Stealth CamperVan: ARB 50 Quart Refrigerator Install and Review! Tiny House!

Bug Out Moto Van New Upgrade! BIG 50 Quart ARB Fridge Review!
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thatninja kid says:

watching while im at work aha

mark rossi says:

Just fyi, link to new channel you mentioned might be missing in description and comment?

SoopaBee says:

Looks like a great refrigerator man! I hope it works out.

Rodi Morel says:

please where i can buy this refri.?


When and where you planning your next Moto-Van trip?

Jeff Porcaro Groove says:

Took a road trip–LA to Detroit and back and talked a lot about your bug out van videos! You have the bug out van standard bro. Looking forward to the next trip!!! It seems you do not do a lot of road trips, so why not just do Styrofoam and ice? Bag of ice is $3 last two days if you pack it right. More than 2 day trip hard to find ice in the boonies? What do you do with the older stuff when you update like the fridge…sell on CL?

G 55 says:

HI, you said that the Temp is reading 5* out, what those folks should of told you is that the temperature reading is NOT Out, what it does is take an average reading, I tested them with normal thermometers and Laser thermometers and what I found was the actual Temp is within 0.1 to 0.2*c or within 0.5*f , you will find that inside that some areas might read IE +3*c yet another area might read -5*c and again +4*c and again -2*c which will give you an average of 0*c or 32*f,  I took readings from 8 different areas in the freezer each time over a 24 hour period and I have done this over multiple time over a few months and it always works out the same within +/- 0.1 to 0.2*c that is equal to 0.4*c from one extreme to the other or +/- 0.5, which is equal to 1*f overall, So don’t worry about what you have read, because it is a lot more accurate than people think, Easy way to test this is to use a Laser and check your household fridge, you will find anything up to a 10 to 15 degree variation , Take a reading of the back top left and the back top right and then halfway down left and right and then in the lower L/R back corners and you will be very surprized, I just did my household fridge and it reads anything from +5.2*c to – 7.2*c so with just those 2 readings that is a 12.4*c split that brings it to 0*c without the other 4 readings,, Anyways hope that helps. Good Luck with your Fridge/Freezer it is the best of the best, happy trails.

Jason Moyle says:

Its 50 litres not quarts!! learn metric measurements!! these are made in australia so use metric.

Андрей says:

sick video CycleCruuuuza !!
but lol its $900 not for this cheap mofo :/

Jerry Coon says:

That’s pretty cool! No pun intended! LOL! If you get ready to go on a trip, how long does it take to cool down when you first turn it on? Time to hit the road!!!

XXLrollingpapers says:

Hey CycleCruza! I’m out here in COLORADO my local dealer has one ’16 WR250R left and I want it! Do you think it’s a good idea to buy it now at the end of the riding season? It will be snowing here in a couple months! Or I could start out fresh when the snow melts next year with a 2017 WR250R. I really appreciate your advice lol if you say yes I seriously might go get the bike tommorow! Thanks man! Let me know what you think!

Alejandro Gomez says:

can’t wait to see those prepper video. I have a 1988 Ford truck. 4X4 crew cab long bed small lift kit on military tires. you gave me a bunch of ideas. thanks

NecRoNomiCron says:

Your videos have always inspired me ever since I found your channel thanks CC keep up with all the awesome videos and on point information. – A future motorcycle ethusiest and one day vlogger.

trytubeniceok says:

ya, but how much, fool?

ktraider100 says:

cyclecruza, you wouldnt mind telling me where you bought the honda tank button decal things for your aftermarket fairings would you?

SAautomotive says:

How high, long and wide is this van? Thank you

Abay GPK says:

how could someone disliked this ?

Idaho Rider says:

Very Nice. You definitely have customized this Van perfectly.

Michael Grimes says:

I love the bug.out van man that’s awesome, I got some similar plans in the works..i apologize I forget to like your videos all the time ill try to stay on it to help ya out

Oreo Cat says:

Future 4×4 van?

pedro quez says:

Yo Cruza , looks like you getting that van ready for a trip man , can’t wait bro.that last van trip you did was the best series , from my point

Aaron B says:

I smoked crack with your mom.

Jeff Arndt says:

great fridge. have you ever researched adding a stiffening capacitor to the van mine work’s great.

Ski. Play. Live. TV says:

Hi Guys- Im desperately looking for advice pronto! in the process of converting my mini ford transit connect. The guy doing the work is a mechanical engineer but has never done a van. he wants to put in a 3-way fridge. I did research on my end and disagree. Why did you choose to go with the compressor type? what should I tell him?

amateur rider says:

Why don’t you get marry or if you don’t believe in marriage, get a female partner and have some kid/s so you won’t traveling by yourself…don’t be a loner, it sucks!

doddt2002 says:

Cycle Cruza, buy some extra crunchy JIF peanut butter so even if you did had a total electric shutdown with spoiled meat can still survive with just that peanut butter and lots of water. By the way have nearly a 2 year shelf life with that peanut butter and doesn’t have to be refrigerated after opening it! 🙂

Nomadic Gearhead says:

Looks nice. Still running strong?

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