Wifi Enabled Cooler, Review of DOMETIC CFX 75 Quart Dual Zone Fridge Freezer, Power Consumption Test

One of the most popular questions we get in relation to our post on 12 V Fridge Freezers is how much power they require. Post Here: http://www.coolersonsale.com/12v-electric-coolers-for-cars-best-thermoelectric-cooler/ We tested this with the DOMETIC CFX

As we previously tested with the Engel Fridge Freezer and the standard DOMETIC Refrigerator in our Travel Trailer, we tested recovery time and how long it takes to freeze water. The DOMETIC was slightly faster than the Engel and WAY faster than the ammonia absorption system of the DOMETIC in the Travel Trailer.

Energy Usage: The CFX75 when powered by a 400watt hour portable power bank lasted 6.5 hours. However, this was when running the unit extremely hard and at its coldest temperatures. When the compressor was engaged the fridge pulls 0.5 amps.

WiFi Enabled: Yes, this cooler is wifi enabled! The DOMETIC app connects to the CFX Fridge Freezer via wifi allowing for temperature control, on/off, and monitoring of the unit. This is a handy feature for those that may not have the ability to access their fridge.

DOMETIC CFX: https://amzn.to/2lbq2Bu

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Peter Scott says:

Purchased the new model Dometic CFF 45 model a couple of weeks ago and have not turned it off, with a 3 year warranty… I’ll be testing that out, I’ve been on one camping trip in 35 degree heat, works a treat with no problems , very quiet and I’m very impressed so far, we’ll see how she goes as my fridge will be running all of the time not just on camping trips.

Diener94 says:

What was the results of the last few giveaways?

Chris Alesci says:

Can both sides be used as freezers or only one?

Breton Smith says:

If the cooler is abutting a wall, and you open the lid, does the wall interfere with the lid opening? In other words, does the cooler need an inch or something of clearance away from a wall to be able to open the lid? Can you tell us what this dimension is if so?

Brdaley E says:

Great info thank you, but how much of that 35% of your 400watt hour battery was used to first get it to temperature.. I think a better test, would be to see how much to maintain temp on how many what hours. Thank you

Mason Love says:

That is so cool I love this cooler

Nomadic Pioneer says:

So which is better Engel or Dometic?.

Casey C says:

Sweet cooler but way too small and expensive

bruce carter says:

great test and info as always

craig bennett says:

We have this exact model. We are about to use it in an off grid situation on our farm. At the moment we run it off electricity at the Caravan park. The manual says it draws 7 – 9 amps an hour, (running.) Whats your expectation for its amp usage once the fridge / freezer is loaded, and used normally,. I’m in the process of setting up our fixed solar system to run it.

Killer Facts says:

What are the dimensions

Sean Farrell says:

Thanks great video

mike HALFMOON mullins says:

Great video folks . keep up the great work .

Loren Root says:

now that it’s been a few months, are you just as happy with it? How is the overall size for you? I’m very interested in this exact model but fear it might be a bit big

Edward Hall says:

Your measurements while helpful, are worst-case scenario. The freezer was started warm, and is not loaded at all. The numbers should be much less when used in real-world conditions.

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