Do You Need the Cuisinart Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker? — The Kitchen Gadget Test Show

Welcome back to the test kitchen! On today’s episode, Esther is testing the Cuisinart soft serve machine. Soft serve is something people typically leave the house for, but if this machine works, soft serve ice cream in pajamas could become a reality.

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ronzie3010 says:

Anyone try the Ice Cream depot SX1000 home software machine? If it works it’s totally worth the much higher cost.

MyDearBrutus says:

I’m not surprised it didn’t thicken up, there’s a lot of water in milk vs. cream. You need the thick fattiness of straight cream to help emulsify a smooth ice cream. Also sad that the machine doesn’t have refrigerant for how big it is.

Caleb Spear says:

Anybody notice the moldy lemons in the back of the kitchen?

Andy Raman says:

Esther here I am here

mahchymk93 says:

Vertically challenged girls are the cutest

劉金鑫 says:

Use liquid nitrogen, and you can have another batch. Ill designed machine, cute girl.

SL Bellue says:

Buy a few extra replacement bowls

A K says:

I’d hit that

Big John says:

I bought this thing when 10 years ago. I’m amazed they still sell it becauses it sucks. It’s only good at making ice cream, even though it’s for soft serve. And like she said, when it turns into ice cream, it won’t dispense…

Derek M says:

I love it when companies get paid to shill a product and they do an honest review. In this case, revealing that this is actually the piece of garbage. Thank you Eater lol.

Yash Bhan Singh says:

Seriously harpic AD on this kind of video? Oh my…..

Daniel Peña says:

Looks like diarrhea

yan lulu says:

Could you do a test for the instant pot ace blender? I’m very curious about how it make soup and how smooth the soy milk will be.

Sage Of Rage says:

Head to maccas, pay a dollar, problem solved

magic vines says:


Naeem Majors says:

24+ hours for 7 shitty ice cream cones…. where do I sign up?

MstrAdos says:

It got better once it churned more. Feel like she jumped the gun on it. Plus it’s soft serve. Not full frosty ice cream. Of course it’s going to start melting fast. I mean yeah it didn’t look all that great from the first time using it. A couple more tries to get the feel for it and how it’s supposed to do it and it might turn out awesome.

Jonathan Reyes says:

If EZ-Bake made a soft-serve machine, this would be it.

Cozmikk says:

Looks like a decent product. Definitely difficult to perfect and you have to also take into account that she is standing at an akward angle which would make it difficult to make the ice cream look neat.

MySisterIsAFoodie says:

Normal ice cream machines already make soft serve that’s why you have to freeze it after churning it. Just buy that. This was too runny.

JVIPER88 says:

You don’t need a fancy machine to make soft-serve ice cream.
Step 1) Buy ice cream.
Step 2) Leave ice cream on counter.
Step 3) Eat.

Akemi Grizo says:

Maybe it’ll dispense better if you turn the churn off.

Yan Enci Samuel says:

finally another kitchen gadget

hmmBEEFY says:

She should have done this demo at the corner of the table for accessibility

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