Propane Refrigerator, Unboxing and Review

Unboxing and review of the Unique Propane Refrigerator which can be used off grid with propane, solar (12 volt) or regular electricity 110V (or generator). In the USA, a very similar compact propane fridge is made by SMAD and is available through Amazon:
Unique also makes a 3-way freezer that available in Canada:
This is a small fridge that I will be using at a small off grid cabin. Somewhat bigger than your typical RV fridge, the capacity is 3 cubic feet, and it has a small freezer that works great. It uses very little propane, less than a pound a day, so a 20LB tank should last you almost a month if using the fridge every day. No external power is needed when using it with propane. The fridge is also available in either white or black. The dog is unavailable. Subscribe for more off grid videos.


Roland Brake says:

your dog is adorable, what’s his breed?

REK Marketing and Design says:

Help! What is the lowest temp you can get out of this fridge? Can you turn the entire unit into a freezer?

balancedbody_nutrition says:

Does it require electric as well as propane or can it run solely on propane?

rg michel says:

I had a lot of problems running my Unique fridge on propane. It ran for a couple of months and died. After sales service was not satisfactory, so I never got it going again on propane. I run it on electricity now, and I am looking for a replacement.

Bruno Desrosiers says:

About the noise level??

Amber & John Homestead Projects says:

nice fridge

Susan Bass says:

Does this need to be vented to the outside at all? I am thinking of one of these for power outages.

Gerardo G says:

Very good video. I want to buy one. Where could I find one like this? Over the internet or is there a special store in the US?

Joanna Bushman says:

Instead of talking would be much better you can really show it how to . Thanks.

Randy Egan says:

Awesome. Just bought the same one. Going up this weekend to try it out.

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