Hamilton Beach Ice Cream Maker No Rock Salt No Ice 1.5 Quart model 68881 Review

In this video I am reviewing the Hamilton Beach Ice Cream Maker 1.5 Quart 68881. I made strawberry ice cream and used the recipe in the booklet for old fashioned vanilla ice cream, except I used 1/2 cup of sugar instead of 3/4 cup and I used 1 whole egg + 3 egg yolks instead of two eggs. I also used two cups of mixture in the machine which turned into ice cream in less than 10 minutes and made a great amount. I even used it a second time to make a very small batch of chocolate brownie ice cream! Overall I am very pleased with this ice cream maker.

Sorry for the shaky camera quality, I was filming this alone and didn’t have a tripod!


Dr. A. Elemayo says:

Who else is watching this because of CMN?

Abody ayad says:

i really appreciate what you have one but here is one thing
you seems to be tired or not interested of doing this am i right ?
or im just feeling like this ?

John Alvarez says:

You made it look so good lol. I wonder if I should go for this one or the cuisinart for like 30 more dollars.

Alexa Michelle says:

Do you think this would work with dairy free ice cream?

Aleksandr Morozov says:

It may only hold 1.5 Quarts but you can put that ice cream into the freezer to maintain the ice cream….. Makes great ice cream and you know what you use. I highly recommend it…. and yes it does make noise… but who says you can’t step out of the kitchen…. and freeze what you make and save it for later great work thank you Very much Hamilton Beach creators….

olivepressdesign says:

After you put the ice cream in the glass container and then in the freezer, how was the ice cream when you took it out again to eat it? Did it still have that nice consistency? Was it creamy? Was it like ice cream from the store? Thanks

Misty Cole says:

couldnt hear anything you said when you were standing by the machine when it was on

cutflower says:

nice. they have them on sale at my store. I may they it.

Sarah says:

was it cold enough to make another batch of ice cream?

Yesenia Solis says:

was it cold enough to make another batch?

Jennifer Cook says:

Was it cold enough to do a second batch? Thanks for your review!

Yesenia Solis says:

about how much icecream does the 2 cups of liquid make ? ty

I Khan says:

Thank you for your review. I’ve always wanted to buy an ice cream maker. Now I’m hunting for one 🙂

Kimberly Clifford says:

Thanks much for this review most helpful! I will buy it . I have a patio with a little table perfect for enjoying ice cream

Peace&Love says:

This is a great vid. But I could hardly understand/hear what you are saying. Thankfully the movie speaks for itself because you used visual tools. Thanks for posting. Oh – I was wondering if a person could put a towel over the top while it’s working to cut down on noise….

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