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Here is a new ice cream maker from Nostalgia Products that also doubles as a candy crusher. This way as your making the ice cream you can crush the candy in the top to load up with other tasty treats. I decided to use some of the Halloween candy we did not eat. It worked great. I did put them in the fridge, but think as long as they are slightly chilled they would work better. My Snickers bar had the caramel and I think that is what was sticking in the chopper.

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Teresa vacarr says:

What you doing for the holidays Lps dave?

Fude_тягар god says:

Hey all love I’ve been watching you since 1 all away to 9

JAMES jkdoom KURTZE says:

We do have a IC marketing

Ender Dragon ender Dragon says:


Wendy White says:

That looks so good!

Brooklyn Made says:

haven’t watch lps Dave in a longgggggggg time I was still subscribed tho

boston tony says:

Tank yuo a fiove tis

Lucky Penny Shop says:

Ice cream in winter! This worked great and in under 20 minutes I had ice cream. Thanks for stopping by!

djlamar2 says:

1 cherry.

thediamonddasher says:

26:49 is the definition of teasing

Mîah Pælino says:

I watched you long long time ago WHAT HAPPENDDDDD TO THE VIEWS AND LIKES

angela wilmot says:

Where can I find the ice cream maker that you showed? It looks small a nuff for me.

Ruth Taylor says:

I just bought this 30 minutes ago. I definitely won’t be using the mallot to break ice. Our fridge has an ice make that also created crushed medium ice

Mr.KillzAlot187 says:


Ashy's Trash says:

Hey! There’s probably no one who’ll see this, and either way it’s kind of irrelevant, but I just wanted to say that I haven’t watched in a few years and decided to drop by! I’m currently at an state where I can’t really find anything to watch or do, so I’ve been going on this little trip of nostalgia! And it just so happens that this channel’s a part of it! Also, can I randomly add, it took me about 5 or 6 years to figure out that LPS-Dave probably stood for Lucky Penny Shop Dave! I guess my brain just didn’t really think, or had always put that part off and just enjoyed the video.. anyways, I finished this, so I’ll be headin’ out! But before I leave, even though it’s not likely that anyone will see this, I would like to congratulate you for reaching 2 million subscribers! I remember when I used to watch you, I think you only had a few thousand or hundred thousand! You’ve come a long way, and even though I’m younger than you, I’m proud of what you’ve accomplished! I hope you’ll reach many more huge milestones in the future.

~Anonymous/some random kid who just popped in outta no where

Kay Bellamy says:

Can we plan see your face pls I am begging you

fati ennouri says:

Love it

Marc Rietman says:

Please can we see your face one more time and at is you setup white

S0LiD ST4T3 says:

it’s Been a few years, and this channel finally gets thrown in my recommendations for the first time in years, and i finally experience some nostalgia from prior years of watching these videos.


Fandomedd 87 says:

Omg I remember that I used to watch you when I was very little, I really miss the old days.

I'm to cool says:


HARA하라 says:

Now i found the channel that i watched when i was 4 or 5

master 15865 says:


Salvador Manansala II VLOGS says:


Nala Kharish Fakhrullah says:

I don’t like chery

cowboycarl121 says:

Their website is hard to use.

Elite S'more says:


PsyKay says:

Sometimes I wonder why this channel doesn’t get 1 million views anymore

Teresa vacarr says:

HI Lps Dave and butch merry christmas and happy holidays to you and your family

Smile Cat says:

Do think that after all that work, was it worth making your own ice cream over buying ice cream? Or was it just fun to make it?

Owllover66 Fry says:

Who else got a Louis Vuitton ad?

Mythra Red says:

Wow what junk. Why would you buy that?

L0rd Logan says:

“It’s not too far from Halloween” it’s god damn December!

KarLee W says:

Can we have a face reveal

Sherry Riley says:

Yes yes !!!!! I woke up this morning to it snowing AND my favorite LPS Videos …. A maker set and a long video !!! TY TY Lps Dave for all your hard work an devotion to your watchers !!! Including old fuddy duddies like myself !! LOL !!!!!

BRC 21 says:

I really need to learn how you do this

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