Here’s a Family Hub smart fridge you can actually afford

Family Hub Refrigerator review –
Samsung’s newest touchscreen smart fridges cost about half as much as the originals. So, is it time to upgrade?

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eldaftbro says:

Hahaha affordable isn’t the terminology you must use…. add taxes and it would be almost close to $3000.

soccerguy2433 says:

Why would I need a smart fridge… I’d just use my current phone in my pocket to take notes, calendar events, and music

meg says:

Looks more utilitarian than LG Instaview. I think either this or the more expensive model of the same works for me; will be going shopping last week of year, hunting for Samsung fridge, washer and dryer.

dschonsie says:

keeps my food cooled and works properly for at least 10 or better 15 years, that’s all i need.

Dog Rule says:

2,900 is not affordable

Saabrito says:

Should of known this before buying a kenmore elite fridge in stainless steal grey

kezzaman says:

whats it called……………………………………………….?

Spooby McDooby says:

Everyone crying about affordability lol sorry you cant buy it with you ebt card

Dennis Xu says:

I still use a 20 year old GE fridge that’s going strong. Does what it needs to, which is keeping my food cooled. These smart fridges seem pointless.

enrique noyola says:

I don’t even own a house and I want this lol

Hamish says:

what a waste of money

Meg C says:

I have that exact fridge (new house we rent and may buy later), minus the smarty stuff, and can’t stand it lol. The shelving system is awkward and very hard to organize food with based on size, etc., and not very customizable. The left door, 80% of it, shelving is pretty useless. If we decide to take up the offer to buy the house, that’s going first doh. Hopefully the more expensive smarty fridges of Samsung’s have a better layout.

Monkey Magic says:

Oml, you get that they do market research right? They clearly have a market that can afford it so shush

Snoopy says:

2,900? The average American can barely make more than 40k a year

GuitarZombie says:

A fad. I think the security out ways the fluff. It is not necessary

torres3800 says:

I thought my Frigidaire Gallery was fancy, this is a whole nother level. I would use that cooking app like crazy…

tingokuman says:

I can watch porn and eat my applejacks at the same time.

Sean Murdock says:

Same as always whenever samsung trys or does something everyone criticizes it so if u have no need for it or its not for u it’s pointless like really hmm you people

adam9avenue says:

Ice maker will fail in 6 months. Guaranteed

1pt21gw says:

I definitely want one. But I really do wonder how long it’ll last before it’s slow and lagging to the point where you’re stuck with a refrigerator that still works but a giant screen that’s too frustrating to use?

TheAhemahemahem says:

$2900 dear lord child that’s a down payment for a house or a car. Who even has the money for a fridge like this?

Igor Gabrielan says:

I am selling domain names
ai = Artificial Intelligence

Mind Virus says:

Soon with VR glasses so you can explore inside your fridge from your bed, pick what you like and a small robot will give it to you, so your fat-ass won’t have to move during important stuff like the Kardashians. Oh yes, the future’s bright we sure needed this piece of crap with 1000 settings, tablets everywhere, touchscreens, cameras. Yes, you can make skype calls from it, play on it, watch the news,embedding the TV and PC directly in your refrigerator, your home automation as well, and in 10 – 20 years or so they will come with AI, everything connected via IoT, think of the possibilities. Wall – E age is getting closer and closer.

Rocks 176 says:

Not affordable.

IDiggPattyMayonnaise says:

It really is a pointless machine. It combines two separate things that work fine on their own. I just leave my laptop in my kitchen, because I can move it while I cook or clean. Its mobility is far more preferred over a larger stationary screen.

vinoth Vino says:

When it going to be available in stores?

Barrington Morris says:

I want this…No, I need this.

Liqi Liang says:

There is no f***ing way people from the past would’ve guessed that out of all the things in your home, the fridge will be the smart hub of your family.

Eskimopride07 says:

i definitely dont want smart appliances. I prefer dumb they tend to last longer

ElectroGamez says:

You can have this fridge for a low low low price of $3,000.

ichi jou says:

“Suck it Jian Yang”

FastLikeUNO says:

Yea, but SEARS IS DYING so they have no choice but to slash prices and clean house. Good luck getting one.

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