YoNanas – A review of the Healthy Banana-based Ice Cream Machine

I’m in the kitchen making ‘ice-cream’ out of bananas with the Yonanas.
The YoNanas is available from a number of stores including Costco in the UK, and available on Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/1fCKDtR
or Amazon US: http://amzn.to/1CB5Iik
Loads of people keep typing the same comment over and over and over about letting the bananas defrost a bit first…. Despite the fact I said this in the video…it’s like people are watching something else then commenting here….very very strange and repetitious behaviour.


jdod64 says:

tfw you think you’re having a stroke but it’s just a bloke filming with his camera plugged in.

TrueTrans says:

it would help if you followed the instructions
you leave the bananas to defrost for 10-15 minutes and the bananas you freeze should be spotted, being slightly overripe
I followed those steps and it worked really well

Candace S says:

I really enjoyed this..laughed out loud when the banana disappeared! don’t think I will buy one now. thanks

Max Kinge says:

why wipe away the banana stuck in the inside and throw it away? Just use a bowl scraper and eat it.

Tom Bryson says:

bland as fuck

Meme Wizard says:


waltz 22 says:

Must we use frozen fruit?

MINECRAFT Gamer says:

How did you lose your taste?

Tony32 says:

I think you killed it with your super frozen fruit. Bananas never get that hard in my freezer.

ajs715666 says:

DOLAY, LMFAO! Dole the E is silent. 🙂

désolé says:

what the fuck you saying about my nana?

Diesel Mom says:

okay, after watching this I find it dumb. what is the difference of it and using a blender or food processor?

Mike Harms says:

it looks like a white crap coming coming out of the machine hope it taste better than looks I still love the Retro check in the kitchen gadget to do keep up the good work this is not a disparagement against you it’s just the contents of machine itself doesn’t look too appetizing have a great day

Vladislav says:

You do have some strange comments on your videos…

D. Hansel says:

Update on Yonanas!

Today I decided to try something different and that is to break up some peppermint candy, some butterscotch candy and some of these mints you get when you leave the restaurant.
I didn’t mix them all together. What I did is take about 10 peppermint balls, put them in a zip lock bag, get a wooden rolling pin and crush them up.
I did the same with the butterscotch and the after dinner mints.
I have to admit the peppermint was GREAT!
I put ½ banana in the Yonanas followed by a teaspoon of the peppermint followed by another ½ banana.
It tasted like peppermint ice cream! As one person said “Taste like Christmas”!
I also ran some of the peanut butter logs through. They didn’t need breaking up as they were not hard. It was like eating peanut butter ice cream. This was an interesting taste sensation.

Elizabeth Brodkorb says:

I have one of these and I love it! It doesn’t “waste” the first banana. It is still in the machine. Just scrape it out when you are done putting in your fruit. You have to take it apart to clean it anyway. Might as well not waste the fruit. Another tip, mix up fruit before you put it in the machine (banana, strawberry, mango, banana, strawberry,…) instead of putting all the fruit of one type in at once. This will allow the fruit to mix up in the machine and come out already blended together. Also, you don’t need to use bananas. I think Dole wants you to because they are a banana company but It works just fine without bananas too.

little bitty says:

Seen enough thank you for saving me my money. This is not Mr Whippy ( soft serve ) ice cream my fat Aunt Nelly LOL

evilkinggumby says:

Damn i was actually psyched for this one but.. the end results are.. kind of lackluster. You’d get about the same effect with a really powerful blender and frozen fruit (and adding a little ice water or yogurt or milk). actually.. i shoudl really invest oin one… lol.

as for your condition.. I notch it up with you being stolen away to the institute and your memories, personality and thoughts dumped into a synthetic body. Now you still think you are you, but due to the synthetic body.. all of your senses are gone or severely dulled. Upside: Impeccable linguistics, sharp and rapid memory and cognitive development, and the ability to punch through 6″ of solid concrete. 🙂 (now consider this with your nods to your “time machine” and it all makes sense…. heh..heh..

TwonkleKitty says:

What’s that silver thing in your cupboard next to your stove?

lonephantom09 says:

“kind of makes me a bit ill thinking about ‘feeding tube’, makes me think a bit like hospitals”
great stuff

BixbyConsequence says:

I love the way brits pronounce “bananas”.

rolom3 says:

oh my god im so sorry about you losing your sense of taste, that’s horrible!

Insederec says:

Interesting idea, I love banana ice cream.

Princess says:

Hello can i just ask , how long did you put the fruits in the freezer?

Sosen9 says:

Człowiek, który przyznaje się do braku zmysłu smaku, testuje i smakuje efekty produktów maszyn do przetwarzania żywności. Nie wierzę, że jest taka nisza w tej kategorii 🙂

TheSSSdriver says:

You were using it completely wrong (never use completely frozen foods!!), but I guess some people in the comments already told you.

Matthew James says:

you did say you were going to comment about what happened to you sense of smell

Sagi K. says:

Simply Failtastic!
Keep’em coming!

Ratika Puji says:

Hi, I wanna buy this stuff. But still wondering, is this stuff really can make a frozen fruits being an ice cream? Please answer me. Thank you.

Connor Kutach says:

where you a smoker is that why you lost you’re taste

Clem Sinaga says:

The “Banagic Wand”, anyone?

Clandestine Council says:

you are supposed to let all the fruit defrost a little before pushing it into the machine. Says so in the instructions.

Patchouli Colt says:

I wanted to believe in this. . .

Küala Music says:

sorry about ya tongue mate

caveman Versace says:

There’s an odd appeal to watching a man review kitchen gadgets that can’t taste the results, lol.

iannickCZ says:

Probably biggest issue of this machine is enough power. It was first time I saw comercially sold mango cubes….look like in UK only.

michael sherry says:

that banana sorbet reminded me of less happy times when I was anemic white pooh any one?

John Davenport says:

this just seems like it could be outclassed easily by a pyrex measuring cup and an immersion blender.

yurieu says:

This is the shittiest appliance ever invented.

Rainbow the Brony says:

Mat (if i can call you that) its a shame you lost your sense of taste (taste of food not games taste) but sometimes it can be a good thing unless the texture is horrid.

Sue Hall says:

I just whizz frozen banana chunks up in my food processor and manage to get them to a much more silky Mr Whippy consistency.  Love the video and your mysteriously vanishing banana though  🙂

I left something on the stove says:

So how did you lose your taste ? First thing that comes to mind (knowing you like electronics) is current testing using tongue 🙂

Tecnologia says:

Hi, I have a question, where did you buy those cubed frozen mango packs? I’m also from the UK but the only place where I find frozen mango is Aldi, they are in small trays though and I’d rather buy a big bag. Thanks.

Gevell Torturer says:

Yonanas sound like some ghetto insult

TrickyQ xxxxxx says:

read the manual correct and you will get lovely creamy fruit ice cream..  the frozen fruit must be out for at least 10-15 min before use.. And mix the fruit when putting it in the machine..

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