Cuisinart Pure Indulgence Ice 30 Ice Cream Maker Review

Here is my review of the Cuisinart Pure Indulgence Ice 30. This machine was a huge hit at our house. Watch the video to see an in depth display on how it works.

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Romano says:

How about u shut that kid up

Shawn Sweeney says:

damn ma you cute as hell too. really sexy for popping out some babes. hmu if you single mami or even of you want some side dick

James Harper says:

Thanks for the vid. Kids are so cool! They have me convinced

bruce e says:

I was going to buy this but simply could not fit that bowl into my freezer. QVC has one that freezes the ice cream for $99. But its only .75 qt

Aurelia Blakney says:

awe that is the best review. if you ever want any truth kids are the best critics ever

Christopher Shannon says:

After previously owning another ice cream machine which was terrible, I think I might want to try this Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker.

janieg Glenn says:

Please,  someone help me regarding the paddle turning as well as the bowl.

Madeline Jones says:

Thank you for the review. I bought one immediately after watching the video. I hope you get a check from Cuisinart. BTW, beautiful children.

Jerry z says:

so you have to freeze the “tub” for 6 hours or so everytime you wanna make sorbet or ice creme…. every model needs that first to make anything ??

tyree bruce says:

cute! Thanks for making this video! I have had 3 different ice cream makers and none of them worked right. I did a search and this one did have high scores but watching the video convinced me. Gotta see it in action..thank goodness for are nice but anyone could write a good review…April and the boys are pretty doggone cute!

tube4waldek says:

Cute and very helpful review!

deetta bell says:

just got mines yesterday. can’t wait to use it. thanks for sharing

Aleksandr Strizhevskiy says:

Thanks! We’re buying this tomorrow.

Leebruce says:

Lady,it’ll be better for kids if u could  add some bananas,apples,blueberries etc or some small pieces of nuts in it than orio.

Clio Anna Kavadia says:

AWWWWWWW HOW ADORABLE ARE THE KIDS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  MUCH MORE SWEET THAN THE ICE CREAM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

patmorgan1027 says:

Can any one let me know can you make sugar free ice cream in this unit using maybe Splenda

Linda H. says:

okay the kids convinced me…. they are precious!  ** If you want a true answer ask a child…  LOL!!!

Theunknowndoodlebop says:


janieg Glenn says:

Is the paddle supposed to turn?  I could not get the top/lid on and the paddle would turn.  The features and benefits says the paddle mixes & aerates the ingredients IN the freezer bowl.

claude christopher Scott says:

How long does stir for before put in freeze for 2 hour

muzz brudr says:

Good machine by far, have brought a few ice cream makers in my time, but this one lasts the distance 🙂

jibba02 says:

WTF is a Qwart!!!

Ella Thomas says:

I recently got the same one you have, and I love it too!! Your kids are adorable!!!

MR99BIGMOE says:

good job mom

Linda H. says:

what is the inside made off.. aluminum?  stainless steel?  What about the patented device that stays stationary?  is that plastic?   I have the smaller model.. the stationary device is cheap plastic.. the other is aluminum.   It is okay but preffer something more sturdy.  Thinking in getting this one… just researching!    So thanks!     Does someone know??? 

Sam R says:

fuck where are my glasses lol jk your kids are soooo cute.

Jolene8 says:

Yes! I think I found my maker! …. lol! I just got that!… love the size and your instruction. Thanks!

Jesus BastardoRomero says:

hehehe the kids grading the ice cream is the best. thanks for the video. i will buy the machine

happydayz717 says:

Thank you for doing this , I’m just about to make my first batch of dairy free ice “coconut” cream , this was a great review , and your children are very sweet 🙂

Francesc Borrull says:

Lovely review! Awesome seeing your children eating and ‘approving’ the ice cream. I am buying this machine after watching your review. I totally agree that with this machine at home, at least you know what exactly goes into the ice cream you are going to eat. I am also vegan, so I can make vegan ice cream using soy milk. THANKS!

Monica Kearsey says:

Thank you for doing this.  We tried our first batch and it didn’t work so hopefully the next one will be like yours.

giutarmastersergey says:

cute super yummy kids

scaponi1 says:

Thanks for the video. You convinced me. I found one on craigslist just like this one…much appreciated you taking the time to film and post especially with 3 younguns

Epic says:

you kids are soooo cute

nounou bouzid says:

what is the cost of this machine ,?

seraiah You says:

How am i gonna store the freezer bowl after i used it? Does it need to stay  -18C the whole time?

Jill Green says:

This is one of the best reviews on a product that I have ever seen. The kids
were absolutely adorable. I bought one of these last year and my
husband and I think that it makes ice cream as good if not better than
store bought. The benefit to this is that you know whats going into it.
Thanks for doing this great review and kids do make the best judge’s
don’t they lol.

Jim Bob says:

It turns out the best thing now about making your own ice cream is not getting listeria or E-coli plus the joy of making it yourself with the kids. I wish I had room for that monster thing in my freezer or I’d get one.

Tatan Chavez says:

her kids are so cute

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