Samsung RF268 Refrigerator Review & Opinions After One Year of Ownership

The ice maker in my old refrigerator died, so I decided to make it a beer fridge for the garage and buy a new fridge for the house. The Samsung RF268 refrigerator has greatly exceeded my expectations! It’s stainless steel and looks very nice! Having two doors on the top makes the refrigerator easy to access. There is also an abundance of storage space inside. It has 2 ice makers! Having a backup ice maker was one of its main selling points. The second ice maker in the freezer below is great for filling up a cooler with ice, before heading to the river. There is nothing negative that I can say about this refrigerator. I’ve owned it for a year now and do not regret buying it. It’s a little more expensive than most entry-level refrigerators but it’s definitely worth spending the extra money for. Samsung makes excellent appliances! This video was filmed in 1080P HD with a Panasonic Lumix TS3 camera.


Dee Jay says:

Did some research and here are the facts:
1. Botton freezer frig will have a shorter shelf life the top freezer frig
2.  new frig from companies like LG and Samsung are look nice but they are crap and built for failure
3.  Days of 25 years worry free old frigs are long gone
4.  Your best bet stick with side by side and freezer top frig over french door dreezer bottom.
Don’t take my worlds for it bit say I say so…

SD says:

Very informative. Whats the size ?

Don M says:

i really doubt about the overloading. i can say that my load is more or less similar to what you have kept in the fridge. i am suspecting this got to the do with evaporating coils and fans.hopefully this small noise doesn’t deteriorate.

Stukarakuda says:

Muy bonito diseño, pero al parecer no salen muy buenos, después de dos años de uso mi samsung rs26dda no enfria, ahorita ando viendo como repararla… seguire buscando en la Web.

Don M says:

Nice video, I have a similar, Samsung RFG297HD.
It has a bit noise during the build up of ice after around 6 months. Does it happen to you?

Ravi Francis says:

I bought a Samsung refrigerator (model: RT28FA JSA RX/TL) on Nov 01, 2013 from a little know place Dhamnod in district Dhar of Madhya Pradesh.
On Oct 22rd 2014, I noticed presence of thermocol bolls spread below the refrigerator. I assumed that it must be some piece of thermocol that came with packing would have remained while unpacking the fridge and which mice have bitten.
A day later on Oct 23th we in the family noticed a foul smell inside the refrigerator. We though deodorizer of the refrigerator is not working, but the smell grew stronger by end of day. This started smelling like a dead rat. Even the cooling had decreased to a much lower level.
We immediately called the local dealer and upon his advise called Samsung customer care. When the service engineer visited, he found that the mice has exploited excess water opening (see image) to reach the thermocol insulation that is between the outer metal body and inner fiber body. Mice have ruined this insulation to a greater extent and thus impacted cooling. The mice also made a hole in the inside fiber body. In all left the refrigerator completely useless piece of junk. The service engineer took some photographs of the impact and after a long wait of more than two weeks, finally we received a phone call from Samsung Indore Head Office that this impact/damage is not covered under warranty and falls under physical damage.
I was quite disappointed with the response. Company has also denied any response in writing. I have gone through the warranty card and it does not talk about any such incident to be considered in physical damage.
The questions that arises here is what makes Samsung put this under physical damage.
As a consumer my stand on this issue is –
1. If Samsung refrigerators are so vulnerable that a commonly found rodent in Indian homes can damage their product to such an extent then why don’t they call out this in warranty specifically. After all, Samsung is operating in India and it is true that most households in India (except some high rises) are infused with rodents
2. If the extent of damage through rodents can be so huge (rendering product useless), consumer must be warned, should be asked to use a rodent mesh or company itself should have taken care of such a miniature loophole in design
3. This impact was not during transfer, improper handling, misuse, or improper operating conditions, then why is it labelled as physical damage.
4. Mice exploited the water disposing gap in refrigerator, why was it left opened and so wide in Samsung refrigerators that mice can enter through this. In LG and Whirlpool refrigerators this opening is narrowed down and a rubber pipe is attached at the tail to direct water to a tray. Even if rodents damage the pipe they cannot enter the hole and exploit it further. This is where it compels to think that its a design gap/flaw or communication issue that Samsung needs to fix.
5. As a consumer, damage other than by, handling, Act of God or terrorism, should be repairable. But other than these if an incident renders the product unusable, it must be some carelessness in product owners approach.
As per Samsung this is a physical damage, but rodents in Indian households are normal operating condition. In such a case either the products must be designed that way or customer must be warned of impact/loss. Else the product company should help customers and thus improve the product. Its not something that has just disfigured some kind of appearance (the look and feel of the product) but has left it functionally dead.
Complaint ticket number : 418 351 6041
You won’t trust SAMSUNG after reading this –
So I heard back from Samsung, only to get disappointed again. After so called a thorough research, discussion and brainstorming, the conclusion was that Samsung agrees that the damage is irreparable. If one reads my post carefully this was already established by a layman like me, reason? it was a damage to body. Samsung says consumer did not provide hygienic conditions. My argument remains same, more than 70% households in India might have rodents issues, doesn’t mean we don’t maintain hygiene.
Few questions to Samsung –
If the refrigerator is so vulnerable to rodents, that the extent of damage is irreparable, why no instructions were given to consumer (not one from dealer to service engineers, operational manual or warranty talks about this). If you can ask consumers to use Voltage stabilizers, why not rodents mesh?
How would a consumer know the design gap in their refrigerators. In my rarest of imagination I can’t think of rats making their way between outside metal body and internal fiber body. Many of my fellow readers will agree with this? A consumer cannot follow a rodent or a cockroach to see where they are moving.
Why there is a 3 inch wide opening for water disposal. While other manufactures like LG/Whirlpool provides a quarter of an inch hole that too added with a rubber hose to deliver access water till tray, Samsung leaves a big 3 inch wide opening. Other manufactures dodge rodents with the narrow opening which is not big enough for smallest of rodents, while a large rodent can easily make its way inside the Samsung refrigerators body. I can substantiate this with original photos.
I complained when refrigerator was under warranty – Samsung accepts its irreparable. Then ?? Then what, Samsung doesn’t have an answer except denying a replacement or compensation. INR 30,000/- refrigerator becomes a piece of junk in 10 months and for Samsung it’s a physical damage. If it’s irreparable don’t you guys think it should be replaced or compensated?
Samsung term it as physical damage, I read the warranty card, it doesn’t talk about damage through rodents or similar will be considered as “Physical Damage”. Why not consider this as “DESIGN FLAW”? Samsung engineers don’t understand Indian diaspora and missed a critical thing leaving a gap wide open for rodents to exploit. I did not dig that hole, I did not hit the refrigerator, it did not fell down, It was not damaged while in transit, proper gaps were left surrounding the refrigerator as asked and overall for consistent voltage a stabilizer was in use. How can they term it as “Physical Damage”. They can’t put it in a other denial categories so here it is, lets put it in physical damage and make fool of Indian consumers.

Michael19872011 says:

Don’t think you have enough sauces.

IrixGuy's Adventure Channel says:

LOL thanks =) Gotta eat cheap to pay off the fridge LOL Yeah, it’s fantastic! I have no regrets about purchasing it and hope that it lasts for many more years!

HM GM says:

I don’t see this fridge model RF268 any more at lowes…..You know where I can get this model in a reliable seller?

Moises Saenz says:

still workin?

cisco inch says:

what a waste, can do all type of EGGS and ICE cubes, you do it for water (ice cold) , should tape it into your beer bottle supply for different type of beer ice, crushed, cube or liquify

Makinja says:

If you already have  a good undersink water filter, does the additional Samsung filter offer  any additional benefit?

floopy312 says:

How much did u pay for this fridge?

Best Shopping Tips says:

i just love it thanks for the share <3 <3

HM GM says:

where you buy this fridge?

IrixGuy's Adventure Channel says:

I forget how much it cost but I bought it from Lowe’s

Sibyl Myers says:

avoid Samsung refrigerators at all costs.  What a lemon!!  Only 2 years old, and it has water coming out from under the deli trays….Apparently so do a TON OF OTHER Samsung Fridges.  I will never buy another Samsung appliance.  Our old GE Fridge 16+ years, and its humming right along in the garage.  Should have never bought this piece of junk

Sheri Jury says:

I have this refrigerator bought in 2010. Both Icemakers still produce ice.. The issue we have though is the ice is always crushed even when we have it set on cube. Also I notice it will form a little mold around the opening of the ice shoot and also where the ice comes out of icemaker to go in shoot. I do not remember ever having that issue with any other icemaker. My guess is it happens because the ice maker is in the refrigerator and not the freezer. Anyone else notice this on any brand with a ice maker in refrigerator?

delancey01cutie says:

I have the same frigde put different brand

mholdr says:

frost in the freezer? lube the rollers and firmly push the drawer closed – trust me it helps.

SJLGG says:

my new Samsung refrigerator model gives me a handjob before work.

Sue D says:

I have the same frig. We have had water leaking under the veg drawers. I have mixed feelings about this frig. My husband has to take off the panel and defrost the frig every three months now. Not what I expected ….it works but ….

James Clark says:

does it still work

Caro Lthd says:

Is the noise in the background caused by the refrigerator ?

Carlos C. says:

May I download your video for a video project?

Carey Parks says:

Samsung sucks- nothing but a pile of junk!!! – There are engineering flaws in all of them.  Mine freezes up in the fridge area every 3 months – the evaporator system is the problem.  The fan actually completely freezes up and will not turn.  

al nav says:

Samsung is the worst fridge. Mine lasted for 3 month. It frost the lines. The service from Samsung stinks. This is from Chile . South America. 

Bob Kemper says:

Thanks for your review, I was looking for a new frig. and have a limited space of only 34″ from counter to wall. short space of only 34″ from back of wall to edge of a door opening on the right side. So, I was wondering what your seize is, I notice that you have your box real close to the wall on the right side, and was wondering if not being able to open your right hand door a full 90 degrees interferes with pulling your crisper doors out?  

Sandra Onyeka says:

Samsung door to door refrigerator has been the worst mistake iv ever made in my life.the freezer is good but Fridge is as hot as Sahara desert no matter the sethings.please Samsung stick to what you know best; Phones.

IrixGuy's Adventure Channel says:

I have not encountered that problem. Do you keep your freezer rather full? If so, that might be the root cause.

Amanda mcevoy says:

As a former Samsung repair technician I would like to put some information out to the public this product has had many issues that we have worked on such as computer boards that have not lasted more than 6 months. On a rating from 1-10 I would give it a zero. The customer service when also trying to get it fixed I would also give a 0 I have been in the repair business for many years. Samsung is by far the worst product we come a crossed. Not only is it not a reliable product but Samsung will sell the warrantee for an additional cost without having anybody to repair it in the area leaving you with the bill. Save your self-time and money go with a different brand

Monte Richardson says:

With a lamp??!?

Syanat 3 says:

الان تستطيع صيانة غسالتك مع #توكيل_اريستون لصيانة كل الاجهزة المنزلية

Pierfederico Cancarini says:

AVOID TO BUY SAMSUNG FRIDGES I had a bad experience with an RSG5 SAMSUNG FRIDGE in Italy. The -18C section was not keeping the temperature. After 4 months and 280 USD spent in spare parts and work , the repair center surrendered and proposed a replacement of the fridge with a similar one but at a price higher than the market price I found on internet! That is oltragious, the repair center is unable to repair a simple failure on the fridge, this will be a damage for the environment and finally THE REPUTATION OF SAMSUNG IS FALLING BELOW MY HEELS. Instead of apologizing and offering a free substitution (after what I already paid) they try to make profit from their failures!! The tipycal life of a fridge should be at least 20years, not 5. I hope this policy of Samsung will change soon. In the meantime I will better check the reputation of a producer before buying something that should last years.


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