Ice Cream Magic Personal Ice Cream Maker Review, Testing As Seen on Tv Products

Ice Cream Magic Personal Ice Cream Maker Review, Testing As Seen on Tv Products

Here is my review of the Ice Cream Maker Magic Cup. Make ice cream in a matter of minutes with the Ice Cream Magic Maker. You can make any flavor ice cream with this home ice cream maker, and it will be ready to eat in a snap. Your kids can make their own ice cream using the Ice Cream Maker, which also makes low-fat and sugar-free ice cream.

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Ice Cream Magic Personal Ice Cream Maker
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mysonruns says:

Loved this! Sorry the ice cream was soupy, but, I love as seen on tv stuff!

Isabelle Ramos says:

U have to freeze the grey cup in the frizer and then put the ingridents

Dan Lewis says:

I haven’t had a milkshake in a while.

John Arnold says:

Love your videos

Katrina Kole says:

I know this is an older video, but if you will freeze the ingredient cup before doign it…it will work better.

risa bondoc95 says:

Make more Vivian as seen on tv stuff it’s fun to see

DebbieeeCo says:

What a bummer 🙁 ours works and the kids have so much fun doing it for themselves

VampireGirl 9120 says:

Yes do more videos like this

Lizabeth Gussman says:

Or just buy an ice-cream maker.

Sadae Sashington says:

they always lie about the time but your right just keep shaking it longer

Carol Binnie says:

Ye big wean Vivian LOL 😀 :p

Vaney0 says:

This was so funny and I think this will be really cool for in the summer when it’s totally hot! And it will melt anyway so ice cream soup isn’t that bad then ^^
And I really love your videos, you are so lovely keep it up! (:

Lilly Waters says:

★You Probably need to put More ICE in it!!★

Suzanne Akins says:

This must be an old video! I’ve been watching all day (sick day) and only one I’ve seen like this

Shawn Fogelsanger says:

I use a ice cream maker attachment for the kitchen aid stand mixer. It does not do it in 3 minutes but it is really good

Jacqueline Lemieux says:

My Grandma had this. She had it for the younger grandkids. Gosh I miss her. My grandma left the little bowl thing in the freezer.

Elizabeth Charles says:

u need to use rock salt thats what makes it freeze

Marie von B. says:

Good morning Vivian, that was a funny video! Maybe it’ll work next time… 🙂 Keep up your amazing work! Xoxo Marie

Jade Small says:

I got tht for Xmas wen i was a 27 now it didnt really work it was like sugar milk slushy

IPuttLikeSergio says:

This must be pre Vivian Heads. Although I’m not Vivian, I’d give this 3 Vivian Heads. Simply love your channel!

Pyriel Infinity says:

I like the new format I just miss you saying Vivian tries

Aliyah De Leon says:

Try more

Juggernaut 333 says:

forget the iceream, v you are Magic! hope you washed it lol!!!

Alondra C. says:

List like bunny aka grav3yardgirl ⬅️you should totally subscribe

Alexy says:

I have this but I don’t believe your supposed to use cream I think your supposed to use milk cause I tried that and it worked better

Mary Blaschka says:

This is the first time watching your videos. I find them funny and informative. The expletives are the only negative as they are not family friendly. Otherwise-LOL

Celeste Schoolcraft says:

better late than ever! take Ziploc bag mix heavy whipping cream, sugar and flavoring in that bag take second bag add salt, ice and water put first mixture in second bag move and slosh around or skip second bag and toss mixture in freezer for couple hours same thing lol lot more ice cream no soup hehehehe

Karen Munns says:

You forgot to freeze the silver bowl first.

Mary Blaschka says:

looking for the microwave bacon cooker you reviewed. You mentioned Fat19 had a link Where Can I get it without clicking on his link? What was the name on the box?

advantager355 says:

Vivian she hot.

SimonaLyne Enderz says:

Have you ever seen the ice cream ball? The ice/salt mix and the ice cream mixture is inside a ball. You toss the ball around for 15-20 minutes( forgetting asotv comm). You open the inside and ice cream is ready to eat! I thought I pass that on if you want to try it!

Maria Luiza Moreira says:

Did you found any other Brazilian foods? 🙂 

Grayson Sanoba says:

How many subs does she have

CrazyHyperM0NK3Y says:

I would like to see more videos on as seen on tv stuff..

Rae_8808 says:

We had the same problems, so we just shook it a little longer and it was perfect☺️

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