The Best Ice Cream Machines

Make this summer the best summer by making ALL the ice cream, sorbet, and gelato in one of these bad boys.



Crosby Harbison says:

For the manual machines you have to crush the ice and mix in a ton of salt in layers; churn time is ~30 minutes.

Morgan Childs says:

Sohla is a star! So happening. I want an ice cream maker not really for ice cream, but for frozen margaritas, yeah.

David Yeakle says:

Who needs an ice cream machine? Get 2 containers with sturdy lids. One needs to be able to fit inside the other. Put the small one inside the big one. Fill the big one with salt and ice. Fill the small one with your ingredients. Put the lids on. Now just have two people hold the ends of a towel and roll the container back and forth. I’ve done it before. It works and it’s dirt cheap.

Prof Chaos says:

Those machines all suck compared to an italian Musso ice cream machine, much better than this american trash.

poopsicle45 says:

frose recipe plz??

Scott Morgan says:

Why isn’t Stella in this video?

Nsayeed5674 says:

How did the old fashion one churn it for 60 min i have one and mine 2 pints in about 25 mins

kingsmeadow says:

Good format and she’s a good presenter

Marvin Middle says:

Crushed dry ice and a stand-mixer w/ a paddle changed my life in ice cream. 5min churn, almost professional quality.

Robert McElfresh says:

Great review. We just hit over 110-120 in various parts of LA so the timing of this video is spot on.

D B says:

Great video

list meister says:

So much better than say, America’s Test Kitchen.

Thank you 🙂

Justin Reyes says:

video looks a little overexposed on my monitor, whites are a tad blown out

Shawn says:

wow fix the audio

vgel says:

Ive had a similar canister cusinart to the one she used for years and it’s really great. It’s held up really well and you can just leave the canister in the freezer so it’s not really a barrier to spontaneously deciding to make icecream. i haven’t used one of the compressor models but i have serious doubts about the longevity of a small compressor pump like that.

kbex says:

great video, but you got to do something about the audio levels it’s really not balanced between her talking and the music or jumping to a super loud segment. this happens in a few more videos of yours.

Gf says:

all ice machines suck, i always end up with butter and milky watter

vinstinct says:

Hmm seem to be very different results from the Eater video. They actually liked the ice and salt best. Although I don’t think they froze the canister long enough the other one.

Shane Alvarez says:

Was really hoping for anything on consistency and quality. Like, if they are all the same, say it. You said you would. I was lied too D:

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