NewAir AB-1200 Refrigerator Review | Best Mini-Fridge for a ManCave

This is a review of the NewAir AB-1200 Refrigerator. This fridge is rated for outdoor use, so I have it on my back porch. Click “Show More” for links!

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Zach Koerber says:

How do you think that would do if you wanted to dry age beef in it. The beard is look awesome.

Cooking Green Bastard Style says:

An outdoor beer fridge with a glass door, NOT a chance, if you drink bottled beer. Light kills beer, especially sunlight. No you are not running a bar or drink nearly as much as I do every day. I drink a minimum of a dozen a day. Your inventory would not move as quickly. Sure it looks nice, but that’s a big negatory from GB.
Rock On!!! GB

Matthew Elrod says:

That beard is looking PHAT T-ROY!

Mile High V says:

Specs say it will get down to 34° – Might be a perfect fridge for dry aging. 🙂

Brandon J says:

Nice Texas craft beer in there..

Victor Bitter says:

If you still have a temp controller from your brewing days, if you set it to the lowest setting and control the temp with the controller, it will use less electricity and last longer. You will need to set the delay on the controller to about 5-10 mins so you aren’t constantly cycling it. cheers.

21st Century Berserker says:

beards looking good T-roy

Stuart Harrod says:

I like it !! Perfect for getting out of the pool to get another beer without dripping water all over the kitchen floor. I need a dedicated beer fridge like this to teach my dog Rusty to fetch me a beer without worrying about him getting in to my ham, turkey, etc that he may find in my kitchen fridge !

It's time to play some games says:

Yeah dude I got one of these for my basement the only thing that can be tricky is that the door doesn’t shut all the way by itself so you got to make sure it’s shut

Tim Martinez says:

20% off code doesn’t work.

Stephanie Yeminez says:

Really cool. Cheers merry Christmas

Aim'em and Claim'em Smokers says:

That’s a nice looking fridge.

Runtykimka1 says:

Excellent selection of beer Troy! Cheers!

MrMegaFredZeppelin says:

Hey Troy I need two of them for my beer 🙂 Great review 🙂 A “BIG” thumbs up 🙂 Merry Christmas to you and Karen from Joi and I 🙂 ROCK ON!!!!!!!

Dwayne Wladyka says:

What a cool looking fridge. Nice!


Bloody awesome mate. Great for a man cave. lol. I am out of comms range so playing catch up on YT when i can mate. Keep em coming. Festive Greetings from a bloody cold French Mountain Top. (heading to Finland tomorrow, to be with family for Christmas). Cheers mate. ATB Moose.


*Love the fridge bro. How about put me a nice cold bottle of Dr Pepper in there.*

Banditos of Bacon says:

Now that is a great way to stay hydrated on long cooks.

Bamafan1 says:

Looks neat. I have our old side by side out in the garage. I got it stock with 6 different bottles of beer. Plus it comes in handy for left overs during the holidays.

Manly Homestead says:

Great review!! I also bought this one and made a review! Hope you guys check it out also! Thanks!

Living Survival says:

Enjoy the videos, can you do a video on your knives that you use?

10 minute meals says:

Looks like a great fridge, I especially like the clear glass so one can check enough Ale for Friday. Please can I respectfully ask is shipping to UK free? And are drinks included. Thanks in advance QVC.

Charlie's Smokin' BBQ says:

Nice fridge T-Roy, how have you been my brother?

Jake McGinnis says:

Hey T-Roy how do you think it will hold up on a patio with little cover? Im in FL without a patio awning or roof and would see rain every now and again.

Joe Joe says:

Wait, it’s Wednesday. Haha bonus video!

ronald nelson says:

Hey T-ROY cheers to ya, what is your friends name in Australia? I wanna check out his channel but I can’t remember his name. Thank ya sir and have a great day.

Mika surname says:

How does it vent? If it bottom vents, you can throw it into an outdoor kitchen. Which I would love to see you do. Build a few of those grills in! Great addition to your outdoor oasis.

Everyday BBQ says:

That thing is sweet!!

Smoky Ribs BBQ & Southern Cuisine says:

Now that’s a handy little fridge while out smoking on the pit! Would also make a good stand alone fridge for dry aging beef 😉

Elton's BBQ-pit says:

Looks really god Troy.. Nice to have incase of a bbq party..

Southern Coastal Cooking ™ says:

I love that little fridge it would be great for my dry adger

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