Is the Best At-Home Ice Cream Maker Also the Cheapest? — You Can Do This

Eater’s very own kitchen-hacker Clifford Endo brings along his buddy Sam Mason to test out three very different at-home ice cream makers… and the results just might surprise you. Which will win out between the high tech machine with an internal compressor, a standard freezer bowl, or an old fashioned salt and ice device?

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Bill B. says:

They should just change the name of this show to “Doing Shit The Hard Way.” Just go buy some ice cream instead of buy bags of ice. You’re stuck going out either way. My favorite one he did was the one where he used hot pocket sleeves to reheat pizza in the microwave so it’s crispy. Very practical. At least he didn’t seem hung over in this one. LOL

King Cletus says:

Dry ice and a cast iron griddle like night hawk in light

logspga says:

I’m confused why you wouldn’t pre-freeze the breville and cuisinart correctly for correct testing

Rocky Sharma says:

So an Advertisement … This is an Advertisement -_____-

Laurence Goldkamp says:

I’ll buy the bucket. It looks cool. Maybe put a link to Sam’s company page? It’s Oddfellows

Rob M. says:

theres no way your freezer was cool enough.. i use the Cuisinart bucket one and its actually a pretty solid machine. those other ones are super bulky for at home use.

trevorpinnocky says:

I have one with a compressor. It wins hands down. No pre freezing. No need to chill down the ice cream mix. No salt or ice needed (c’mon).

Just dump it in and in 20 minutes you have soft serve. This model they’re using is slow.

Most of the parts are dishwasher safe. The convenience factor kills it.

Stephen Putnick says:

That Cuisinart has great reviews on Amazon. You probably just need to keep it in the freezer for longer.

Ayush Jindal says:


Neb88 says:

I like this host, more of him please..

Vevian Vozmediano says:

I have owned the cusinart for about 4 years and have used it over well 100 times and LOVE IT!

Filippo Tif Noventa says:

That’s the dude from Dinner with the band! I liked that show! Bring that back on eater!

acrophobe says:

why are they eating ice cream out of dog food bowls

SoneDiadem says:

the wise decision would have been to pull the plug when it got 1 degree higher not 4

Name not Found says:

You see old things work better, now we’re lazy, dependent on technology and it’s all shit. Back when we had to think for a change and not be mindless tools life was better.

stangbien says:

I got a Nemox 1700 pro, which is kinda similar to the Breville. Nemox says to start the machine 10-15 minutes before use so the bowl is freezing cold (you can actually see ice crystals forming on the edges). I am pretty sure Breville would perform better if the machine had been going for a little first?

James Lagnese says:

He reminds me of Dom Deluise.

Mrs.Kelli Wallace says:

The old fashion where can i get it

Donnie R says:

Do more of stuff like this

Mrs.Kelli Wallace says:

Omg I thought he was Tom Green

Myrkskog says:

Lose the hat, chap.

GeneralBrew says:

I owned an old fashion ice cream bucket machine. It made great ice cream over and over again. Best bang for your buck.
My favorite flavor to make was chocolate peanut butter. Sooooo good!!

Parko says:

Fully thought this was sorted food and matty matheson from the thumb nail, needless to say I am disapointed.

Injurylawyer says:

you could have showed the pre-freeze after the initial test

tom c says:

I heard that you’re supposed to use an absolute shitload of salt, like, whatever you think is enough, double it, because it’s the most important part of the reaction.

oldsql63 says:

what is wrong with the framerate on this video? hella choppy on my end

The CLAWaholic says:


Terri­Beth Reed says:

We’d be making ice cream every day in my house lol!
No sitting under the sink in my house lol!!

Max Gomez says:

The bucket icecream maker is great as an icebucket for sodas or beers on a coffee table…

coucamaya says:

We usually freeze or cuisineart for 2 days, and it works beautifully.

Opel GT says:

My Kitchenaid ice-cream maker has a taller lid than the Cuisinart. It works fine after 24 hours of freezing of the container. Sad that I didn’t buy the old style one though.

DreamMovie Cast says:

So I have to buy a bag of ice when I want to make ice cream? No. Use the cusinart properly, you’ll have ice cream within 10min.

adem sheehan says:

why no links 🙁

Stephanie Baker says:

Now I just have to find one of this design in the UK (not found on a quick look but they must be somewhere)

Chilax says:

My cuisineart works beautifully the only problem the freezer needs to be strong to have it in the 16 to 24 hrs. If it’s weak it needs 2 days.

Adam Warren says:

The middle machine cuts off on its own when the ice cream is ready. Also, DONT FREEZE IT! Homemade ice cream is best right out of the machine.

Sijoon Jang says:

This is an advertisement right? Who wants to have to go buy a bag of ice everytime they make ice cream? Might as well just buy ice cream on the way. Lol!

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