The Best Dorm Room Fridge? – Danby Dual Compact Mini Fridge/Freezer – Random Product Review



Jose Benitez says:

Great review!

Norman Torregosa says:

it’s the. best quality

taahmakay says:

Great review!! Thank you! 🙂

Jeffrey Screen says:

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Wise Gadgets says:

You have put a lot of effort to this video. I really liked it and when I go to college I will consider buying this fridge. Great video you have made really great video, keep up with these great videos 🙂

Sergio Torres says:

I am looking to buy this fridge, could you please measure the usable space inside the fridge portion and the freezer portion? that would be awesome!

IVAN Jimenes says:

Hey !! Great video !! I have a question . I would like to know the serial number because I’m trying to find the same you have with no soda can dispenser ( I don’t drink soda ) … Pls let me know and again great video !!!

II Lydia II says:

How tall and wide is it?

Zetrohh says:

i’m from louisiana and i cringed when he said pop

bombervity says:

Thanks for doing this. I’m going to university in the fall and I’m having the most problem with figuring out what type of mini fridge to get.

Dimitri Spektor says:

I found this to be the best mini-fridge so far. Thx for posting!

NickAllah says:

you should really stand next to it so the viewers can get a better perspective

Rodney Ortiz says:

Is this fridge “Frost Free”?

Buzzdez says:

need this for my miller high lifes and ice lol

Big Hungry says:

I got a free dope ass mini fridge but it doesn’t have a freezer that would be a great feature.

K3OneLove says:

about how tall was it?

Stuff stuff and More stuff says:

Do you know how many watts this fridge takes up? I might buy one for a future project but it can’t be to inefficient

Jesusandbible says:

the box at the bottom is no good in such a small fridge, better ordinary flat space IMHO

kooky little snail says:

If I get a mini fridge this is what Im gonna keep in it: Root beer, orange soda, candy, fruit, beef jerky!

Mario says:

Very informative. But one criticism i find about these small fridges is that thee is only one dial for both fridge and freezer and that making it cold enough for the freezer sometimes means the fridge will be too cold and vice versa. Any truth to this in your experience?

Ratus says:

model type?

Chani P says:

Would this fit a gallon size milk container???

Random Awesome Vlogs says:

got one of these for my home cinema it’s great

SkyeBlues says:

Good job..Your in depth description sold this mini fridge to me. Buying it on Amazon..Thanks!

Fluffy The Arctic Wolf says:

If I get 200 dollars I’m totally gonna buy this I want to keep my own drinks in it so I don’t have to go onto my porch to get a soda or water

Buzzdez says:

is this safe to put in a closet?

12me91 says:

Is the whole thing 3.2cu feet or just the fridge part?

CursedWarrior100 says:

Thanks bro, I’ve been looking to upgrade fridges lately and wanted to see what’s good

Electrotechnics says:

Someone has stolen this video and re-uploaded it, just search “Danby Dual Compact Mini Fridge”

Just wanted to let you know. That idiot also stole one of my videos too.

Jose Mendoza says:

Is there a benefit from leaving the base part on? Like the Styrofoam and cardboard?

Darcel Morin says:

i had this fridge it stopped working after only 1 1/2 years 

TUFM says:

Can you put up a link? I only see ones with the can holder doors online

Jeffrey Screen says:

Just for your info. I got the shark pro complete. 3 in 1. I like it allot. Easy to use and clean. Upright/carry around/pull behind.

Ekela McGee says:

Which model number is this?

Norman Torregosa says:

it’s the. best quality

dtape says:

Thanks for the helpful review

N L says:

When setting at 6-7, does your fridge component frost? I know its common for the freezer one to frost. Mine fridge component is frosting and I’m not sure if it’s defect or not, Thanks for the help!

killafocker says:

What setting you set it at? Max?

pretty hurts _Butterfly's copeland says:

the one i have i do not like it at all i need this i been looking at some

PastelLane says:

Looking for a good fridge next year so I can keep my fruit and veggies in it. I can’t keep it in the regular fridge because my grandfather likes to turn up the temp in the fridge and freeze everything. smh.

freakymrp says:

Do you still have it? Does it still work?

II Lydia II says:

How do you turn off the light inside?

Smurdle450 says:

Did I hear it turn on in the background of you narration? I thought I heard it

killafocker says:

That one isn’t a 3.1 probably a 3.4 version

hunam says:

Does freezer actually freeze? Can you have an ice cold soda from the fridge compartment without actual ice in it?… I read amazon reviews that freezers don’t actually freeze for shit in modern mini fridges. I had to return Magic Chef just yesterday for the same reason.

Val Armstrong says:

How many amps does this unit use?

Jeffrey Screen says:

I wish you luck in whatever you buy, buy unless dyson goes back to solid engineering that can be properly disassembled, cleaned and reassembled. I want but another. I guess for me they should have at least three years before ill need another vacuum upgrade. If you want a cool vacuum gadget. Get the Neato robotic vacuum. It does a great job. I would buy whatever vacuum you buy from bed bath and beyond. Due to their unbelievable return policy.

IVAN Jimenes says:

Yes please , Sorry XD
I can’t find the same you have.

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