New LG Instaview French Door Door In Door Refrigerator Unboxing LMXS30796S

this is LG’s door in door instaview refrigerator. It’ retails for 4000.00, but it’s most likely on sale

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A- De Amor says:

Buying it

Optics says:

Just bought it yesterday at bb $3100 Wanted the smart version but for 6k no ty.

Kyle Aldrich says:

So the middle drawer could be programmed as extra freezer space? If so you could make extra ice ahead of time and store it there before a party.

Karen Fuller says:

Just got mine installed!! I so LOVE it!!! You helped me decide!!! Thank You!!!

PJ says:

Is it noisy as most of the reviews say?

Black Labrador says:

I have this exact LG Frig. only I bought the counter depth version. One neat feature these LG Smart Refrigerators have you did NOT cover or even mention is the Smart Grid (Wi-Fi) feature. This is really cool as it tracks the ~kWh consumption (AKA: energy consumption), per hour on a day by day basis for an entire month. VERY NICE! Also, it allows owners to participate in your local utilities’ Demand Response programs, TO SAVE MORE MONEY. Lastly, it also, tracks the number of times users open the Frig. & Freezer doors. When you have kids it’s nice to know what they are doing.

Abdoulie Kajakeh says:

Where do you freezed your items?

Melissa Matos says:

Hello! I have the same refrigerator and it is very deep, it protrudes 25 cm from the kitchen module. I see that in your case also excels several centimeters. The people who designed my kitchen say that the module has a standard depth, that the problem is my refrigerator. Did the same thing happen to you when you bought yours? Do you know if this same refrigerator comes in reduced depth? Thank you!

Rubiel Quintana says:

Great video, Loco!

the truth says:

love how it saves energy !

Tom Boyle says:

Comes in 3 colors now. Including matte black which just came out. On sell today at best buy for $2,899. Original price $3,999. Good review.

TomDelonge says:

……or you could just, ya know, open the door and look.

Jason Price says:

Nine months later, how do you like it? We have had ours for almost a month and can’t find one thing wrong with it other than it is HUGE! But we knew that going in.

So far for my feeling on it all, it is certainly a “buy once, cry once” item. We went from a pair of traditional freezer on top units as the first of the ones we had was just not enough space. Then two units was just a pain. This is certainly the best choice if you can fit it into your budget and your kitchen.

El Frankie R says:

We are on the way to get one too, 🙂

Sheetal Chauhan says:

What’s price

harry sawh says:

great video …… i got the same concern too…most home doors are 36 inches and these unit are 35.7 kinda scary makes it easy to dent your unit and very difficult to move in… wish they made them 35 inches and deeper to compensate…gotta wonder the quality of engineers the world is cranking out… somebody changed the brand of coffee….

Gracious Jerry says:

sorry! this is how much?

Maria Ellen says:

I luv it hope 2 buy one soon

Mxr Wxl says:

Thanks for for the video, how to operate the chill setting, all of your lights are on when mind are off except the wine chill . All of your lights are on. Mine cost $3200 at home depot should have gotten it at COSTCO reason is we could take it back if it breaks any number of years, once I had a pool table for six years the felt started to peel up, and return it without any questions. Big mistake not buying at COSTCO. Once I was inline at COSTCO a lady return a stack of paper plats problem with me was that, she only had about twenty (20) left out of 200, no question asked. Oh! my frig cost 3200 home depot

Shay Bunnie says:

I like it but it’s not a lot of freezer space

dvne45 says:

Nice presentation , how’s fridge is working now any complain

Samuel Fraser says:

Looks nice, but I feel like opening the fridge door takes as much effort as the 2-knock…

Norman Harris says:

I don’t know what that is, nor do i care but. I know it’ a good fridge. I had the same thoughts when I bought mine.

A- De Amor says:

Loved it, thank you a lot!!!

GetoverYourself says:

Nice job

Chris Mcphatter says:

The stainless on the ice and water will easily scratch, looks nice when new but will not stay that way , I’d advise putting some form of protection on it if at all possible..


My brother from another mother ….Great video!!!

Now I want one!!!

I’ll let my wife use my not-so-favorite camping cooler, to keep her stuff organized.

Her stuff may never get cold, at least she’ll be organized!

As for me, I suppose I could share a shelf or two in the new refrigerator. What do you think?

A Bag Of Toes says:

Unit of measurement: Klondike bar

Timmy Taxas says:

I just got one of those

Ji Jillian says:

Nice Video. I love the door handle covers!! I use saran wrap cuz the kids get the handles all dirty. But I’ll have to find some of those covers. I still had the tape on some appliances too. I’m like you–Cleanliness.

Chris says:

I like the glass door and space…still undecided on ours!

joe stewart says:


Svetlana R says:

Thank you for this. Very helpful

folletst says:

Is the ice white, or transparent?

victorjl victorjl says:

We have the 2018 model. I love everything about it accept for one thing. In the dark you have the light turn on to see how much ice you’re getting but there isn’t any light for the water. I wonder if they can add a light to next years model.

Rodger Peters says:

hey bruh … thx for the vid. i bought one today as a surprise for my wife’s bday next week. she’s gonna flip when it’s delivered. thx for posting. ps, on the down low i found out she likes the black stainless so that’s what i got. but i first saw the stainless version in Costco and it’s gorgeous. Kudos to you and your wife. Cheers

Amazin9Gam1n9827 Bailey says:

Hello, watched your presentation and wanted to know where you got your fridge door handle covers…they look great and I would love some as the red would fit perfectly into my decor… thanks!

WS P says:

Thanks for the video. I have a couple of questions if you don’t mind. Are the measurements you show (specifically the depth) including the handles? Also, are you sure about your comment concerning the chill drawer, it doesn’t look like it would convert to freezer temps as you stated, or did I misunderstand you?
Anyway, thanks again.

Andrea Pyne says:

Does it have spill proof ?

Dawn Wade says:

Yes Stella Rosa. She has wonderful taste…lol

bara park says:

Refrigerator = LG

Zsuzsanna Pheil says:

good review. I would like to know where did you get the handle covers from. Could you please share the link?

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