Kitchenaid Ice Cream Maker Attachment Review

Watch this review of the Kitchenaid Ice Cream Maker Attachment. I’ll show you how to make the best Vanilla Ice Cream with this attachment.
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Richard Wilson says:

good video, though your wasting lots of vanilla it pains me.

Carrie Jahnke says:

Don’t you have to cook that mix first before making the icecream?

Rafael Robledo says:

can this also be used to make sorbets or yorgurts

theoboegoddess says:

The music is a bit distracting, but good review!

Mye Bautista says:

Can i do second batch right after making the first batch?

Andrew G says:

If this is the so called best vanilla ice cream you have ever had why not post a recipe? Lol

bestkitchenreviews says:

+joe jackson Hi Joe, use 1 or 2 vanilla beans and 1 tbsp vanilla extract. My beans were a little dry so I used more. Please subscribe 🙂

Karmel Smithers says:

Ive had my ice cream maker in the freezer now for 3 days going on 4 and it still not frozen what so ever…. CAN SOMEONE HELP!!!!!!

Nicole Castille says:

a link to the recipe would have been nice.

bbrennan101 says:

Can you add a link to the Recipe? with all of the Measurements Please?

MsAussie83 says:

+bestkitchenreviews My favorite kind of ice cream is peanut butter chocolate. One thing I wonder is, what’s in the ice cream bowl that you have to have chilled in the freezer for 15 hours? I’m confused on that one! And, what exactly is the dasher? Is it sort of like a spatula?

Babar Mustafa Ahmed says:

next time when mixing can you plz put a nice music so it’s not so loud

Miruku Cruz says:

Planning to buy this attachment. Thanks for the review!

Charlene Ortiz says:

The attachment is great but there is one major problem with it.  Don’t leave it in the freezer all the time.  The gel inside the bowl will start leaking out.  Horrible design.  I’m still covered under the 1 year warranty so I leave it in because I like to be able to make Ice cream on a lim.  Kitchen aid says not to keep it in the freezer.  They need to reengineer it.

Cathy Montgomery says:


Shiree McCarver says:

This method is not as long or tedious as using an ice and rock salt ice cream freezer which you have to keep layering and packing the ice and rock salt as it freezes.  It does take longer in the summer if you’re outside or in a hot kitchen.  Growing up in the south, I had ice cream duty and standing over that stove constantly stirring the custard to assure it won’t scorch was a pain.  That was the way my grandmother taught me to make egg custards.  Now it’s a new world out there and I started experimenting to make it easier on myself.  I’m 50 now and standing over the oven for a long time hurts the lower back. 

I want to share my easy ice cream mixture with you and your viewers so you can save yourself time.  It requires no cooking, no eggs and no added sugar. It makes a gallon jug of custard. Now I keep my old gallon milk jugs and  wash them out and save them for when I need it.  Make custard days or a week in advance if you want and keep it in the refrigerator.  Write on the jug so your family won’t think it’s the best milk they ever tasted.  I was like, “you liar you never had milk this sweet or rich because it taste like custard.”  I knew they knew after the first time and kept going back for more.  But it didn’t take long to add to the batch as long as you keep these ingredients on hand. 

Items:  2 cans of condense milk (Reg or non fat)
           2 32 fl oz or 1 64 oz of French Vanilla Liquid Coffee Creamer
           1 can of Evaporated Milk
           1/2 c of Vanilla flavoring (artificial) 1/4 cup if you use pure

Stir in a pouring container until the condense milk blends in.  The spoon will be coated just like it does with cooked custard.  Pour into gallon milk jug then top it off with regular milk. Let it sit in fridge at least 24 hours or longer before mixing.  Shake the jug before pouring. 

You can make this in different flavors by choosing different flavor Coffee creamers.  If you are going to add ingredients do it once the ice cream is finish and still soft, stir fruit, nuts, ect in the soft ice cream than put in the freezer to harden more.

gigglecheeks123 says:

Hi, can you tell us more about the metal bowl attachment on the bass of the mixer please. I would like to know if it comes with the ice cream bowl and how do you fit it on the base before putting the bowl on. Thx

Gougoulina 20 says:

it’s crazy

Home Wrecker says:

can it be used on the classic

anandanair77 says:

looks yummy! 

tony hernandez says:

What if I have a Pro stand mixer of kitchen aid. Will it work ?? Please reply

Give It A Kick says:

Mmaybe this is a dumb question buy when we place the ice cream in the freezer after, do we let it in the attachment or do we transfer it into another recipient?

Maeve Jackson says:

You look like Raven from That’s So Raven, the Disney show.

Bellaria Chocolatier says:

please, the recipe!! 🙂

ifaith428 says:

Can you post the recipe measurements please and thank you!!

Shibayia Mitchell says:

i was told the bowl leaks . That is why i am considering getting the cuisinart Ice-2ir. Does anyone has this model and tell me of so worth buying

The Food Nut says:

Thank you for a great review!

wick5449 says:

well presented, all points represented, thanks

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