Chef’n Sweet Spot Instant Ice Cream Maker Review

Instant Ice Cream Maker Review


Amanda Sinclair says:

You did it all wrong lol… You were suppose to move and mix the ice cream in the pan… And fold it over itself a bunch of times then (if you’re so inclined) put toppings on.

manofsan says:

You waited too long, man – it was already too hard by the time you started scraping, so naturally it wouldn’t roll. You’re supposed to start scraping relatively soon, and not watch it freeze up.


And actually like push and second of all it’s not a piece of garbage if it works really well so yh

Alexa Turner says:

You didn’t let it sit long enough on the pan.

April Lord-Brown says:

the bewildered “it’s just icecream scooped into a bowl!” loved it. most times I’ve seen this its either the rolls, which looks like you tried, or making soft serve, which means stirring a few seconds before you did.

Whoopsy Daisy says:

Try doing it properly and you may like it. This is how you do it.


Well diet of all buddy you don’t just keep stoping you actually have to go

NCT Dream Fan says:

You did it wrong xD

k uu says:

Wow u did that all wrong lmao ur supposed to mix it all around the plate squishing & dicing it together it amazes me how ppl can mess up the simplest of tasks..

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