How to buy a fridge you won’t hate

Shopping for a new refrigerator, but overwhelmed by all of the options? Our buying guide is here to help!


PC Principal says:

Don’t stand so close to it. You might push it over.

Ben wolfe says:

And comment!

nabidiboy jones says:

Lol a million subscriber channel averaging 5k views per video

Bil Shaw says:

Ry, u should have done top 3 or 5 among 4 cats. instead of this vdo.

k says:

Go to a shop, look at them, test them, done

flows30 says:

don’t ever pull the door, it will fall down!

Matt 958 says:

In the end I am going to grab some food from the refrigerator n eat it up I dont need a refrigerator to surf the internet I got my desktop for that.

Rctctfvv Fcfchfgcg says:

Don’t send Cnet into the vase store next door, it won’t end well…

Catlo8 L says:

Step 1: Don’t ever buy an Electrolux. Google Electrolux Complaints Lemon Law

Claudia White says:

Having a fridge that’s energy efficient isn’t important here

I mean says:

They need to make a see-through door.

WhiteRice Garage says:

How to buy a fridge you won’t hate:

1. Have $$$$$
2. Buy one with a screen and/or a sh*tload of storage space.

Psy Lee says:

It’s a refrigerator for crying out loud! It keeps food cold. We need an LCD with it too? How about 16gb ram while we’re at it. 2 tb hard drive? 4 ghz quad core?

Dyl Applecraft says:

awesome vid

Yolos Games says:

how to stop cnet clickbait.

Antti Vesanen says:

Be careful now CNET, they are pretty heavy.

Hieillua says:

Just want something to keep my food on the right temperature.

Don’t need to play Tetris on it or a CCTV camera.

NorcalMoto says:

Shopping for a refrigerator is a daunting task? Yeah right lol.

Remy Bink says:

wasted video offers no insight

IAmNotAFunguy says:

How to buy a fridge you’ll like? Look on a website like eBay for a used fridge, best recommendation is one made in America. Stay away from the computers whether they are for the temperature control, or a telemetry tablet on the outside door. You may use more energy to keep your food cool but if a fridge is 20 years old, you’ll know it will last 20 more easily. If you want a tablet, buy a tablet–not a refrigerator!

T.T says:

i want one with a kickstand

Ben wolfe says:

Notification squad were are you?

Lawson says:

Make sure the fridge has a good kickstand so it won’t “fall down”

EveryThingOld says:

Great, another thing in my house with a touch screen.

vidform says:

If you buy a iMac on the Apple store, you can customize it with ram, storage, size, etc. So why can’t we customize our kitchen appliances? It would be nice to pick the size and features I want built into my fridge while leaving out what I don’t need. A made-to-order fridge would be nice.

Ben wolfe says:

First like!

Theexclusiveelite85 says:

Excellent video I would take all this advice

newyorkjapan says:

Does it come with a good kickstand though? Want to make sure if I push it over it won’t “fall”.

Rodvince Tecson says:

Simple: Don’t buy Samsung fridges

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