Samsung Family Hub 2.0 Smart Fridge

The Samsung Family Hub 2.0 Smart fridge., takes the connected home to another level with easy of use and mobile connectivity.

Samsung Family Hub 2.0

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Lord Destiny says:

Probably the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen. Why the fuck does a fridge need a touch screen?

Long Face Crying Kim Kardashian says:

it looked like it was failing

Lost Beetle says:

This will age like a glass of warm milk.

Glenn parent says:

now thats a beer fridge

SK33NO Rino says:

Why didn’t he show us a picture from this fridge system?

TROY says:

wish i was rich

Dylan Buck says:

That explains why the fridge at Best Buy was a bit, weird…

TheRickie41 says:

tiny bit expensive.

Robert Perez says:

will Skyrim be release for these?

ryujinjakk4 says:

Can I play pokemon go on it

Brandie N says:

Ya but.

Is there a Skyrim remake available to play on the hub?

Juan Ospina says:

question: It looks like there’s only one camera on the fridge mounted high on the left side door. How is that supposed to give you a view of all the contents of the fridge? for example, in its closed position it wouldn’t give you a view of the egg tray on the right side door. From that angle you probably couldn’t see the veggies on the bottom drawers. Am i missing something?

Alan Dudman says:

Given these are £2800 that’s massively overpriced. You can buy an American fridge for £500 and a good tablet for another £500?!

The Sethski Gamer says:

I fell asleep with my face on my iPad and the discard comment button doesn’t work 🙁

Sugar Daddy says:

Yeah, connect absolutely everything to the internet. Hackers will love it.

Kayla Overstreet says:

My mom wanted this fridge so badly when it first came out but when she seen it at hhgregg they said it was only for display. I have to buy her and I one now.

Unicorn Emily says:

I’m getting the fridge 🙂

King D says:

step 1.get a cheap fridge
step 2.get a cheap tablet
step 3.get a big LCD screen
step 4.connect it to the tablet
step 5.glue the tablet at the back and glue and then glue the screen
whoouuola you ve got a smart fridge

Koalacola 123 says:

i hate this jokes I lOVE IT IWANT IT SO BAD

Reece Pp says:

Problem is they don’t mention price and how much power does it consume

SK33NO Rino says:

Taken by this fridge *

Ernest Jay says:

install youtube on that fridge and we will see people commenting about : “Hey ! I’m watching this video from MY FRIDGE”

Malinda Meegoda says:

suck it jin yan

Luis Guerrero says:

Hi, have one refrigerator, great refrigerator

e Kopke says:


Chris Osorio says:

All they did was throw a huge ass tablet on a fridge door and cameras inside oh and they slapped Samsun logo on there……still I have to admit it. Is nice.

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