Cuisinart ICE 30 Ice Cream Maker – Review

A review of the Cuisinart ICE 30 Ice Cream Maker!

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guy bartlett says:

thank you

Breanna Fogg says:

Great video…. pleasant, visually appealing…. informative. I like your quiet, simple, easy to understand style.

Undercover Legacy says:

Have you tried the newest model? the 70? I read where one reviewer on amazon says there really is no difference in operation to the 30 and they feel like the company is blowing smoke up the general publics dairy air (pun intended). Would love to know what you think before I make my purchase between the two. They boast a better arm design and faster production time on the 70 yet I see their average doesn’t seem to waver much from 20 to 25min. on any of their products.

WesleyEngDOTcom says:

So much ice cream wasted. Just put the whole bowl with ice cream in the freezer!

xel356 says:

When you see reviews like this great, it really make me question why they even allow others to review things. This video makes others look like a kindergartener did them

Jesse Portukalian says:

Top Notch Review!
Love it.

57Flat says:

You do such good reviews! How do you not get more views?!?!

Odontòleg Metges de Catalunya says:

Congratulations for your videos!!

Joey Jo Jo Jr. Shabadoo III Esq. says:

How would the machine do with a gelato custard (no cream) and a sorbet?  Will the gelato come out store quality?

Daybot ' says:

Thanks, very helpful.

Diane Snobelen says:

this is an informative and thorough review. I’m going to check out your channel 🙂 Good work!

iceDevilK says:

What about making coffee flavored ice Cream =D ?

Chill with Will says:

@Ruben Porto
you handsome devil! thx for the review mate x

VTBiker says:

Economy ice creams can have up to 100% air? Huh? That would just be… air.

Alin Marginean says:

Wow, with the freezer set to super freeze the texture is so gummy. Definitely need to give it a go. Also, I like how you scrape the dasher over the bowl and then transfer the mix. They way I used to do it was such a faff. In the future I’m thinking of upgrading to the Gaggia ice cream maker with the built-in compressor. Maybe you should give it a try.

Christine Colton says:

Doesn’t it hold 2 quarts

Perry Quejada says:

You’re soooo cute! :3

socratese5 says:

Wow, I’m impressed, great review, great tips, very professional presentation and knowledge, thank you!  I’ll be checking your reviews in the future

Vipach mahadumrongkul says:

This is very good review. Thank you very much!

Anyway, What is the room temperature?

كشكوووول 77 says:


Ct Czara says:

Thank you for this informative video! May I know what’s the difference between this and Cuisineart’s CIM-60PCFR?

badjujuwan says:

Excellent video with honest and helpful tips about the product.

Annie Olsen says:

Ciao Ruben, it seems you use the same recipe for icecream as well as video making: hard work, passion and professionality. Very well done! Not having the money for a Lello Musso Mini or a Nemox 1700, I was happy to hear from you that the Cuisineart ICE30 makes an excellent icecream even if it uses passive freezing. So I ordered it yesterday 🙂 Now I am wondering if you tried frozen yogurt and if I can make vegan icecream with this machine using almond milk and vegan cream and of course no eggs. Any suggestions? Thanks a lot and ciao from Italy!

MrScottie68 says:

Great video, thanks so much. All questions I had were answered! Only thing I had to do was look up conversions to your measurements because we do not use metrics and celsius in the USA.

Gary Crallé says:

Thanks to your video demo, I now know that the mixing arm is supposed to remain stationary. Very helpful to know, as the Cuisinart instruction booklet and demo video do not indicate this.

Andrea Wick says:

Thank you for a wonderful and informative video.  I’m looking at buying one of these for my husband. I don’t know how cold my freezer can reach but I’ll test when I get off work today.

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