Test Drive: Ice Cream Machines

What’s the best ice cream machine on the market? We take it for a Test Drive.

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Test Drive: Ice Cream Machines


Bob says:

Nice legs you have

FTpencity says:

That ice cream looks half melted still. Fucking thing sucks

Nana Naema says:

Uuhm that doesn’t really look good it is almost still liquid

Jonathan Cao-Nguyen says:

I work at William Sonoma and we sell both of these items in our store. I love the Breville Ice Cream machine!

onebigunicorn says:

0:55 – “If you are like, I want ice cream right now” – you not gonna get the ice cream RIGHT NOW “blondie”. Another good statement was: “You can take the bucket out, don’t have to go digging around the machine” – If you won’t be able to remove bucket how else yo want to clean it, or you will put the whole machine in the dishwasher? Hopefully, they put this information in the manual 🙂

thedubiousbaker says:

still needs to be frozen… id rather just keep the bowl in the freezer

Tom Tukiainen says:

15 min or 50 min?

MokenchiTV says:

Nice review! I am so ready to make some delicious ice cream this year. Haven’t decided on an ice cream maker but this one looks really nice!

V3MD says:

Chocolate + coffee = Mocha

Homemade Ice Cream says:

Nice work. That Breville is nice, but overpriced in my opinion.

xtaylorxboyx says:

But what was that ice cream scoop brand?

Elita Avila says:

receita de sorvete da sorveteira Tramontina

HP Strecht says:

I just buy this machine this week, and I am looking for some recipes to star. Nice machine and hello to ice-cream with no chemistry.

Iggy Reilly says:

You say ‘awesome’ way too many times. Like, totally.

Tabithia Moore says:

I’m not sure, but I think you have to freeze the bowl first to give the ice cream a harder texture

Dylan Harper says:

Yikes $400 , or you can go to walmart done got them large ice cream bucket for sales.

daveheel says:

$400 for this? to use it twice and never touch it again? that’s plain nuts.

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