Home Appliance Review: GE Cafe Refrigerator

Home Appliance Review: GE Cafe Refrigerator


Clifford Trott says:

What is a buh-in?

Ryan Hudson says:

shut up and open the door already jeez

surphkid11 says:

good but u shouldve had the camera closer with close ups of the LCD screen

FirexWolf- Skits,gaming,vlogs and more! says:

Pretty Sad, you can’t show a video on how to upload the photos onto the fridge.

Max M says:

Whats the point of this video? 

Susanne Miller says:

Errrr…………..hard sell. I don’t mind a review but, the style really is awkward

Mommypalooza says:

oh my goodness i LOVE that fridge AND the skeleton photo-bombing you in the background! 🙂 You look fabulous, Audrey!

Kristin O'brien says:

My husband and I just looked at this fridge on the weekend. I think we are sold on it. But I must say, My favorite part of this review is the skeleton in the background.

Randy Haire says:

Hi Audrey,
Have you had to repair your GE Café Refrigerator yet?  In less than one year, a fuse had to be replaced and a frozen line thawed.   Under warrant, now, same problem again.  Questioning the design of the unit that requires a repair person every 12-18 months

eckral says:

@Berrylious2000. Apparently there is a little rubber cover behind the water dispenser on the front door. you load a usb with pix, plug it in, and the refrigerator should recognize and load your photos. 

Michael O'Keefe says:

Hot water feature in a fridge? What kind of sorcery is this?

omt07 says:

Next time have the camera closer facing the “item” you are trying to show.

Noelia cardillo says:

Omg I want that refrigerator!!!

Olivia. Life says:

Uhhh, perhaps it’s best to get out of your pajamas & pull your appearance together before you advertise to the world!

Jim Rodriguez says:

WE just had this fridge delivered. How do you get it out of demo mode. I can’t get anything to work and suspect the demo mode is the problem. Found nothing of demo mode is paper work/manual. And yes all my food is thawing out.

Yisy Guzman says:

how many inch or CU.FT? HAVE YOURS MA’AM?

Paul Huckaby says:

Ummm you know that those lines on the side of that measuring cup you are using will give you a “precise” measurement right?

Lisa H says:

Is there a skeleton behind her?! I want a review of THAT!

Michael S says:

Listen, when I want an unbiased review of an appliance I don’t want to hear it from someone who claims to work for the very company of the product being reviewd so…

Rocky02Blue14Pey2014 says:

Hi, great review. How did you transfer your photos?

Nancy Ninivaggi says:

I have this refrigerator and it’s nothing great.  It’s nice to have the water measured for you but if you fill a measuring cup, you’d get the same thing. The hot water feature is a joke.  You can heat your water on the stove much quicker.  It takes approx. 5 minutes to heat.  The ice maker doesn’t make enough ice for more than 4 people at dinner.  This fridge looks great but that’s about it.  As with all the other Cafe appliances that I purchased, I’d never buy another GE product again.  You spend alot of money on an inferior product.  I’ve had my stove replaced once and now the convection fan doesn’t work on the new one.  My only advice is not to buy these expensive appliances.  Not worth the money at all!!!!!!!

Prithvish Mallikarjun says:

jus bought this and I love this !!!! I even bought the cafe oven range

surphkid11 says:

my family is moving to our new home at the end of november and were getting this and i cant wait! looks like a boss refrige

Terrie Powers says:

Cool, I have kids but I’d rather stick with less computer stuff. It just seems like the more tech in a fridge the more issues there are. I’m thinking about getting a GE profile series and I’m really nervous about it just because it’s new. But I need more fridge and freezer space. Plus I have my keurig for tea, coffee, hot cocoa so I don’t really need the hot water. It’s really a nifty idea. I would just hate to spend so much for something to fail. Maybe if I had money to burn I would think differently but I don’t.

Robert Gawlikowski says:

Audrey- we’ve done a ton of research on the Cafe counter depth model and everything looks great compared to LG and Samsung…except we read some 1 star reviews that say its way too noisy.  We have a open living room/kitchen set up and this is a red flag.    What is your take on this?

Carissa Carissa says:

My new fridge. Yippie! ‘Clicks heals’

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