Here’s a luxurious fridge you can actually afford

Samsung’s French 4-Door Food Showcase fridge has compelling features, great looks, excellent performance, and a sale price well below $3,000.


bulbadox says:

some smart alec suggested that they rent a house to review home appliances, something which could have been achieved in a studio setup. These are the same schmucks who preach us about affordability. $2500 a steal? really dude, do you even realize how much you are getting paid relative to others?

Finn The Human says:

i get it.. its a fridge.. and the features are “cool”.. oh u funny

Rickolas Cage says:

Sorry, forgot minimum wage was £50 an hour

Tho Chun Wee says:

Does it have a HEADPHONEJACK?

Damien McCue says:

when the title said affordable I had maybe $400 in mind


I can’t afford a tin of Pringles…

Jariellz says:

Who else is still using a white concrete textured fridge

Clinton K says:

does it show netflix?

Jackson McKagan says:

uh yeah, i only have $700 to my name so…

tomble womble says:

is it a fridge freezer or just a fridge?

meg says:

Expensive but certainly MUCH better than LG who prices their trashy fridge north of $3,800.

Daan Iets says:

Why am I watching this, I don’g even need a new fridge

I Have The Tea says:

I have that

soniaO says:

While household income is six figures, I’m pissed that these four figure refrigerators are made to last only 8-10 years. My high-end fridge went kaput today. It lasted 7 years. Then I found out that Whirlpool/KitchenAid stopped making my model’s main control board. The water line had a slow leak, which caused undetected water damage to the wall. There’s apparently also something funny going on with the freon. The repair would cost well over $1,000! Now I’m watching these videos to see what’s out there. A major appliance salesperson told me today that the refrigerators made today have a short lifespan because of compliance with massive government regulations to make them environmentally friendly and energy efficient. That saddened me cuz the refrigerators nowadays suck and cost a lot. And it’s worse for folks who don’t have high income. It’s ridiculous that we have to shell out four figures every 7-10 years for a new fridge.

M E says:

i thought it was craigslist affordable like $250.00

Miss Tenacity says:

Do you think that $2500 comes in trees?

TheRedPanda says:

oh Yah lemme just pull 2.5 grand outa my wallet for a new fridge.

GlowingEagle says:

why does it sound like Jake from vsauce3? :O

Mr Logical says:

LMAO @ a steal for $2500!!!
You can get a fridge that does all of this for about half the price.

Jorikske_ says:

Why am i watching this i don’t even need a fridge

Mr. COMEDY. says:

Affordable? With 2,500 i would rather buy a Vive and a VR ready computer. Filthy fridge peasants…

Marlene Webber says:

I just bought this fridge and I cant figure how to lower the top shelves inside, anybody help

GainerSoCalLA says:

Poor design, but passable. No worse than my GE Monogram from 2005. I have shelves just as shallow.

FlippaNT says:

Its sad that 2.500$ is average yearly salary in country where i live.

Arch Passerine says:

my luxurious Sanyo fridge is $500

Peace& Love says:

just so they can spy on u WTF

Randy Pullman says:

that has to be the weakest review on earth. My 1979 GE is well on its way to 40yrs of continuous service. i can load every kind of case beer sold. smash a 20lb bag of hard ice while it sits in the fridges freezer and at the end of the month my electric bill has been literally $18 total….i hope it runs another 30yrs.

QualityKush says:

what am i doing with my life…

UltraLUL says:

I dont know why someone would want a “luxurious” fridge


I thought it will be like 300-700 hundred dollars…. 12 hundred? I think I got the wrong definition of “affordable.”

QuietStormX says:


Random Dud3 says:

one question. How do you review a fridge?

Kate Bansale says:

why am I watching this when I don’t need to buy a fridge and I am mysteriously liking it

impierre2k says:

Lol watsup

Daniel D says:

loovee the salsa tray

llamaburger98 says:

What’s wrong with just opening the door? I really don’t understand this food showcase thing.

Alex W says:

I like watching product reviews for things I already own.

gandi isChan says:

This isn’t worth it I just bought a fridge that has a touchscreen/iPad on it only for 2500

You Had the Power All Along My Dear.’ Yahrah says:

I know a psycho who turned the fridge into a spy gadget…..

T L S says:

Title is false advertisement. Let me go and get my lawyer involved and I’ll be getting one for the price advertised (price that I can afford). Oh no… wait a minute I can’t afford a lawyer, nevermind.

Lucky41111 says:

I noticed your review contradict with your other reviews.

CarlosTV4u says:

Samsung and LG have one of the poorest ratings among technicians for difficulty in locating parts, and for weak infrastructure the two have to support their growing business. The intital experience is great but is poor in the long run. Please provide data for quality, reliability, and how often repairs are req

msi67rj says:

Is it going to spy on me before it catches fire?

Mohammad Islam says:

“Cool Features” says Ry Crist.
Its a freeze, what do you expect?

hrc rider says:

looks very deep in your kitchen……not very nice…..not à big fan of Samsung…gadgets

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