Make Home-made Ice Cream Without an Ice Cream Machine

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Don’t have an ice cream freezer? Learn how to make creamy, delicious ice cream with just two bowls, ice and salt. Only 30 minutes of easy work and a couple hours of waiting (the waiting is the hardest part!)


LaDolcevita says:

So maybe next time show the finished product, scooping, ingredients etc..?Just a thought

Adam R says:

Great video. At least I thought it was. Don’t listen to the haters, just ignore their personal comments. Some people just need to get a job and a life too.

veena udaykumar says:


Mysteeriod says:


Andrew De Freitas says:

Can you use regular salt? I don’t have icecream salt and I’m just making peach sorbet

Jessica Lane says:

MagicallyDelicious, you should keep your heavy cream cold before mixing it to make an ice cream..

survivorman bushcraft says:


Joe C. says:

Subbed  thanks

Dion7 says:

Thanks a lot for the recipe. I saw videos about the method of shaking the ice cream in a bag, but that wouldn’t get air into the mixture. I want to make pandan ice cream which I can’t find in the supermarket, so I’ll try this myself.

Khryspytreasure M. says:

idiot,thats a Victorian way that you are doing,so how come that you put it in the freezer? and how come tht you make it w/the beater.
just mix it until it gets hard. im sure ur ice cream didn’t work at all.

SL twentyeight says:

Where get vanilla extract. These grocery stores only carry that imitation vanilla junk.

IBgucci4life malow says:

I have ice cream in my fridge why am I watching this

Twist says:

It doesn’t «raise the freeze» temperature it lowers the temperature

RobloxLielYT says:

I made it right now, but i didnt use this tutorial cuz i didnt see it yet, and it Actually WORKED!!

Neel Geopolitic says:


stevenp25100 says:

Thanks! always looking for new tricks

Heather Shaw says:

what’s the liquid stuff that she uses the electric mixer?

Jacob Scouten says:

what was the white liquid

Wolf Gaming says:

next episode on extreme cheapskates:

david mathews says:

This is why people are fat

SumiS Tasty Kitchen says:

which cream bakery frosting for cakes

Julissa Cervantes says:

can you just use normal milk?

Claryssa Bianca says:

can i use just regular salt?

Jovelyn whatthehell says:

does anyone know that what is the professional machine for that? i want to open an ice cream store

FOOD GOD says:

Awesome video
Nice work
Nice recipe

Deanna Hill says:


T Tetreault says:

if you keep whipping the cream then you won’t need to put it the freezer

Muhammad Ali says:

Finding the ingredients was so annoying you’ve to get to another link after reaching the link above mentioned. Ingredients are: 2 quarters half and half cream,1/2 pint heavy cream, 1 and 1/2 cup sugar,4tsp vanilla extract, 1pinch salt. This simple would’ve saved the viewers from so much trouble. Dislike.

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