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Consumer Reports helps you decide which type of refrigerator to buy from a top-freezer, bottom-freezer, or side-by-side, to a French-door or multi-door. You’ll also find out which features are worth considering and which to skip. For additional reviews, tips, and recommendations check us out at and Subscribe to our YouTube Channel:

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ohmusicsweetmusic says:

not much useful information here…. i walk through home depot so i know what refrigerators there are in the world. You have to subscribe to their online site to get the real dish.

RubioTran says:

Why is reliability not one of your metrics!?! Or what about ease of service?

I read so many angry comments about top of the line Samsung and LG refrigerators breaking down. It’s not a good consumer report if I buy the best fridge ever that lasts less than 3 years.

Please address.

Tammy Abreu-Butron says:

Don’t buy anything from LG, they refuse to honor their warranties and play mind games in customer DISservice. Can’t find the claim, state that the required reports are missing, deny the numerous confirmations to the contrary! Spent 3000 on the top of the line refrigerator, a year later the cooling system fails and regardless of the 7 year parts warranty and the fact it is deemed undesirable refuse to honor the commitment they made me to either replace or refund!The failure is within the factory sealed cabinet that their repair people cannot open! A very corrupt company! They won’t even let us talk to a supervisor just keep playing diversion tactics!

Jennifer Soto says:

Will be in the market for a new fridge in a couple of months. Thanks for educating us! Great video!!

Arnis Tarassu says:

Thumbs down for minimal analysis about efficiency. Here in Europe EVERY consumer device has energy rating. BTW fridges are at top of energy consumption @home.

Also like bottom freezers. Make sense ergonimically also thermodynamically.

tzephing lim says:


Игорь М says:

I like bottom freezer refrigerators, because I use freezer from time to time. At the same time they big enough.

Thu Huong Nguyen says:

what an informative and well made video. this will be useful in the future when i move out

owen pung says:


Kenz300 x says:

Saving energy…..saves money……….
My local utility offered a home audit so I took them up on their offer.

I had this done at my home and then did the recommended repairs……. the next month after the repairs my utility bills dropped by over 20%……………..

Moughal Shah Al Pakistan says:

Fridge Freezer – Graphite

Lavonte A says:

Wow I just bought a whirlpool 5 door refrigerator

Brad Fortin says:

“Our testers check for a refrigerator’s real capacity, measuring the amount of usable space inside the cavity. We find it’s usually about 20% less than the cubic feet claimed.”

Well I hope you don’t measure like you showed in the video, where the spool accounts for about 20% of the measurement. That could explain a lot.

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