Cheap ice cream maker: https://amzn.to/2BXy2iM
Expensive ice cream maker: https://amzn.to/2QJcApK
Hand-crank ice cream maker: https://amzn.to/2EkJYxq

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How we made $1,000 in one day milling lumber: http://bit.ly/2P8Muwm
Why we built a hot tub before a house: http://bit.ly/2Ff605I
Living in an rv while building our house: http://bit.ly/2PFkXlL

Chronological order: http://bit.ly/2kGUf8E
House build from beginning: http://bit.ly/2SRTQCX
Foundation of home: http://bit.ly/2zuoSrr
ICF basement / garage: http://bit.ly/2ztLZCn
Timber frame workshop: http://bit.ly/2OsU67E
Structural insulated panel installation: http://bit.ly/2Qr0U7X
Metal roof installation: http://bit.ly/2AOsqGQ
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Greg S says:

I continually add ice and salt when I make ice cream. It looks like you only put in ice and salt one time.

Chaos Central says:

Anyone notice how giddy these two are while burning gas in an enclosed structure?
Also, parts made in China? Lead swabs?

Sean Signer says:

14% fat is a perfect level for homemade icecream.

Tackleberry Eugene says:

Oh my, you aren’t making your own vanilla extract?! It’s sooo easy. Get a bottle of Vodka or burbon and split a bunch of grade 2 vanilla beans squeeze out the seeds into the booze and toss the split open beans inside to boot. Close the bottle and “age” for 1 year. 80 proof or higher is best.

Mike Griffin says:

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream.

NathanVess says:

My parents have had the same Oster ice cream maker for 40 years. I’ve had mine for 13 years. You can buy 5 Osters to the 1 White Mountain. No thanks to the White Mountain. Is it me or is everyone just overthinking this whole thing?

Rick Thompson says:

Good video about a great topic!!!

theboss shutup says:

so if you want rust in your icecream you now know what one to get

charis128 says:

I feel like we’re talking about fine wine. The best Idaho ice cream: Huckleberry from McCall.

dave bohnert says:

many years back when my grandmother made ice cream all of the grand kids had an assignment. in rotations to keep the weep hole open keep the ice level full and add salt sparingly when adding more ice. but most important the young arms to crank the handle. always reserving the bigger ones for the last. and you are correct wiping the sides of the tube is very important. as now being the custodian of this machine ( probably 60 years old d or so) it doesn’t get used as much but dose provide many happy memories when it dose.  love all you videos.  dave.  PS curious as to why you didn’t insulate more on the outside wall of you bathroom? I realize you used the insulating forms but in this case I would think more is better.

Dragonflygrandma says:


Steven Johnson says:

the finer the ice is, the smoother the cream is.

Cat Lockhart says:

That’s because you didn’t use the crank one right. You have to keep putting ice in while you’re cranking and put an old rug or coat over the top while cranking and just keep cranking until you can’t turn the crank anymore. Made my share of hand cranked ice cream as a kid with my grandpa and the memories are fond.

Jan Detlefsen says:

For under $200 you can get one with build in cooling. It won’t make you gallons of ice cream but it’s super easy to use.

loc Nguyen says:

The more ice you get the less creamy.. that is why the expensive one is for less ice more creamy…

cisa93 says:

What’s NOT Made in Chyyyyyna? Sad…

W Brown says:

I’m an old guy, we topped the ice and salt until it was ice cream consistency. Hand crank requires more aerobic exercise, but hey, burning calories before you eat ice cream is not a dumb thing to do! Thanks for the video.

Bill Sheffield says:

Keep looking, you should be able to find one that’s 220v , needs at least 100amp. and this part may be harder to find but, has a few thousand screws holding it together, that should make you both happy.

gd c says:

Not a comparison, since they are not the same recipe.

Karen Jones says:

First: If the dasher is rusting (the inside part) return it. It should not. Second: Homemade ice cream is supposed to be soft. If it’s hard then it was churned too long. We’ve churned ice cream in our family for 60+ years and have never had rusting issues. Have fun and enjoy!

Joe Bledsoe says:

Without watching I will say, Usually you get what you pay for.

Grandpa Cocky says:

Who gets to lick the bowl?

Robin Briggs says:

Eating home made Ice Cream in my clearance $25.00 Oster…. as I watch you still not sure about the lemon juice

Bruce Boyles says:

I see you don’t harm the milk & eggs to kill the salmonella. WHY???????

CatReader says:

QUERY FOR JESSE AND ALYSSA: Please, are you using glass or plastic jars for freezing? AUDIENCE: With respect, I am not asking you for your guess.

Paula Allen says:

I can add a I cream maker to my stand mixer.

adcurtin says:

the metal gears are what makes the white mountain one a lot louder. metal on metal is much louder than plastic on plastic. At the high speed / low torque side closer to the motor, it’s often better to use plastic gears because the higher speed of that part of the gear train makes it potentially much louder. then transition to metal at the low speed / high torque end of the gear train, where you benefit from the metal’s extra strength, and since the speed is lower, the extra noise from the metal doesn’t make such a huge difference.

c dawg says:

Raw , grass fed un homogenized, minimally grain fed milk , so much healthier than the store bought white puss. If you eat lots of Ice cream the raw milk the way to go. Eggs better when they are free to eat on the farm running around without commercial feed. That Ice cream looks sooooo good

David J. Germeroth says:

You need to follow White Mountains directions for the amount of salt to mix (5 cups ice to 1 cup salt). it makes a difference in the speed the ice cream freezes as well as the texture. My family has been making ice cream for 70 years and I believe the White Mountain is the best. Mine was made in the USA before the company was sold and the motor locks in place.

Floyd Ferguson says:

Great video!

Can't Kill Me says:

the mettle gears drive will all ways be loader and better off

Hideout Cooking says:

Homemade ice cream is the best, prefer it over store bought, and its nice to experiment with new flavors

Tim Me says:

Congratulations on 400,000 subscribers on YouTube!

Jack Hagerman says:

Yay! 400k Subs!

Wisconsin Rails to trails cycler says:

Chinese-made ice cream, Yummmmmm…

Richard Neese says:

white min maker is like having a hunter ceiling fan it’s better quality

David J. Kester says:

the Hand-crank he dos not stop talking lol…ok it you making a youto…he he he but rilly I would be happy to get your Hand-crank


OK if you are now talking On Grid you first of all have to decide which type of Ice Cream maker you want. I am in the U.K and lived in a water mill s a kid with no mains anything. So I have used the Hand crank version of these. As you say option 1 is what you have? You have to buy or make loads of Ice and buy loads of Salt. Now that you are On Grid that is easier because you can make your own Ice or buy it and keep it in a freezer ready? The second sort you have a unit with a removable bowl which you put into the freezer for a minimum number of hours. At which point you get you mix ready and cool then put the bowl in the machine, The Paddle in the Machine, The Mixture in the Machine, Put the top on and Start. You will get to a level of Ice Cream that you will need to put it in a container and freeze in the freezer if you want a harder Ice Cream? Then you get the 3rd type which is what I would go for A complete self contained unit. The bowl does not require freezing (But it may speed things up a bit)? You put the Bowl. Paddle, Mix in the machine, Put the lid On the Machine, Turn the Machine On. And the Machine lowers the Temperature and Mixes the Mix until it gets to the type of Ice Cream you want at which point you turn it Off and it is ready. Add flavours to any of them at the appropriate time? I like Rum and Raisin but as Alcohol does not freeze I have to wonder about using an expensive one all the alcohol will have evaporated so I would try Rum Flavouring with Smoky sauce and/or caramel to improve the flavour. If friends turn up for Dinner you can set it going whilst the rest of the meal is being prepared and eaten. And of course all can be made then kept in the freezer? But you do need to take it out the correct time to get the consistency you like?

Catherine Cooper says:

Never ever had a Sunbeam product that was worth the price. The fact that it’s made in China guarantees that this product will change and not for the better so I wouldn’t count on it being a family heirloom or even a hand-me-down. It’s what our society has sunken to.

dave bohnert says:

PS the no cranky no eaty was one of the rules but as with all grandmothers not enforced  Dave

Karen Thompson says:

Metal casing and metal parts amplify the noise, plastic casing dampens or so it would seem.

avalonbear61 Riley says:

One issue for most people is how many times a year will you use it compared to the price of the maker. You have made Icecream several times a year. where I possibly would make it maybe 2 times. So $250 vs $30. I say the lower price. Yes it takes longer but ends up very similar results. When you live on a strict budget time is a cost you can afford.

Bob B says:

I think I’ll buy the modern Cuisinart ice cream maker.

Richard Neese says:

anti stress to keep the motor from burning or snapping

Catherine Cooper says:

Don’t want to be rude, but the pronunciation of your machine is “O”ster, not Awster. They are based in Milwaukee, WI and it was a family run corporation for many years.

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