Costway 54 qt 12 Volt Refrigerator Review Camper Van Fridge

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In this video we took a close look at the Costway 54 quart 12 volt Refrigerator. So far this seems like it works fine. Time will tell how reliable it is.
My name is Brian. I live on the road full time in my self built camper van. Join me on my adventures.
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Rose says:

very good information  you set your temperature real low for a frig  did you try 40f      did you though about covering insolation   your  top third of the frig    so it wont need to run so much    just an idea

Greg Ward says:

insulate the area that the fridge is in. Keep the heat away from the fridge and you will lower its duty cycle. Just don’t block off the cooling vent. That is not an exhaust vent, it does not have an engine, but it does have a compressor which needs air to cool it off. I would turn the fridge around 180, so the vents where on the inside, just make sure you have a couple inches of space near the vents fins, and there is a path for air to reach it.
This should quiet it down, lower the duty cycle and save battery life.

tootz1950 says:

Pretty hard to give a comprehensive review of a refrigerator when you’ve only used it in the winter. Are you going to have an updated review after a few months of high temps in the van?

Lost On Land Again says:

I looked up Costway. Looks like they are a pretty big/established company. The price on that fridge is definitely right compared to their competitors. Interesting about the battery cut off. Thanks for the info on this fridge.

Jessie Morris says:

16 thumbs down from everyone that bought the 1k dollar models? Lol

Bailey Dillion says:

Excellent information. Thank you very much.

Mary Cox says:

EXCLLENT vlog thanks

Stan Watkins says:

Another thing to consider regarding shut off due to low voltage is resistance in the wires that run to the fridge . Using the cigarette lighter adapter that plugs into the already fairly small automotive wires adds to the resistance . Using a 12 volt extension chord would really add to the problem . Bigger gauge wiring from the battery or direct connection (cut off cigarette lighter adapter and add ringlettes with in line fuse ) is best . I have the CF-18 that we use as a dedicated freezer and had low voltage ( resistance ) shutdown . Direct connection to the battery bank ended that issue . The fridge is designed to be used in an automobile at the beach etc… So to keep from having a dead battery when it’s time to leave , the manufacturer designed the fridge to shutdown before that can happen . I am speaking of the CF – 18 but it probably applies to other cheaper fridges as well . I don’t think they are putting computers in them , but I could be wrong . Hope this helps . Thanks for the video .

Josue F Castillo says:

Can’t blame you man. It’s freedom and prices in Cali is just crazy.

RAY ROOT says:

That is the exact one I have in the shuttle bus. Bought it in July of 18 and very happy with it. You did get a good deal I paid 490.00 for mine at that time… Happy travels.

JJ says:

Brian, here is a good idea: Use all vegetables on the brink, including those cold burned, to make a broth. All veggies including lettuce is excellent in a soup. Just a thought. You can add a can of beans, bacon slice, whatever for protein.

Robert Van Den Brink says:

I have the same refrigerator….Have had it for about six months now…..Works great … Great price.
All the reviews we from people that just got theirs. so I took a chance and so far so good.

Erin C says:

Wow! Thank you for that Brian! I just cancelled my order. I have two lithium batteries and can’t afford loosing the amps. Love your channel.

John Tricola says:

Nice review. Good to know about cheaper alternatives. A quick word on my experience with a 100ah Battle Born lithium. It has a very flat discharge voltage curve. At a mild draw rate of 10 amps/hour, after time, the battery will be just under 13 volts at 80% discharge (80 amps used). At 12.7 volts it is spent and the battery management system will shut it off. Voltage curves can be found on the Battle Born website. I have had no problems running a Dometic 28 CFX in the last year. So far, the lithium battery has been a godsend for my older van, with light weight, compact size and a whole lotta usable power.

Road Runner says:

Wow ! Has it already been five years?!!! Seems like yesterday. I never get enough of the adventurevanman.

zeke thomas says:

Thanks Brian. A couple of thoughts after having changed fridges in my class B RV before. Run at 38 degrees and turn it off at night so you don’t hear the noise. If you turn it off when you go to bed and turn it on in the morning, everything will still be nice and cold and you will not be disturbed. Experience! 🙂

Vernon Joseph says:

Thank you

2badger2 says:

The higher compressor cycles means lower installation of the units walls

Big O says:

A good review. I hope the fridge lasts a long time for you. I enjoyed the video. Thumbs up from Kingsport, Tn!

UncleHank says:

Hope you get many years of good service.

Taka Yama says:

Looks like a copy of the Dobinsons, which is maybe the very best.

Jerry Densmore says:

Good knowledgeable advise my friend. Quick question on your solar, are your 200 watts enough for your batteries? I always thought it should be 1 watt for 1amphour to be able to recharge to full in one day. Now that you have a constant drain are you finding that you may need more solar. Can’t remember if you have a generator or not, but that would be a simple fix. Just run a gen at the end of the day to top off.

BAnn Laughlin says:

You are a good cook so why don’t you cook all your vegetables and freeze them so you will have them down the line?

SuperBullies1 says:

As usual, time will tell. Keep us informed. I really enjoy your candor and honesty.

Gene says:

what brand of stove is that?

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