LG French Door Refrigerator – Door In Door Fridge Review by CyberShack

Jessica Smith of CyberShack TV reviews the LG 907L Door in Door French Door Refrigerator.
Cool, sleek and with a massive capacity the largest on the market. LG’s latest French Door Refrigerator has a surprise or two up its sleeve.
LG’s Door in Door technology opens up a new and convenient way to store food, keep temperature constant and give you easy access to all your favourites.

Complete with a host of time-, energy- and space-saving features, the LG French Door Refrigerator might just become the life of your party.

Find out more of the LG 907L 3 Door French Door Refrigerator with Door-In-Door: http://www.lg.com/au/fridges/lg-GR-D907SL
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Paul Valencia says:

she is definitely one hot refrigerator

Cantetinza17 says:

I have the double drawer version and my only pet peeve is that if you move the fridge in any way while it’s plugged in it will buzz an hum for a really long time I think that the book said that it is the turbine or something like that. It will eventually stop but it drives you crazy until it balances out. Also I can’t seem to get water or ice to work, but I think that it’s my water line and not the fridge.

YASSER M says:

روعه بس شكلها غاليه

Kasjan says:

These elite French door refrigerators will keep your perishables fresh, so you don’t have to worry about sniffing spoiled milk. visit integerblogger.com

Kywdo1 says:

The World ( GREEN area ) needs 12V-Refrigerators. So, even you-(LG) put 12V-Electric-Motor(COMPRESSOR), or you attach an Inverter(made just for the Refrigerator) !!!
With respect.

Alunado E says:

Not much innovation put into this refrigerator.

Gemini 0557 says:

Is this fridge comes with the hot chick???

joshi0116 says:

You have some big tits

ken cicek says:

My lg fridge is GR-S552GTA the frezzer is cold but the fridge is warm the both fans do work i did turn off offer night still the same can same one help with this please and is there a reset timer on this model so maybe i can reset it thanks

snowmobileracer69 says:

There’s a fridge in this video? I never make it past 6 seconds and hit pause….

ishsambhi1329 says:

Nice tits

Harshad Patel says:

boops 🙂

tallladyjay says:

Yes, it certainly has a nice surprise for you.  LG products are not perfected.  The refrigerators have motor fan problems within a few months of purchase.  It suddenly starts making a loud noise. Mine is a $2,300.00 refrigerator and the ice maker went after 4 months and we didn’t even use it that much.  The mechanism got jammed.  Replacement icemaker cost over $300.00 plus the labor and a separate service call.  Shortly thereafter, the refrigerator began making a noise.  If I could afford to, I would junk this product and buy a GE.  I had a GE for over 15 years and I turned it in for a $50.00 government rebate.  It was still working, but I upgraded to an LG and have had problems ever since.

Vitamin- P says:

Very nice. I meant the girl. Wow!

Track Days. says:

Massive capacity.

Joe Black says:

Just forgot what she say…watching this again

Kamdon says:

Only 4000$ but come now and you get tow for the price of 3 that’s 1200! This Offer won’t last long.

wheyoung Lim says:

I wouldn’t choose it…
Life isn’t good with LG

show a says:

ياليت يترجم المقطع بالعربي

made in china says:

I dont care if she comes without a warranty..

Don M says:

haha, i think the same way too..

Dee Jay says:

Growing up I never heard of LG or even Sansung refrigerator…buy with caution.  Would you buy froma company that’s known for monitors?

deathsoap says:

I just wanna open my damm fridge to get a beer…..

Ahli Beyt2011 says:


Best Shopping Tips says:

that’s is so sweet i love it <3 <3

Cristo Solis says:


Joe Black says:

Lose rack because she not wearing any bra

scentualelement1 says:

WARNING! Do not buy LG appliances! Complete junk. So many bad reviews too. Our fridge is rusting from the inside out. It is only 4 years old. Still under warranty but the company refuses to rectify. I saw other complaints for the same corrosion issues. Do not buy LG. You have been warned! 

Dee Jay says:

Any frig is gonna break. The 20 yrs worry-free frigs are long gone since frigs are now more complex.   Buy it from places with cheap 5 years warranty like Home Depot and Lowes that covers everything.  I went Sears they were gonna rip me off with $500 waranty for 5 years when I know they outsource to the same tech company…Buyers Beware…use ur head!

Justin Time says:

What exactly was she selling? 😉
God Bless Aussie Women!!

luckyducky224 says:

She reminds me of Shakira

Rickardo Medina says:

Those lg refrigerators are no good

Paul says:

That’s a pretty hot chick and that outfit is showing a lot upstairs considering this is a fridge review. I ain’t complaining tho!

xm377Moyocoyatzin says:

Things that now require a Ph.D to repair and operate:

Washing Machines
Door Knobs

Things that still do not require Rocket Science to operate:

Pencils (excludes: Mechanical Pencils)

Problem? The world is getting dumber instead of smarter. Less and less people understand the appliances that they use on a day to day basis. 50 years ago any average Joe could repair his own car, fridge, coffee maker, or washer. Today you need a technician just to fix a malfunctioning headlight on your car or to fix a broken light switch in your house because both involve Computer tech and electrical engineering! A world that still thinks evolution is a myth and climate change is mere propaganda stands no chance with this new ridiculously overtly-technological world.

Joe Patroni says:

What a silly diagnostics system. How about a 3 dollar lcd screen with a code ….Morons
Also, if you can afford a fridge like this, then who the fuck cares if you can save a few pennies by just opening the bevy door???

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