Alpicool Portable Refrigerator Review

Alpicool portable refrigerator/freezer review. Bought from Amazon.


Alice In VanLand says:

I guess the milk fits right in the center. Great review!

traveling gypsie says:

I’m looking into upgrading my fridge and I am debating which one to get. I looked into this one and the Costway 12V fridge. They were both reasonably priced. Still thinking about which way to go. Thanks for the review!


It’s great that it’s quiet. I had one that was noisy.

RV Ashs in April says:

nice little frig for van use!

Next Page PJ says:

Looks sturdy enough for a small person to use as extra seating when company’s in the van….

Gus inabus says:

Looks like an interesting solution. Not quite what i need for my short bus skoolie, but great fir those with limited room.

Rattletrap fishing says:

hey there stopping by your channel too and hit red button

Rv Davy says:

Nice review to small for me though


Wow very interesting review video. Thank you for sharing!

Jason Ng says:

Another awesome video Minivan Mike . Love it keep them coming and i smashed the thumbsUp button for you .

Parmentier Jean says:

Little addon about the Alpicool C20. I finally got a Power supply 220 Volts 120, Watts that make it working, It need lots time to get under 0 temperature BUT worse the digit on the small window show -10 C (minus ten C) and my precision thermometer give me +14 C (Plus 14 degree C). So NOT a reliable device.

VANgazmic Voyage says:

Thanks for turning me on to this brand, I’d never heard of it before. It must be the least expensive one on the market, great price, I’m going to look into this.

Crew4 Life says:

Never heard of this particular one. Great review.

TheDanVan says:

Definitely a great price for a 12 volt fridge.

Carol the Crazy Camper says:

Different bottles may have different shapes.

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