Cuisinart ICE-100 Compressor Ice Cream & Gelato Maker

This is the Cuisinart automatic ice cream maker. The easiest and most delicious ice cream you’ll ever make! I used to have the standard wooden ‘bucket’ kind of ice cream maker where you use salt and ice and it’s messy. I got tired of that also because sometimes it would churn and sometimes it would slip and not churn. I researched ice cream makers online and purchased this through Amazon. It automatically freezes and churns at the same time. The recipes included in the booklet are delicious and very easy. Some don’t require any cooking…. just mix up milk, cream, salt, sugar and vanilla and you have delicious vanilla ice cream within 60 minutes! If you want to make another batch or a different flavor, you just have to shut it off for 10 minutes and then you’re ready to make another batch of ice cream. It couldn’t be any easier to have homemade ice cream.


cnoyes72 says:

I have the same machine and love it. I use the Ben and Jerry’s sweet cream base (with eggs) and have made Bacon ice cream, Nutella ice cream (soooo rich!), peanut butter ice cream (using Teddy’s All Natural; the stuff you have to stir), and grape nut ice cream (absolute favorite and a popular flavor here in New England).

DJG fun says:

I’ve made some new varieties recently that you might like. I added chopped up reeses cups to vanilla, mixed a tiny bit of milk into marshmallow fluff and minimally stirred it into the finished chocolate ice cream for chocolate/marshmallow and used seedless fruit-sweetened black raspberry jelly instead of sugar to the vanilla mix for black raspberry (delicious!). You can do the same with other flavored jellies like strawberry & peach, etc. My machine made 5 different kinds today!

Sylvia Egashira says:

I just got one for Christmas and used it tonight… yummy but I have a question… does the container come out right away or do you need to leave it in there for a while? I couldn’t get it out? Directions say to lift out but mines stuck! Help!

EarthKandi says:

Look at the state of the paddle! Too much mess for me.

Cameron Lasswell says:

Thanks for the post! I just purchased the same model from Amazon. Last night I attempted my first recipe from another cookbook. Didn’t really work out too well due to me not noticing in the Cuisinart manual it says that the base should be cooled for at least 2 hours before putting inside the machine. So initially I ran it for 60 minutes (starting the base was warm due to stovetop prep). After 60 minutes there was no difference in consistency from when the time I put it in. So I basically poured it all out into a airtight container and put it in the fridge overnight. It seems to be working fine now due to the pre-refridgeration.

Christopher Shannon says:

Nice ice cream maker.

Laterria Marrie J says:

I really enjoyed your first one.

bruce e says:

QVC has one that freezes the ice cream for $99. But its only .75 qt

DJG fun says:

It’s been 2 years now and my machine is still working great. I use it 2-3 times a month year round.

thegiantpaperpanda says:

Great but very loud. I’m thinking of buying the breville.

Tomato Man says:

The crap plastic is a deal breaker.

DJG fun says:

Update: It’s now 1 year later and my machine is still working great. I’ve made countless batches of ice cream, much to the enjoyment of my family.

Laterria Marrie J says:

Are you going to do another ice cream video?

Shawn Merriman says:

Love the organic M&M’s 😉

MusicforMe123 says:

I got the Cuisinart 30BC at a quarter the price and it does exactly the same thing. This one cost around $255 and larger than the 60BC which cost only $69.

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