How Clean Are Soft Serve Ice Cream Machines?

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At one ice cream shop in New York City, owner Jason Liu says one secret for great tasting soft ice cream is making sure the equipment is always clean and sanitized. “The cleaner the machine is, the better the ice cream actually comes out,” he told Inside Edition. But other places may not be as spotless. Pictures taken in Louisiana of a McDonald’s ice cream drip tray show it is covered with slimy filth. “I couldn’t believe my eyes,” the employee who took the photos told Inside Edition.


Anime Is Life. :3 says:

Good I have not eaten McDonalds for like 4 years

CousinWalli · says:

Last time i orderd icecream and i saw flies

IconKumiho says:

okay im going to eat only store bought ice cream

Timothy Clayton says:

Idk why but we find out it nasty bad for us not clean and it’s not and we still eat it

Splash Nick says:


Sergio Munoz says:

So we did some testing

Alisha's ASMR says:

when I eat ice cream from restaurants I see hairs and germs

Khamden Smith says:

I’m to fat to not eat ice cream

Luis Rivera-Crowell says:

People close their doors on you and ignore you because you’re frickin annoying. EXCUSE ME SIR IM LISA FROM INSIDE EDITION TELL ME WHY UR ICECREAM DIRT BOI

Kendrick Pease says:

Bacteria literally is not harmful for all you kids looking at this and thinking “hmm, how am i not dead yet?”

elxr 94 says:

2:38 hah bull s***

Trevoor says:

“Dirty Drip Trey McDonalds”

Wana Wana says:

1:59 Is this guy Elon Musk?

Pennywise LOL says:

Luckily i stop eating mcdonald ice cream last year

cody kneeper says:

Apart of it is the machines being cleaned, it might just be the quality of the food as well

ShoutLatios says:

0:22 Forget this. I’m sticking to Wendy’s ice cream.

Azza Hybrid says:

Of course Louisiana we ate the hell out of it

Fort To The Nite says:

No wonder why the ice cream machine doesn’t work at mcdonalds

DennisAshby says:

That one with the McDonalds I’m not surprised a full meal for £2.49 there’s bound to be something wrong with it

Danny_Programs ! says:

I’m Never eating Ice Cream at McDonalds or a Buffet again!

Vee says:

The McDonald’s dip tray wasn’t surprising. It’s McDonald’s, what do you expect? Dairy Queen ice cream is better, anyways.

lola posadas says:


awesome kid says:

Look at the background from the McDonald’s guy there is pie face

Erock says:

I don’t think anyone cares

Ace Kuromatsu says:

That’s why I get sick after drinking a milkshake! (By sick I mean excessive coughs for the rest of the day)

DreamX says:

Can try Yogurt Land?

Leah the YouTuber says:

I never had one …..does it taste good?

Sad Boy says:

You won’t have to worry about getting McDonald’s ice cream because there machine is always broken.

Cooler than You says:

I don’t know why I watch these videos, It makes me nervous to eat in Public but at the same time I’m still going to eat out.

DragonfireRBLX says:

No wonder I get sick while eating icecream

Blakely Uselman says:

Razmataz is a type of smoothie at Jamba juice lol

Mia Burche says:

Can you test Fro in West Kirby.

Eevee The Shiny Fox says:

I’m gagging

Misfit 636 says:


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