REVIEW: Ice Cream Maker – Cuisinart ICE-21

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Make home made ice cream without salt and ice. This machine makes ice cream, sorbet, frozen yogurt in 20 minutes or less. Check it out

Easy Lemon by Kevin MacLeod (
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Jonathan Pettus says:

I had a cuisinart ice cream maker give to me to try. I mixed up my ice cream and plugged up  my freezer bowl in the freezer as directed.and i was disappointed to turn on the maker and it would not turn. It was locked up. Can you please tell me what Ii might can do to unlock it .  It was given to me and the warranty is up on it.

Cindy López says:

Lo compré, me llego ayer y se tarda tanto en congelar! no se si es mi freezer o si es el bowl pero estoy impaciente por usarlo y no se congela!!

I bought it and I don’t know if it is my freezer or if it is the bowl but it take sooooooooooooooooo long to freeze 

Cesar Battistini Maziero says:

I have the 30 and it’s great!

indigoattila says:

excellent video, thanks for posting 🙂

Andrea Haid says:

Only fill the ice cream maker 3/4 full! This will prevent the overflow issues and make sure the machine is used properly.

Renata Abs says:

Great review!  

Cj Corey says:

I bought the small elastic cover product (looks like a shower cap) that is sold to put over bowls for refrigerator storage to put on top so nothing could fall inside while churning the ice cream. It’s so compact that to avoid listening to the motor we just filled it up and put it in the other room and closed the door (used the timer on my microwave to time it)

The Italian Stallion says:

Thank you for the great review and product demo.

Sara Ann K says:

Hey Jimmy – love both the reviews – but I am still unsure which you think is better! Which do you prefer personally? Is the ICE 30 worth the 30 extra bucks?

violian5 says:

My shirt got wet from drool.

Jolene8 says:

Great review. Clean and to the point. Not getting this one though. Too many “personal” flaws as you mentioned. Thanks!


nice review. i want to ask how many times you can use it after being frozen in ref? can you do a second batch or just one? tnx

Bernadette Ioanis says:

great video!!

Adam W says:

great review but I wonder what the hard ice cream looks like after freezing it for a day or 2

Mark Love says:

Excellent Review.
I like the ICE 21 and the ICE 30 you reviewed.
If you had to pick just one what would it be and why?
Thank you!!

Unicorn Droppings says:

thanks for the great review and video quality!

beavertown2006 says:

Does it work in a 86F kitchen in summer time? Thanks a lot.

Sarah Loves Veggies says:

It actually now comes in Red and Turquoise!

imapokeguy says:

Thanks Jim, very useful.

LinusLarrabee says:

Great job!!

sherryillk says:

It “tasted very good for a homemade product”? I don’t think I’ve never heard anyone say that before about something homemade vs. mass produced.

Darker Skys says:

Nice job on the review!

Diademglo says:

Yay, I just got one, looking forward to my first batch of “banana ice cream”.

Hyoni Co says:

Looks amazing! Thanks for the awesome reviews! I am curious about what KW both machines use? Thanks!

Jeffrey Gratton says:

what is the interior of the freeze bowl made of?

Stephen Hester says:

Just made my first batch of anise ice cream.  Thanks for your review!

James Powell says:

Great review!  Thanks for posting. Would be great to have the exact ingredients of the Butter Pecan recipe!

tatianachua says:

Thank you for the detailed review. I am considering between these 2 models, ICE-21 and ICE-30. It is so helpful.

aldrin collado says:

is that available here in our country?

rkmugen says:

So, have you tried a gelato recipe with this thing? Did it turn out okay? What about sorbet/sorbetto? I’m thinking about getting this one since going back and forth between the freezer and the blender (really a 1st-generation Magic Bullet…… not the newer Nutri-Bullet) multiple times just ain’t cutting it.

Elle Bella2011 says:

Jim thanks for the review. I just received my ice cream maker. Having a visual demo just locks in the information for some of us that have manual challenges.

Pumpkin Monster says:

did you freeze your mixture? cuz it looked like kinda solid when you poured it into the machine.

The Missing Link says:

Excellent review. Very well done. I was curious about the consistency and your closeups helped. Also appreciated the thoughts on potential improvements.

Jared McOmber says:

This was a great video and review! I really like the way you did your demo and made the comparisons to the ICE-30 as I am trying to decide between these two models. Very organized and easy to follow what you did. Thank you!

vastac13 says:

Up nanjan b j

Barry Rice says:

awesome review! Your very articulate and detail oriented.  You were honest, not bashing and very informative. Your review helped me to make my decision of getting the bigger one. I needed help making my decision!  Thanks a million!

Liz Morea says:

What were the future wants that weren’t deal breakers?

theaudiochannel says:

What recipe did you use? Please reply

Vanessa Echeverria says:

Hi, can you do frozen yogurt, do you have any recipe? 

deetta bell says:

I have one in pink

Athens nike says:

Simple, seems like it has an old fashioned style feel. Something good for a holiday party.

Art Sal says:

Thanks to this great review, I got mine yesterday and I love it

Neal Feldman says:

Does the bowl come with a closing lid for when it is in the  freezer or do you need to transfer the ice cream to a different bowl before putting it in the freezer to harden or to store for a later date?

Mary Smith says:

I wash machine’s lid and mixing arm in our dish washer. I hand wash the freezer bowl.

MegaDoubleStack says:

very cheap how you reused the same recording from the other review.

Nisha Dr R says:

hi can u post more ice cream maker recipes

Lee Morgan says:

I am so surprised by young people today like this guy that was surprised the homemade was as good as it was. Am I alone in remembering a time when you couldn’t beat homemade?

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