Review – Hisense FV306N4BC1 Upright Freezer

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So this is the HiSense 6ft Stainless Steel Upright freezer here in our garage. Just looking at the footprint it takes up, a chest freezer would have taken at least double the floor space, if not more.

It’s A+ efficiency means that you’ll get change from £60 pounds running on standard settings for a year. That’s impressive.

It’s also Total No Frost which means no annoying defrosting of the unit every 6-12 months and no struggling to open the drawers when the ice moulds itself round them and you spend most of your time trying to prise it out of the freezer’s death grip…we’ve all been there.

The door can be adjusted to open from the left or the right and the handle is easily attached to either side. However, since we have it in the garage and I’m the clumsy guy that I am, we decided to leave it off rather than me snap it off later when carrying something in or out of the garage and running the risk of damaging the door in the process. A wise move, methinks.

It boasts a 235 litre capacity, which the manufacturer states can hold up to 13 bags of food shopping. They clearly haven’t met my wife as her fridge and freezer Tetris skills are excellent. She’d get the whole street’s shopping in there and still have room for a pack of magnums.

It has an alarm (which we would have liked to have been a little louder) that sounds when the door has been left open for too long. And taking a closer look at the control panel, it has a power button which does nothing with a single press but holding for a little over 5 seconds, shuts down the unit easily, without have to pull out the whole freezer and go fishing round the back to reach the wall socket. Powering back on is a 2-second hold on the same button.

The Super Fast Freezing button switches the freezer down to it’s lowest temperature setting of -24°C for 18 hours. This is suggested when you first fill and whenever you add a good load of shopping. Once the 18 hours is up, it defaults back to the previous setting it was on. You can also manually adjust the temperature from -14°C to -24°C with a single press of the Temp button, scrolling through to the number you want.

One nifty feature is this ice cube tray which, is sprung loaded to turn upside down and empty into the removable collection tray below. Repeat this process a good few times when you get it and stay disciplined with this and your G&T will never be warm again!
The top two compartments are flip up lids, perfect for frozen pizzas, ice lollies, ice-cream tubs and although not really a smooth motion here, we’re sure once the temperature is equalized in the freezer, that shouldn’t be a problem.

The freezer also boasts multi-air cooling and rather than just be some absolute jargon, you can see what they mean. At the back of each level there is a vent and the cold air is pumped through there so each level is cooled individually. Thus, leading to a much more effective cooling system and not relying on just one or two cooling points throughout the unit.

And finally, towards the bottom, they have these ‘Huge Boxes’ and as you can see, they really are….huge. All in all, a very well built unit.

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