Frigidaire Gallery Refrigerator Review

Frigidaire gallery refrigerator review: this is an amazing refrigerator from frigidaire with french doors. It has many amazing features including:

* SpaceWise Organization System
* Store-More Full Width Cool Zone Drawer
* Pro-Select Controls On Ice And Water Dispenser
The refrigerator also can lock the screen so that if you have kids that like pushing buttons they wont dump a bunch of ice or water on the kitchen floor accidentally.
This is a really spacious refrigerator both in the refrigerator and the freezer drawer section as well.

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The Rockstar Review Team


Joe King says:

@75Scuba wow, that’s crazy… this one hasn’t had an issue yet. It’s brand new and hasn’t had any issues.

B Fair says:

Absolutely do NOT buy this Refrigerator!!!! worst money I have ever spent. The Company lemon-ed out the first one and now less than 18 month later the main board is out and NO help from them. Going back to GE, at least they stand behind their products.. The repair tech that came to look at our french door said “I cant believe Frigidaire isn’t bankrupt from this refrigerator, its at 30% of my business”

Joe King says:

Glad to hear it was! Subscribe for more reviews 🙂

Dennis Sutphen says:

Just purchased an appliance package and this fridg was part of it. A wee bit different than your’s but very similar. We don’t have the can dispencer but a wine bottle holder. We’re still deciding where to mount shelves for optimal storage. You’re video was very helpful. thank you.

slacker4rent says:

FYI Class action lawsuit for the icemaker is under way – look it up as links are not allowed

richard keyser says:

Do not buy. Unit is defective. Water line freezes due to unstable freezer temps and ice overflows everywhere. Spend your hard earned money elsewhere. I wish I had. Worst investment of my life BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!!!

Barb Cabot says:

I’m very interested in this fridge, redoing whole kitchen and buying appliances that are reliable is a challenge. Thiswas so helpful thank you.

Jennifer Bonilla says:

Frigidaire is the worst. Only had mine for 6 months and it’s falling a part. Ice make us spitting out sharp pieces of plastic out of the ice maker. DO NOT BUY a frigidaire product!

Tonya Escobedo says:

We bought the whole Gallery Series about 3-4 years ago and we have had nothing but problems with all the items we purchased. First of all the Stove smoked so we called a repair man and he said it was dirty. I explain I have never used the stove, it is brand new and he said well they all do that. So I did the self cleaning and then wiped out but hmmm after 3-4 years my stove still smokes. The icemaker stopped working after about a year, and now the refrigerator temp keeps fluctuating. oh wait, the dishwasher does not clean the dishes, always have to rewash by hand. I will NEVER purchase another Frigidaire again!!!

Judy G says:

Worst Fridge ever! It looks huge but somehow stuff never fits right inside.  The ice maker is a joke, it is either feast or famine. The ice will literally pour out at mach speed or not at all. This fridge came with my house, but even if given free it is not worth it!

gerald mccann says:

very, very noisy. ice maker makes more noise than ice. Don’t buy.

john see says:

hey leslie guerrero. push in and it will push itself back out. similar to ac buttons in cars. good luck.

Don Enbody says:

i would not ever buy one a gin thar good for 5 yrs that it

Richard Recupero says:

that charcoal absorbs odors. its not like a central air filter.

Michael Beers says:

We just bought this fridge at Best Buy on clearance, it’s been discontinued, and we got the floor model for $600, deal of the century! So far so good, wife is loving the fridge.

utopiachild71 says:

Mom eats very healthy. Good for her! Lol

leafyutube says:

Pretty good video. Question for the video makers: Several years have passed since this video. Do you find that the water and ice dispenser needs repair costs after a while? I’m worried that these features will be dysfunctional over time. Thanks.

Bruce Chan says:

i bought it within six month I call service already…aftermy warranty the problems came back again ..the temperature changing the freezer too cold way down and icing and the fridge is warm …over and over again..piece of shit..

Romel Castro says:

Wait 2 years and this Frigidaire Gallery will start acting up. Wait 3 years and it will stop working! I don’t recommend any Frigidaire appliances at all. All Frigidaire appliances in my home are toast after barely 3 years of owning them.

Margaret Gasperson says:

This is THE worst fridge ever.  I wish I had read more reviews before buying it.  LOTS of trouble.  Terrible icemaker.  Temperature setting on door now is messed up TWO WEEKS after the 1 yr. warranty is out.  DON’T BUY IT!

Margarita Holcomb says:

This Fridge is a waste of money……VERY BAD BUY

Dave Popowitch says:

This fridge is garbage. Three years now and it is crap crap crap.Don’t waste your money.

Seventh Elf says:

DISCLAIMER TO VIDEO MAKER AND ANYONE SEEING THIS: The Frigidaire Refrigerator, especially the French Door models, are VERY faulty. From the ice maker being slow, to the temperature fluctuations. Do not invest in Frigidaire as it isn’t good, and customer service is a bitch.

Leslie Guerrero says:

How do you replace water filter? I’m having a hard time removing it

SmeegySenior says:

Awesome vid

Joe King says:

Please like, favorite, comment and share this video.

Joe King says:

lol, thanks 🙂

Enders says:

Good video, but this fridge is horrible. Sorry you bought it, I’m in the same boat. Ice maker is completely shot.

avatarng says:

Piece of junk, never again.

UltraTuts says:

Piece of sht never buy frigidaire gallery products.


Have you had problems with the temperature settings? With some of the side by side models we read that there were alot of problems with them. (Freezer temps being set at 3 degrees and the freezer going down as low as -14 below.) Fridgiaire was always a reputable brand in the 60s and 70s.

Larry Williams says:

I don’t recommend this refrigerator!  Bought it last September.  It’s very noisy.  I’ve had techs out twice, and all they say is “that’s normal.  Sorry we can’t do anything about that.  It’s a Frigidaire characteristic.”  Have had a problem with a new Frigidaire oven too.  I won’t be purchasing any more Frigidaire products in the future.

Lebano Babker says:

Here are my complaints on this fridge. Bottom ice maker does not work consistently. The bottom door required a lot of adjustment to close completely. Also the water is 50 dollars. And does not always just take a easy push to change. I screwed with it for an hour trying to do something that should have been a simple change. I had problems with every appliance in the set that I bought except for the dishwasher.

Joe King says:

@chrissybeany Thank you so much! She teaches health & wellness and is very smart in that area… she’s almost 50 too… look up “Tangible Healing” on facebook or youtube!

Lydia Davenport says:

We have had this refrigerator for one month and it has ice build up at the dispenser inside the freezer. I am wishing I had my GE back. I did not buy the extended warranty and the computer selector on the freezer door occ. doesn’t want to work when you change from ice to water or vice versa.

chrissybeany says:

Your mom is BEAUTIFUL. : )

Jorge Torres says:

1 month later evaporator fan icing up making noise have to defrost every week. Caca Fridge.

Aamir Shahzad says:

This refrigerator is crap!! customer service is absolutely terrible! and customer service even worse
DO NOT BUY. You’ve been warned

Lorraine Blue says:

This refrigerator is crap!! customer service is absolutely terrible! Ice maker worked for one month, it has been repaired 3 times, still doesn’t work. Frigidaire customer service is terrible, rude and they really could not care less!!!

Brandon Cotten says:

this fridge sucks, already had the repairman come out twice for the icemaker/water dispenser 

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