Great Product! GE Side by Side Refrigerator Review Model # GSS25GSH 25.4 CF

GE Refrigerator Review from a non-professional.
Affiliate Link to purchase:” GE Side be Side Stainless, 25.4 cubic feet, 36 inch wide from home depot with ice and water in the door. Great so far! Fingerprints ARE a problem. Purchased on line from home depot. great ice maker too. One of the best values and lowest price points in new refrigerators fridges.


Tomoko's Enterprize says:

Ah, some upside to a move eh. Nice to get settled in eh ?

MrMonkeySwag96 says:

Cool fridge

DriveShaft Drew says:

just one question how often do you need to change the filter and how much will that cost ??

walt2t says:

Very nice looking fridge.

D Wing's World says:

Did the cat come with the frig? Nice review buddy and I hate the fingerprints as well!! Thanks for sharing!

Coins A-Z says:

I’ve had my GE (different model) for a couple of years and it’s a well made fridge.

The beautiful kitty makes your video awesome, though!

I think I’ve come across more coin folks who have kitties than any other animal….I’m wondering if that’s just a fluke or if there’s more to it! 🙂

I’m glad you’re getting settled in safely and quickly.

SilverSpoon 22 says:

I’ve moved a lot in my life. I feel for you, it SUCKS! Fridge is cool tho. Later Louie

SilverStrike says:

Very nice review.

Silver Wolverine says:

So this is how the rich live? but what is all that stuff inside? lmao!

Massachusetts Prepper says:

All in all looks like a nice side-by-side refrigerator. at one point I had a side-by-side but opted for a full-size refrigerator with the freezer on bottom. That better suited my needs then the side-by-side. But mine is the same way the stainless steel shows all fingerprints. Thanks for sharing brother.

corndogg 42 says:

I do not miss selling those

1Grizzman says:

You just can’t stay away from that shiny stuff. lol

pilar armas says:

Help why does my frig stay at 47?degrees


A lot of Frig for under a Grand…we have our side by side for about 15 years now…still working but it’s days are numbered! Hopefully can get another year out of it. Nice review Louie!:)

Silver cat says:

it looks just like mine and trust me you put to much on that glass it will break. but good refrigerator

shiny packAGe says:

Louie tested, kitty approved!! that seems like a great deal for what it is. Awesome piece my friend, enjoy that bad boy : ) thanks for sharing.

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