Samsung Family Hub 2.0 Smart Refrigerator Review

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Samsung Family Hub 2.0 Smart Refrigerator Review – Big shout out to Best Buy for sending over the Samsung Family Hub 2.0 Refrigerator for review! This smart refrigerator sports a 21.5-inch touchscreen display and runs Samsung’s Tizen OS (not Android) – you can mirror what’s on your Samsung TV display right to the fridge, use the Bixby voice assistant, order food, groceries, and more. You can even use the Samsung Family Hub app on your iPhone or Android device to take a look inside your refrigerator to see what’s in it!

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Food Stamp says:

Sup Mister Andru

Dennis Vuong says:

Samsung fridges sucks hardcore. They never re-engineered their ice maker. It always gets clogged because the dispenser hole is too small and the blades used to crush ice blocks the pathway. It’s not just my Samsung fridge, went to the store and look at some of the newer models; it had same ice-maker design. A lot of people regret buying a Samsung refrigerator. So lesson learned: DONT BUY A SAMSUNG FRIDGE!

YeaahDrewTV says:

this is really dope! I love the notes feature! I would definitely buy this!

Quaalid says:

Sonic Mania out today tho Andru…

Kelvin Brannon says:

You should do videos on hi end audiophile electronics such as Nam. Yes that fridge is a must have for me.

Andru Edwards says:

*Hey **#TechSquad**! What do you guys think about more home appliances becoming smart? Would you pick up a smart fridge, stove, washing machine, dishwasher, etc.? More smart home tech:*

Outlaw Q says:

would I buy a smart fridge? Yes. For $5100? hell no lol

Rosie Duarte says:

Omg I love ❤ that fridge!! I would definitely buy it

Moondraak says:

I really miss your old reviews when you really tested stuff and made a run-down of pros and cons. The past year all your “reviews” seems more like overviews.

tecam2 says:


chrismc177 says:

Sorry but that type fridge is not worth it. That cost is way out of my price range even the non Samsung ones plus the need for the features isnt needed

BloodFlow HigH says:

sorry but I prefer that LG product over Samsung and LG have a similar one.

Onyx M says:

A smart fridge is just too much for me

Lee May says:

I would love to have a smart fridge in our home. It would really help since my wife is an awesome cook and loves to try new recipes. Having it displayed on the fridge gives her more room on the kitchen counter instead of having an iPad. Also the cameras in the fridge is a great idea since half the time we’re at the grocery store we’re wondering what we need/has expired/or if we have it already. With those top two reasons I’d definitely put a Samsung fridge on my wishlist.

c122 h122 says:

If I had the cash u would definitely buy a smart fridge

Player says:

#earlysquad #techsquad

Voodoo says:

I would like one! Do they come in counter depth size?

Filip Andersson says:

Does it have a headphone jack?

ClassicGamesCanada says:

I bought the wifi adapters for my Samsung washer and dryer. I planned on integrating it with smartthings and seeing what I could do with it. Basically all it does is give you a notification on your phone when a cycle is done. Complete waste of money. I was hoping to at least be able to get the bigtalker smartapp to announce over my speakers when a cycle was done, but that doesn’t even work.

TechSupport450 says:

Off-course my next fridge would be a smart fridge, when my fridge becomes old obviously.

Jayson says:


Kreg Steppe says:

I am on the fence. I see some value, but I wonder if the tech over complicates something as simple as a fridge. Cost is a little up there though.

Gamer Sarmad says:


Marumu S says:

A Tizen OS may be Android is much better. However, great innovative product from Samsung.

NearCry91 says:

No link for the t-shirt store

Razor2048 says:

How useful are the cameras when the fridge is full?

Chemy Torres says:

Wow, that’s way more powerful than my laptop computer lol.

I think of money weren’t a limitation I would buy it.

Jacob Greene says:


Megan Carter says:


ShaunandShawn says:

This is a perfect example of someone trying to perfect something that’s already perfect. I never wanted to ask my fridge oh btw what the weather like outside? Seeing what you need in the fridge does not help seeing what you need in the pantry so that fail. Plus a normal would have a list. Throwing out food notification? If it smells throw it away or if it looks moldy throw it away.Plays music? Like I can’t grab my phone or Bluetooth device that not $5000. Only thing that probably a plus was the calendar. I always wanted to know what these fridges do and now I just know they are way over priced for things people don’t normally need.

FishFace Tv says:

I would buy one because it is useful and I have many Samsung products

jsd eleventh says:

We have 5 of these in my mansion.

Jorge Huizar says:

It looks amazing! But yeah really do we need a tv and a music station in the kitchen? Pricey too. But does look nice

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