REVIEW: Ice Cream Maker – Cuisinart ICE-30BC

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Make home made ice cream without salt and ice. This machine makes ice cream, sorbet, frozen yogurt in 20 minutes or less. Check it out

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mark man says:

No nozzle

Chenda fashion says:

R they suppose to heard a sound while is on ???

Nakamoto Cheyenne says:

I got a cuisinart ice cream maker from someone but I’m not sure how to use it, I can’t find which one it is, all the cuisinart ones Ive seen have a bowl that you freeze this one doesn’t seem to have one so I’m not sure what to do

Amr Abdullrazaq says:

Can you make slushy drink with that

Graham Klaer says:

I broke one tooth on one gear in my Cuisinart ice cream maker. Probably a $2.00 part but I could not get a replacement or get it repaired . Cuisinart in Australia did not want to help me but referred me to the USA who would sell me a new motor but I would have to bear full shipping responsibility with no insurance or tracking number . I am now looking at different brand ice cream makers and will never buy Cuisinart products again .

JimsReviewRoom says:

Its almost summer time, so just wanted to drop my Amazon referral link.  Today, its cheaper than what I bought it for in the review.  Here’s the link to check prices on Amazon.

bbarook15 bbarook15 says:

can i replace pecans with chocolate chips ??

den525 says:

How big is the bowl? Wondering if it fits in my freezer (a smallish one)

jludtxs says:

at 2:09 is that a lid? I saw this machine at a resale shop and it didn’t have a lid to cover the hole. How important is that part?

theaudiochannel says:

What recipe did you use? Like amounts. Please answer, I will subscribe

InfernoRed54 says:

do you need an ice cream machine to make ice cream? i saw a guy just whip it with a hand mixer then put it in a freezer.

Diademglo says:

Oh, I see, this is on the swank older brother maker. I suppose you could freeze the bowl outside in the winter, as in the garage.

Tiffany H says:

so all i do is blend the ingredient and add it in ? Someone told me it would work b/c the mixture would turn into slush. And do i have to put the mixture after it done into the freezer ?

Ed De Toro says:

Great video – thanks!

seanviv2 says:

Is your recipe from the booklet. If not what are your proportions.

Richard Forester says:

Thank you for your reviews! Other than a larger container is the ICE-30BC really better than the ICE-21?  I’ll admit I find the ICE-30BC more visually appealing but the paddle and the mixing action looks better on the ICE-21.  Can you comment on that?

Death666wish says:

What if one day the liquid from the bowl leaked into your ice cream? 😮

Gottisanidiot says:

I’m addicted to Italian Ice. I’m told Gelato and Sorbet is somewhat similar to Italian Ice. But can you make Italian Ice in this machine?

Jeepgurl says:

Excellent presentation Jim. I was surprised you didn’t need egg to make the ice cream. Do you think it’s even worth it buy the more expensive model ICE 60W?

RactupusRex says:

Great video!!

Jolene8 says:

Geez! Sounds likea train! Lol! But it looks great! I like that you noted the lack of “automatic off” feature. *sigh* Just can’t win can we! Still, one of my top three contenders.

seanviv2 says:

Did you freeze your ice cream base a little before adding it to the ice cream machine.

roblox card says:

why do you need salt? you know salt cannot go in sweet things

bilan99 says:

Can I make another bowl of ice cream, straight away without freezing the bowl again?

Barbara Fanderlik / Adams says:

Good easy instructions not chatty right to the point.  Very pleasant to listen to,

Jennifer Howell says:

Your reviews are awesome. I purchased a Moov fitness tracker a week ago after watching that review video of yours.

SeikiBrian says:

Great and informative review! Also very professional photography; I like the use of shallow depth of field to blur the background. What kind of camera are you using?

Sergio Lopez says:

no mo es justo pura informacion en ingles alguen que me diga como se usa en español por favor me urje

kerisha lionel says:

Perfect review, sold me on the product and you have a very sexy voice, just saying

Sunay S says:

my one lasted 6 years


I just bought this for $25 on clearence at kohls

JimsReviewRoom says:

Best ice cream maker by Cuisinart.  When I tested the two, I personally prefer the ICE-30bc over the smaller ice-21.  Check it out 

Kevin Russom says:

Well dun and DAM your sexy 

Peorhum says:

I just bought 1 and have made 2 batches of iced milk. I use milk as it is healthier and cheaper. As a Canadian I use bagged milk, just fits 1 bag long as you don’t add to much solids. 1)Vanilla ice milk like dairy queen-turned out well but was too soft. 2)Mint with shaved chocolate, pre-chilled milk in freezer for 90mins and turned out GREAT!! The quantity I made at once uses too much of chill from bowl unless milk pre chilled in freezer 1st. Not cheapest machine but if you need the larger bowl as I do, then it is worth it.

theDEVESTATOR101 says:

these machines are perfect believe me.I’m in the culinary arts and we used this machine previously for making quick ice-cream for dessert for the restaurant came out delicious made vanilla and orea.worth a buy. 

DoctorWhovian_2ol4 says:

Just made vanilla ice cream with dark chocolate shavings in with that and its amazing!!

S Wicker says:

Thanks so much for the video, this was very helpful to me in making a decision on the model to choose.

Lynn Blair says:

If you are concerned about dust is it possible to maybe lay a paper plate or something like that over the top while it is churning?

Dolly Diaz,anderson says:

i wont one

Kevin G says:

Am I doing something wrong? My mix is chilled overnight, I left my bowl in the freezer for over 24 hours. When I pour the mix into the rotating bowl it never turns into ice cream! I left it in there for over an hour and it is still liquid. I even tried to keep it simple. Just chilled milk. Do anyone know why? I’m starting to think my freezer is not cold enough.

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