Our Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator!

y’all have asked me on Instagram to see the new fridge so here it is!

this is the Samsung video I was referring to in my video – https://youtu.be/6jcclMDjb_8


Bella Bae says:

Do you need the newest Samsung Galaxy cell to get it to speak

pstuddy says:

Views the monthly electric bill, rest in peace

Mike D says:

Loved the review much better than the official video from Samsung. It is too generic. Would love a review on your samsung stove too!


Wow! Nice fridge. Love it❤️❤️

Dee PB says:

Hi. I just watched this today 24 Aug 18. Have you had any electronic issues with the refrigerator? Some of the product reviews are troubling.

The Original says:

Can you also change the background and lock screen on this fridge as well?

Jeff Dunn says:

I’m about to order this, I have an iphone. Can my work calendar sync to this (outlook) or do I have to double up a calendar for all appointments for the kids?

Adnan Agboatwalla says:

Hi – Was just viewing the video. On the Ring app you can see all your cameras, you just have to click the little arrows < and > at the bottom of the app to see the other cameras. From the video it looks like you have 3. TV Mirror is now called “Smart View”. You can mirror the TV or your Phone.

Joe Green says:

Great video! The smart fridge makes your kitchen look so futuristic. I’d like to the the rest of your home, I’m sure it’s beautiful.

JayR Salazar says:

do you know if it works with Nest Camera????

The Wilson Family Vlog says:

This Frig is Super Cool!! Love it Thanks so much for sharing!!

tinkerashley says:

My DREAMMMMMM fridge!!

LiveLaugh MakeLove says:

Lowes has this on sale. 2,400 and i plan to use a 10% off on top of that.

alexandra sahoye says:

Does it have U Tube. app

Celeidy Sanchez says:

Does this fridge have Google

1/3 of The Formula says:

I GOTTA GET ME ONE. Just seen one @ homedepot for $2,700

nayelle says:

Can you help me how to install the ring video doorbell on the fridge? Thanks

alexandra sahoye says:

Looking to buy thus fridge I like it .

enderpotato00 says:

But I don’t get it. Whats the point? its a fridge. Its only purpose to keep stuff cold.


I just bought this fridge after waiting since it came out! It gets delivered tomorrow!

Shanole A says:

My friend has this.

Tristan Calvo says:

My Samsung fridge is as simple as they come and even then it only lasted 5 years and it is falling apart, collecting water the door flap is broken and it was serviced four times under warranty for the same thing (water collecting) and Samsung has denied it is a known, problem would hate to see this fridge a week after you get it home yet alone four years..Samsung should stick to making phones cause their appliances are pure garbage.

Alan Little says:

Good review. Want one bad.
I also think you could make a drinking game out of this video. Take a drink every time you hear “Jackson”. Bingo. Hammered in 21 minutes. Lol

Nadia Ishaq says:

So it doesn’t work with an iPhone?

Da Boondockz Truckers says:

I just got one today,,, delivery is tomorrow I can’t wait

beachfront says:

How much did u pay on sale?????????

OC Tech says:

I think for the food expiration, when you get something, you enter an expiration date into the list app. That’s why that one clip said ‘’sent to view inside’’ because it uses technology to recognize if that item is in the fridge or not, so if you take it out for an extended amount of time it will recognize that it isn’t there anymore… and then i guess when it knows something is in there, it will tell you if it’s about to expire

joshua howard says:

I just bought one today. I was just looking for a simple basic fridge then I seen this one, I instantly popped out my wallet.

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