Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator Review #FamilyHub

Peek inside our High tech refrigerator! With a tablet on the door connected to the internet & cameras inside the fridge letting you peek inside even when you aren’t home, the Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator is super high tech. This is the Black Stainless Steel model – I love the look of black stainless and it matches my kitchen which has other traditional stainless steel appliances. French door style. hhgregg and samsung sent us this new fridge for the family to experience the technology in our own home. Check out our Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator Review to see the new Family Hub up close, how the tablet works, and what the fridge and freezer sections look like.


Danny Miller says:

It’s on sale at lowes for $4000 now. Just sayin

Shippo says:

wtf the kid is using an iphone with a samsung product wtf :O

n panini says:

My fridge barely keeps my coke cold but this horse needs an ipad on her fridge while her husband is cheating on her.

Yoyo Diaz says:

That is so cool

Pongchmp says:

How many red bulls does this family have in the fridge? Got a headache listening to them. Slow down

Katrina M says:

oh God,a fridge with a screen n internet.we hv lost our minds

nic burns says:

that girl should shut the fuck up…


It’s awesome! Wish i can buy that for my family

Jose Mondragon says:

that fridge does more things than me

Harpreet Nazran says:

She’s speaking too fast.


awesome video

Dee Ehm says:

how pathetic, sad, frightening, ridiculous, insulting, disgusting needless piece of shit ever shoved down our de-evolutionary throats. Whoever thought of this scam understands the true stupidity of human kind. May they suffer a painful and lengthy death.

ImThatGuyYouWishYouWere says:

Meanwhile in africa..

Gabriela Bernabe says:

waste of money..

n panini says:

Lucky rich white people…

joyce carter says:

do y’all no how to cnect a lg to it

Marc Ferry says:

the stupid stuff we do in the name of more tech.

Michael Fleres says:

Really, really dumb

Nanoforge1 says:

Beats the hell out of a bunch of alphabet magnets and watercolored pictures stuck to the fridge.

David Capps says:

I have a friend thought bought a fridge like this. Stopped using the pad after a month. He hated having to stand up and mess with it. Total waste of money and made for people who want the newest and latest to feel tech smart. It’s a tablet and will eventually need repair. Good luck with that.

oosh79 says:

couldnt i just tape an iPad to the shit I got now and pretty much have the same thing ?

Ed Fan says:

And you can get on pornhub while doing pornhub

ShreddNugent says:

Should put some nude pics of mom on there.  Mmm….

Pedro Gonzalez says:

People in this comment are salty LOL

Wendy luke says:

Does it iron shirts? if not, no sale!

Douglas Culton says:

lil boy mad she keep moving his hands she seem more excited then the kids

Pedro Gonzalez says:

People in the comments are salty LOL

Iris Breslaw says:

If this refrigerator clears my cookies somebody is going to pay!

Jack Macelwee says:

I’m sorry, even being the entire tech nerd I am I see no use for any type of smart refrigerator. There’s some features are cool such as the camera or even the Pandora access if you would like to play music while cooking but honestly I see absolutely no use for being able to mirror a TV or really have the other features on the device so it’s cool it’s honestly just adding technology to something that worked perfectly fine before

Melissa Crowe says:

got to love the rich

Joseph Moore says:

Funny how people that are throwing stones at this are probably the people that cant afford it. if you can afford it then it’s not a waste of money. :-/

richystar2001 says:

This family is having a religious experience buying this refrigerator.

RyoGamestation says:

I want the refrigerator and the dish washer with the
screen on it.

Cold as Icee says:

Rich people….

Hayden McMahon says:

Am I stupid for actually deciding if I should buy this fridge?

gendo1 says:

I actually loved this review. You’re family is OCD as shit which I loved because I am too, and they didn’t skip a beat always giving more information and advice without cutting each other off too much. Thanks for this video!!!

Dwight Hennings says:

this is a waste of money only be worth it if fridge can cook food for you too

unknown2day2 says:

Nice watch when it breaks down and the price to repair it.

Erik Garcia says:

You Really have issues and you sound so stupid. A+ for you, now your kids will be all about having materialistic stuff then things that really matter. Congrats and hope you guys enjoy your gatherings around the fridge to use the screen on it. D.B

2000 Subs Challenge says:

can you search the internet?

tero712010 says:

Congratulations to this family they have a Fridge with the best technology on the market, enjoy.
Always get a Certified Samsung Tech to do any maintenance good luck.

sTEADYONE67 says:

better buying aa higher end washing machine then a fridge. but it is nice tho. maybe when some newer friges come out the price will drop

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