[Review] Samsung Convertible 2in1 Refrigerator latest Review – In Detail

Part 2 video explains about the complete functionality/technical details of the Samsung convertible fridge RT28K3953PZ/HL/2016.
This refrigerator is a double door fridge and 253 L capacity
This is one of the latest models available in the market.
The time taken for conversion Freezer-to-Fridge/Fridge-to-Freezer is as said by the Samsung Demo person.


Dilbar Sk says:

1 video hindi mei yaar

Jatin Tailor says:

is work door alarm?

Navam Singhal says:

Hey man i have a querry. i live in a city where power cuts are very usual sometimes just for few minutes. As temp is controlled by electronic display outside which itself gets shut down when power cut happens unlike manual controllable knob what happens to the temperature set by us. For example if we set the temp of freezer say -23 and fridge at 5 deg. what hapeens when there is a power cut. when power arrives does it gets back to default(-19/3) degree or it remains to our set temp. does it have some kind of memory unit inside. please help . looking for a new fridge this festive season

Radha Prabha says:

buying this convertable normal samsung is best. beacause all of us are using milk and batter in our daily use. keep in convertable mode cooling is less in fridge than in freezer mode. Using my own experience double door samsung normal is best as we save 5000/_rs.

hema sundar says:

what about samsung note 7

Vamsee Krishna kasturi says:

thanks for the review. i have been looking to buy one which is easily operable. very detailed and informative

swtseema behera says:

price kitna hai fridge ka

Raghubirsingh Rulyan says:

ty vrrry much i watched another video before but this helped me in a bettrr way

Sudhakar Karokar says:


Hazrath Bee says:

which temperature suits the fridge

Rajiv Misra says:



what’s the r

bazrazin1 says:

is that a inverter fridge, what changes occur in freezer to fridge mode, compressor cycling, air flow etc.

sachin kaushik says:

Today I bought convertible modal with cool wall. Model RT30K3983SL. Stainless steel colour 272 liters. Nice one, in addition to convertible feature it has got additional benefit of keeping fridge cool in case of power cuts. Company claims 12hrs period, but we can at least consider @5 hrs, which is more than sufficient in areas where there’s frequent power cut. Since March 17 price of fridge has increased. I got it at Rs. 30k against MRP of Rs.30950. one can get much better deal if they’re in big city or any online site providing delivery in there city.Last but not the list Video is Superb.


यार जो भी बताते हो उसे हिंदी में बताया करो ताकि सभी को समझ में

hema sundar says:

ho nice video

Dilbar Sk says:

Hindi mei batao yaar hindi mei bhai rikyust

RajaMu says:

nice review, can you please confirm does this fridge got compressor noise ?

MrSetu12 says:

Reliance Digital guy suggested me RT28K3424S8 in 23K, having same kind of features please suggest should I go for it or not?? thanks

Pandurang Diwakar says:

Why this is called solar powered fridge? Can we connect DC power to this?

Nisha Arora says:

how increase power

Mi Test says:

Does it have Blub in Freezer, as the light there seems no blub in Freezer

Nitin Singhal says:

is this convertible module in these refrigerators successful and reliable? I mean is it still working fine for you after using it for more than 6 months?

Nitya Kranthi says:

How much cost

Suresh Subbaiah says:

mn flight distance to

Lavanya Vaishnavi says:


Shahinshah B says:

Hi,Thanks for the video.Could you please post the images of the Refrigerator that would be helpful

Saikumar Arragunta says:

bought this 2 days back and it works awesome


does it have led light in the freezer section


awesome review thanks man

battu mk says:

Nice demo sir

Ashish Shrestha says:

hi thanks for reviews of this refrigerator. . twins cooling plus ? or not? i am going to buy this refrigerator to put raw meat and raw fish. will it keep them more than 3 days in fridge mode? plz answer me 🙁

shankar R says:

nice explanation. keep it up!

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