Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker Review-Don’t Waste Your Money

This video covers how to use the ice cream maker. This one has a compressor. Cuisinart commercial guality ice cream & gelato maker
ICE-100. THIS IS NOT AN ICE CREAM MAKER. IT MAKES SOFT SERVE BUT THE CLAIM IS IT MAKES COMMERCIAL QUALITY ICE CREAM. IT DOES NOT MAKE ICE CREAM. The compressor does not have that strength to do so. A true ice cream compressor must have the capability to whip the mixture until it is thick and creamy like ice cream. That takes a REAL commercial grade ice cream maker. PERIOD. CASE CLOSED !!!


Ken Krone says:

having watched the video, I am unclear why you do not like the unit. I have used a different unit since 1992 (Simac il Gelataio) and rarely purchase ice cream because of the quality and control of ingredients that a home machine can provides. There are many ways to evaluate a machine, but you only list your user error of adding too much ice cream base. Does the machine create a smooth ice cream in a reasonable amount of time ? Would you prefer more ice crystals, as my wife does, or does it produce a creamy smooth ice cream or gelato? Does it overheat making a batch? is it too loud? (they are all loud). Has it broken? Do you not like ice cream with as small an overrun as home and artisan machines produce? I don’t get it. To say don’t but it because you did not do the research to determine the batch size seems unfair. Seems like it works as designed.I remain confused about why you say to not purchase it.

calnetwork3474 says:

I own this ice cream maker and absolutely love it. There are quick recipes which require no cooking and make pretty good ice creams. Or if you want you can use a slower method by cooking your ingredients. Personally I feel the extra time is not worth it and just use quick recipes. Batch after batch is what this great machine is all about!

BTW – this lady thinks the government is spraying us with chemicals (she says it in a review), so take her review with a grain of salt.

1dobo says:

Sorry, I had to laugh at some of the below comments. Your opinion is what it is, nothing wrong with that. I wish I knew which model of Cuisinart ice cream maker I was using back in 2013 (yes it has been a while) at my old gf’s house in S. Africa. But based on whatever model that was, (I think they made two versions, a 1.5 quart and a 2 quart), I’d probably never buy one. The motor kept stalling because it would overheat… way before the ice cream was done. Maybe just 10 minutes into the process. When it did work, the ice cream was very very soft, tasty, but soft. Then after “firming” it up in the freezer over night, it was as hard as a rock, and had lots of ice crystals in it. I’m now living in Thailand, where a pint of Haagen Daz is almost $20, domestic ice cream is all air, and looks the same frozen as it does sitting out on the counter for a day or two. Anyway, back them, there were a boatload of positive reviews of that machine, and most of the negative reviews were for the same reasons I had. I’m hesitant to buy a Cuisinart again for that reason, as shipping fees alone will be over $100 on top of the cost of the machine, then customs and 7% tax is added on top of the cost and shipping, I really need to be sure of buying a quality machine. Maybe the new ones are ok… I’ll have to think about it.

andypPBB says:

hello, i bought this machine a month ago. After my experiment, 700 ml of ice cream base do the best job, finished in 30 minutes, does not touch the lid and came out perfectly, super creamy and no ice crystals.

Store bought ice cream is never better than home made ice cream, or never better than natural-ingredient ice cream.You may check the Haggen Dazs vanilla ice cream’s ingredient list, only skim milk, cream, sugar, yolks and vanilla.That shows natural ingredient can make perfect ice cream if you made it right. For those ingredient, sugar soften the ice cream, yolks keep water and fat hold together.

I bought this machine for $420(from US to Taiwan) and pretty happy about it. I suggest you may try different recipe to master it, this machine is capable to make high quality ice cream.

Betsaida Albarran says:

Hi Bevyh1. Thank you for the review. But I think that when it says it has 1.5 quarts capacity it means the after product. So including the air that is put into the end product, you can’t put more than a quart in. That is why the overflow would happen. But good video…although I think I may still purchase this. I can appreciate the fact that there is no canister to freeze like in the one I used to have. I also like that it is not a tall product and I can tuck it away in the pantry/ closet/cabinet when not in use. Good video… <3

Brian Pinard says:

Pretty poor review to be honest. I have this ice cream maker myself & just like rachel, I will never buy commercial ice cream again. It’s flawless & a brilliant machine with a 5 star recommendation from me. The kids are constantly hounding me to make more ice cream.

Mark Zammit says:

What effort did you make to promote crystallisation and partial coalescence of your fats? Did your age your custard batch? What percentage of fat did you have after pasteurisation and reduction? Did you make an attempt to promote foaming and emulsification through prolonged heating of the protein of your custard, and if so at what temperature? What emulsifiers (natural or otherwise) did you use? Why did you not promote rapid nucleation of ice crystals by turning your machine on for a period before adding your custard? Why are you unaware that all domestic and even commercial ice cream machines produce a soft serve consistency after dynamic freezing? What was your extraction time, and did you pre-freeze your storage container for static freezing to avoid ice crystal growth? It’s reasonably clear from the video you have no idea how to make ice cream, so you really shouldn’t be giving your recommendations on this machine.

Only a little research reveals this is an excellent machine, as reviewed by people who actually know what they’re doing. David Lebovitz (author of The perfect scoop), has used the precursor to this machine (the ICE-50 model) for years:

Here’s an excellent review from Ruben of ice cream science:

Both of these authors had no problem producing smooth, creamy ice cream from the Cuisinart. Both authors also give excellent tutorials on how to produce excellent ice cream on a domestic machine (which is very different to the approach used commercially) The batch volume is consistent with most domestic machines, is consistent with the price of the machine and is clearly evident, so should not be used as a negative. You may as well complain that the 46″ LCD TV you bought is too small and you wish it were 60″. Sure, give your opinion that you couldn’t work out how to make decent ice cream from this machine, but have the grace to acknowledge that that reflects your lack of skill rather than a shortcoming of this machine. You are in no position to make ignorant statements like “Don’t waste your money” in the title.

racheladq8 says:

I purchased this same model last Christmas and I absolutely love it. I will never buy commercial ice cream again. Thank you, Cuisinart!

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