Avoid these five overrated fridge features

Refrigerators come with all sort of bells and whistles these days, but these five just aren’t worth it.

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William Wilson says:

I’m going to avoid AND buy a smart fridge! Thanks cnet!

aLeX GeNeSiS says:

I like this guy. Sounds cool

K California says:

I remember when the main feature of a fridge was to keep food cold.

Yurriaan Van Duyn says:

I just avoid fridges altogether…

Daughter of Christ Christs banner over me is Love says:

Too fussy and too fancy

JivmVII says:

Same soundtrack as prizefight?

callmemarc says:

Fridges are taking over the world!

mrfuzzyibrows says:

door in door compartment? theres gotta be an xzibit meme out there for this

TheGarvito says:

I think we should ban fridges

Slacking02 says:


Supreme Etnel says:

Save your money and just don’t buy a fridge
At all

MonkeyspankO says:

haha, “smart” fridges were launched 20 ago and still haven’t taken off… take a hint!

now, if only plain old fridge-only, no freezer models, were easier to find

solaseola says:

don’t need no fancy fridge, i just pack my groceries in an ice box with ice and bury them under a tree

Anita Nelson says:

Thank you for cutting through the cluttered appliance landscape, Ry! I wish I could ask your recommendation for best bang for the buck stainless side-by-side.

David Yee says:

Big ice maker is not an overrated features, if you live anywhere in the Southern US. Never thought about the size of the ice maker when I lived in SF. But the small ice maker that came with our LG fridge just can’t keep up in the hot summer for a family of 4 down here in SoCal.

mickobee says:

Gavin free likes all of these

Sky LaDouceur says:

Why am I watching this at midnight on a Saturday

Z Jones says:

I wish somebody would sell a mid to high end counter depth fridge without water and an ice maker. We have well water which we don’t drink and keep store bought ice in the freezer and drink from a water cooler. I do not need the space and cost of a water dispenser and an ice maker.

xboxplayer670 says:


JustThaor says:

In what world is the ice thing not needed! you must be nuts!

Michael Stuart says:

“Flagship Smart Fridge” … never thought I’d see the day

Jose Moanińho says:

Sophie’s choice

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