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Gray Hughes says:

smh.. there is a skip in the dishwasher room because there was no motion and the guy with the white shirt is leading the officers to where the body was found

Shay Parks says:

I think that them 2 had something to do with it and know more than you think.

Michael Jackson says:

Who the hell has a dream “Apartment” ????? You mean your “Dream House” ??? Lol

Tina Sanchez says:

There is a virtual walkthrough of the kitchen that the police have up that you can navigate through to find this area. Great job Devine!!

Shirley Bozeman says:

Love Ur info! Need less talking during video, save ???? & comments for the end

Amber Renee says:

Wait I’m so confused. The heavy set manager that found her is not the same on that it shows here. And why is the police right behind him but not in the other kitchen. He had to go get the police after he found her and it was only one! Oh my god I’m confused. You might be on to something

Dorothy Flowers says:

Now this kitchen wasn’t in use right so whythey so whythey down there with a steam cleaner or carpet
cleaner in a kitchen that was under construction not supposed to be open but they down there with to me look like a some thing you use to clean floors and you how these floors and the police didn’t question the security guard manger they just walk out and let him leave the country sorry for my spelling or errors I am just hurt what happened to that young girl God got this

Cheyenne Loaiza says:


Amber Renee says:

Some things can be planned but… not my dirty computer screen. Lmao you got me rolling

Henry Anthony says:

they move the body from the original crime spot

Shay Parks says:

So do that crazy looking cop at the end. Trying to see who’s around looking before he do what?

Catrina B says:

Thathall they are going to the floors are white.

kenneka on the footage went past this kitchen out the other doors and around. They dont show her coming through here.

Ruth Paul says:

I’m not getting notifications

Anita Marshall says:

I believe the entrance way by the open freezer door by Kenneka was found is a hallway that leads to this kitchen!!!

Lillian Trevino says:

There is a video of Zack in the Hall Ways that night at the motel. Zack and Monifa took KJ out in front of the double tree she would do what Zack wanted her to do so Zack beat her took her in the woods raped her and him and Monifa Killed her in the pool and someond walked hef in the freezer

Mel Carter says:

I really missed you. You energy is amazing. I had a pretty fucked up day. As soon as I heard your voice I immediately felt better because of your rejuvenating energy. Thanks for doing this video ❤️

Michelle Rayeford says:

309 look for the back kenneka is talking with a woman light complexion and has black hair with a black dress and you see kenneka standing there with her

Catrina B says:

Her Divine Light this kitchen is supposed to be off to the side hallway that the beverage manager came through. ISpy had a video on it. I think its the first kitchen where we see a piece of her head going to this area in front of her. i remember seeing the sink to the left, but she went out to the right which were the doors that are up the hall by the bathrooms. So the doorway they are going through is where kennekas head was coming from. Then I think the kitchen they say they found her at is down a hall and up some stairs by the back docks which is by the employee parking and next to the end of the banquet hall. That’s how we know they either moved her dead body or didn’t find her where they said.

Lindy Durham says:

Welcome back ❤️

Dorothy Flowers says:


Dorothy Flowers says:


Dorothy Flowers says:

Good job girl

leroy gray jr says:

Hi, Thanks for sharing this footage… The police officer wanted to see where the other door led.

I would have liked to see his reaction when he found those back hallways.

Henry Anthony says:

that guy in the yellow shirt looks like the corner helper in the army coat

Kathy Bryant says:


Lena Lazar says:

I keep thinking about this…what if we have no idea and where Teresa is actually standing and pointing from is actually from in front of the freezer because like you said we see nothing of this area. What if the camera she’s pointing at is the actual camera?

Shay Parks says:


Megan Baxter says:

Isn’t that the front desk guy with out his jacket.. Leading the police

Michelle Rayeford says:

falsifying falsified information in many states this is a felony crime

Becky Starr says:

Always great to see a new upload from you Divine ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

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