Whirlpool WRX735SDBM Refrigerator Review

I show you in detail around the Whirlpool WRX735SDBM refrigerator. I go through the front control panel, look at all the drawers including the freezer. Take outside measurements and listen to how it sounds as well. Show you the ice both cubed and crushed. So far I am very pleased with the unit in my house.


Linda Chang says:

I bought one if these but am not sure what temp to put it to. My produce are freezing when I put it on produce. the temp option is produce to deli.

Leslie Mihalik says:

JUST got it today…looking good ..no ice yet waiting on that to produce…don’t know how to check to see if there is any yet

Charlie Baby says:

We got the same brand and model about 2 weeks ago, i like it because it has a lot of storage than my previous fridge, and it has big freezer space and a separate drawer for vegetables. The downside is it gets smudges easily on the exterior. The ice machine crusher does not really crushed all the ice, but it’s all good I like it.

Michael Bush says:

Excellent video. Thank you Ross.

Diane Bullock says:

Just ordered this on sale at Sears to replace the 3 year old giant SAMSUNG most expensive piece of junk we ever bought!!

David Well says:

The quietness of the fridge sold me. I have a GE…barely hear it, but at 12 years old and a new motherboard I only see a few more years. Now that the Chinese own GE appliances I will go to the last USA Appliance company WP. Tks much.

Analyze This says:

Great overall review thanks!!!

alicia says:

Love ur review. .. I just bought the nicer version of this one mine has the icemaker holder on the door giving me a lot of space inside and triple storage shelves in the bottom freezer with a front pocket for box items love it … ur review was a great help for a min. I thought something was wrong with the drawer when it shut on its own..

R.W. Braymiller says:

How’s your fridge holding up? People on Lowes reviews saying this is horrible…they say that about all the fridges, its very frustrating….please met me know…

Anonymous Global says:

Are the lights inside LED ?

Lil Red - Devil says:

Thanks for the informative review , we just picked this model up yesterday at an incredible price. Last fridge was over 30 years old but we knew that it would eventually fail on us. We like the features on this model.

callynt says:

Do you find the noise bearable? I have an open floor plan, and the noise is a bit distracting.

Noelia Fuentes says:

Good morning! Do you think this is a great purchase?

djski121 says:

Great Review!!! Very detailed and informative.

Nicolina Pellegrini garruba says:

cerco solo congelatori. perché il frigo. ce lo grazie

Anita Saldana says:

I really liked your review, Ross. Thank you very much for your time and effort.

suz702 says:

Excellent review! Just purchased this fridge on a Black Friday sale (2016) it appears it is not the newest model, based on the date of this review, and some on HD’s site dated 2013 and 2014. However, this was originally over 2,100.00, I just purchased it for 1,295.00. The biggest complaint seemed to be a sluggish ice maker and loud condenser. Then of course when it drops ice, it makes noise, people complained about that too. That’s the case on any fridge with an ice maker. I am glad you addressed the condenser ( minimal noise on your video) and the common sense solution for getting ice into your glass without it getting all over the place. One thing I did not realize was only the front is stainless steel. Not a problem for me, but it might be for some people. Actually a clever way to keep the cost down. I understand it comes with a “Pure” water filtration system. Nice! I am awaiting delivery and am excited to get it.

Daniel Vaughn says:

Awesome job on the review. I plan to purchase this item from Best Buy. Thank you and God Bless

Ross Johnson says:

Just a note on the fridge if you are reading the comments. A yellow indicator popped up on the fridge control pad on the door letting me know I need to change the water filter. This was around 2/8/2016. Maybe 5 ish months. I will get one and change it out.

Sackett8 says:

Wow excellent review on this Ross. Very professional! Thanks for the video.

olivia carlin says:

wonderful review. thanks i also read this

Just Sayin says:

i just received my fridge yesterday, are the led lights on the water/ice despensor suppose to stay lit all the time? bc mine does

Austyn Winkleblech says:

I just purchased the Whirpool French door refrigerator. They delivered it yesterday, and when the pantry drawer is opened by itself, the light does not come on. It comes on if I have the freezer or one of the top doors open. Is this normal? Please help! Thank you.

jwalenta says:

Nice review. We’re starting the hunt to replace all our appliances and the layout of this fridge looks perfect. Thanks.

Luis Gonzalez says:

Ok, I will be looking out for that light warning for the filter. Thanks.

DarkPhantom says:

Any issues with it so far?

Christopher Trott says:

Good review..just curious..how is the fridge doing now a days? We are considering a new fridge..I came across your video. It was published in September 2015…any problems with it?

JanelleMarieBeaute says:

Wonderful review, thanks Ross Johnson!

Brandon Catalon says:


Ian Shives says:

Just bought this fridge open box at Best Buy memorial day sale! $1000, with only a small dent on the side of the fridge, which will be against the wall. Got the 5 year warranty also. So all in all $1200! Will be delivered next week! We first bought a kitchen aid but it had horrible reviews, so we returned it. This one had the best reviews and I am excited to get her in the house! Thanks for the detailed review.

Erwitt Gutiérrez says:

We actually bought this one yesterday without knowing very much of the details you mentioned throughout the video.
Thank you for sharing & kind regards from México.

Pamella McCall says:

Excellent review.

eyeYQ2 says:

Do you have an update? Because, you’ve had it about2 months now? And I want to get one tomorrow? thank you!!

Luis Gonzalez says:

Ross, just had this unit delivered yesterday. We shall see. Nice unit. Thanks for the video.

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