

Very disappointing


My Samsung washing machine top load 4.9 the model without screen one with red led wash better than this piece of shit! I can choose between small medium large and XL the newer Speed Queen had nothing to compare with a 2017 model 10 to 12 years before a service call yeah right i don’t think so…. Pretty sure in 4 or 5 this washer use cheaper parts no more tub brake electronic pump i know my samsung will don’t last so long but i don’t paid it 1000$ or more… For washer and dryer 1300$ before tax… For BOTH NOT FOR ONE APPLIANCE. And btw i had respect for Speed Queen BEFORE 2018 MODEL they want to stay competitive with other brand so they cut on some parts.. And Energy star too made SQ worst but is 50-50.

Jerome Davis says:

This washer maybe perfect for people with an office job!

Entropic Doom says:

thank you sir! I will be looking at the front load Speed Queen or a 2017 Top Load

Mike's Channel says:

I agree with you refinements are needed and then I think this machine would be fine. But I’ll just stick with the speed queen front loaders at any rate!

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