LG French Door Refrigerator With Door In Door Review

LG French Door Refrigerator With Door In Door Review


JPPT1974 says:

Love that right there Vera!

Priyanka Chavan says:

OMG! Ur kids are so cute… I was just looking at them all the time couldn’t notice ur fridge… 🙂

B. Sami says:

excellent ,usefull demonstrations

Cagri Gunaydin says:

you just sold me this fridge

Alex Nachalov says:

Хранить бананы в морозилке??? О_о

Luke Spencer says:

What is the model number of this one? Is it counter depth?

RaZeRbLaDeZ says:

Lol door in door is a gimmick that servles no purpose

suezq4369 says:

Do you still love it? No problems with it working properly? It’s a beautiful fridge we’re so close to buying it…..

Lacey Bell says:

Amazing frig! But now I want you do to a “what’s in my frige/freezer video! please! 🙂 

Shane McFerran says:

What kind of refrigerant R600 or R 134a ?

MrBjp001 says:

hi ! wonderful review, whats the model number ??

Shar Frederick says:

Just bought this exact model, to funny! Get it delivered on Friday! Too excited! My kids are going to use the heck out of that door in door feature!! Nice video!!

Doriesep6622 says:

This is a pile of junk. Now try cleaning it, lady. You have to have a screw driver and take the whole door off.

Kyle Bailey says:

We’re getting ours this Friday, can’t wait! Thanks for the video. Btw, your kids are adorable!

Maui Gold says:

this fridge looks fucking sick!

Phu Dang says:

Nice video

Papicholo1 says:

Great fridge,but it´s gotta be 4k easy..

ziporiah scott says:

Hi, Vera can you please tell me the model number of this fridge?

Thanks in advance

Jonathan Thomas says:

DO NOT BUY AN LG REFRIGERATOR! I need to begin with the fact that it has been 4 MONTHS and LG still has not repaired or replaced my unit. 4 MONTHS without a refrigerator! Their customer support is absolutely the worst. Less than a year after we bought the refrigerator it completely stopped working. The refrigerator was still under warranty. I called their customer service department and after FOUR MONTHS of appointments the service technicians claim the unit is unrepairable. LG wanted another opinion, so they sent out the same technicians. Of course, they had the same opinion. They’ve left me with no other option other than to file a lawsuit. DO NOT BUY LG.

Aaron Hammett says:

When I first saw this door-in-door concept, I clearly didn’t understand it – until I watched your video. Thank you for taking the time to review it. 🙂

HighONLife 777 says:

I so love that you guys eat healthy! NO JUNK FOOD THERE AT ALL! You are a great mother!

jmp1229 says:

Glad to hear another company has the door in door refrigerator!. I bought my Kenmore from Sears and although I love the refrigerator, I won’t buy from Sears again.  Thanks for the great review.

Anthony Ratkiewicz says:

LGB fridge raider water filter replacement LG water replacement French doors

TheMaul3r_Real says:

I’d love to see your dirty panties

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